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  1. Smart home automation: how it adds convenience and comfort to your life

    The same way smartphones were the greatest technological development in the consumer side of things in the 2010s, smart home automation is the next wave of consumer-friendly devices that are a testament to how far technology has come. 

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  2. Starting a business with just a phone or laptop

    If Netflix’s original The First Date has taught us anything, its that one can surely start a business from scratch, without any investment and capital limited to just a phone or laptop - all from the comfort of one’s couch- oh and lucky for us, discrimination based on age, sex or race barriers can’t pop out of the screens to play. So the basic recipe for entrepreneurial success that we’re trying to explicate is probably as follows:

    1 phone (ideally paired with a charger and/or powerbank- you gotta keep the battery healthy for that hustle)

    1 laptop (again, preferably supporting a charger) 

    0 Money

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  3. The use of technology in the education industry

    When we hear about the role of technology in the education industry, there are a few things that instantly pop up on our mind. The use of projectors and Air conditioning in schools, having access to computer labs, Mics and Speakers, etc. All of that is related to the times when in-person instruction did exist. Today, where we are surrounded by a global pandemic, almost every school has resorted to online learning through various platforms. Classes, seminars, lecture labs, discussions, exams, etc. everything is being done online. Today is where technology plays the most important role within our education system. Even before this pandemic, schools did have an online platform for communication, but that was about it. 100% instruction of content material wasn’t done online earlier, but it is now. That is why we will be talking about the usage of technology in education, in aspect for teachers, students and the school administration.

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  4. Tips to increase the reach of your blog

    Ask yourself this question: do you have the right resources to get started with a blog, or to expand one? By resources we mean a laptop that is compatible with some of the latest marketing and website software, or a mobile phone that supports social media applications. If not, then it is crucial to get these gadgets and you can easily acquire one from, offering you reasonable prices and high-quality products. Even if you do have a laptop or a phone already, considering upgrading it to a higher version, since you get many perks with it. You can communicate with people more fastly, given the increased speed of a modern device. Moreover, you can get more marketing material, as the options available for editing and poster creation are much more in high level devices. As a result, whatever your company preference is, be it Apple, Microsoft, etc. deals with all of them, so make sure to consider the trade0in option and make the right choice today. 

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  5. Things to consider while shopping online

    By deciding to shop online, you have made one of the greatest decisions of your life. Especially during the on-going pandemic, we believe that it is the best possible thing to do. Whatever you may be shopping, be it groceries, clothes, accessories, electronics, etc. there are some extremely important things that you should be aware of before clicking the “purchase” button, or even after it.

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  6. Laptop buying guide: top 10 things to look for when buying a laptop

    The harsh reality is that we are enslaved by this cycle of replacing or older gadgets for new ones. Partially, because we want to, but mostly because we need to. Our devices feel run down, are slow while changing tabs, and take ten minutes to respond to keyboard strokes. Here’s our 2020 edition to buying a new laptop. These days, laptops are an investment. Education, business, and even healthcare are dependent on technology and the internet. It’s time to stay ahead of the curve, and definitely not behind it. It’s much better to be aware of what we need to look for while buying a new piece of hardware than have to regret our purchase later, right?

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  7. Everything you need to consider before buying an Android

    What makes Android truly unique is its characteristic of being open-source software. This means you can customise your Android to your heart’s content using launchers and widgets. There are many more ways you can customise your user experience to suit yourself, which varies from manufacturer to manufacturer.

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  8. Under Dependence or Over Dependence of Health Systems on tech

    Surely the tech trauma may have hit you;

    Technology may launch a health hazard not haven;

    It may kill rather than cure;

    Or on the contrary, may treat better than any and every desi todka our phupo ki beti has brought by. 


    And so, In this world of mays (not just because this article was written in May) it becomes brutally necessary to analyse how technology has revolutionized or jeopardized the global health sector; weigh its pros and cons too come to a conclusion. After all, a fact a day keeps such tech trauma away.

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  9. Technology & News Reporting

    While there are pros and cons on both ends, one must also address the following questions to land upon a decisive conclusion. Is too much information really power? Or just an information time bomb waiting to explode. Marx’s infotainment mantra clearly conveys that the information overload distracts masses from issues that should really matter, thereby  benefiting the ruling  class- sorry to disappoint our beloved blue collar baes. 

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  10. Five ways we’re tech-dependent 

    Moral of the story: mother-tech is a sucker for seeing you grow with tech and she’s not going anywhere; instead, she’ll just follow you across your path- even if its in the form of the GPS you’d carry when navigating directions. 

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