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  1. What Is an External Hard Drive and Why Do I Need One?

    An external hard drive is a device, exactly the same size as that of a book, that helps you save all of your apps and files. If you’re familiar with using the USB flash drive, external hard drives are just like them. But they are bigger in size with more storage capacity.

    The key difference between a hard drive (HD) and an external hard drive (external HD) is that the external HD is portable and easy to carry. You can disconnect it at any time and take it with you, at your ease. No need to worry because you’ll not lose data inside.

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  2. Paklap introduces 12th Generation Laptops in Pakistan

    The world is growing at a fast pace with new advancements every day. In fact, it will not be wrong if we say that there is a new technology and solution being discovered every other minute. As you are reading this, somewhere someone in the world must be on the verge of discovering something.

    12th Generation Intel Core Processor is one such innovation that has been introduced in the year 2022.

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  3. 23rd March | Pakistan Day Sale 2022

    23rd March | Pakistan Day Sale 2022

    Paklap is back with yet another jaw-dropping sale for you guys. Kyunke Pakistan Resolution Day ho or sale na ho aisa tou ho hi nahi sakta. This sale is for the students and freelancers who are on their journey towards success.

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  4. All about NVIDIA GeForce RTX 4000 Series

    The route NVIDIA has taken in the past few years is only forwards and upwards. RTX 3000 series is better than RTX 2000 series, and RTX 4000 is expected to outrun its predecessors. So far, we know that it will pack all the smart solutions in a 5nm design.

    The company is on a mission to bring Ray Tracing into everything. After the amazing response the audience has given to the RTX GPUs, NVIDIA has been working on bettering the technology and making it all the more user-friendly.


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  5. Gaming & mental health

    To all our cultural dopes out there May you be wary of video games;

    For they meticulously meddle with your mind Making violence or vicious addiction your call of duty but the real question is, where’s the science backing this superstition? Or are we to blindly believe this tech blasphemy just like we’ve believed that black cats bomb our bliss.

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  6. The relationship between technology and healthcare

    Technology improves on the daily. Our smartphones learn the way we type and provide personalised suggestions right above the keyboards on our phones. The latest cars have multiple engine settings based on the terrain you are driving on and adjust to the way you drive. Supercomputers crunch unfathomable amounts of data to make accurate models and predictions of when the next recession might hit (they probably didn’t detect COVID-19 too well, though).

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  7. The effects of technology on mental health

    The next time you’re at a public place, let’s say a mall or a cafe, look around you. You’ll see little children playing games on their iPads, teenagers taking photographs of their food for longer than it takes them to eat it, and adults ready to pounce at their phones as they hear the first ding or buzz from it. We do realise that technology has changed our lives and is continually shaping the way we view the world around us. How many ask the most avoided question, though? Can all of this have detrimental effects for us? We usually focus on our physical health whenever the word “health” pops into our heads. We go to the gym, we jog, we eat our greens and take our vitamins and get our 8 hours of sleep. Is that enough? Is that all that health is?

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    Technology is an essential part of our daily lives now as it’s a sum of advanced techniques, skills, methods, also processes used in the production of goods or services that help accomplish an objective.

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  9. PS4 vs Xbox One: choosing the correct console

    Provided that the COVID-19 pandemic has led to a surge in global sales across all gaming console platforms, you might also be considering stepping into the world of gaming with the purchase of a new console for yourself.

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  10. Old Refrigerators V/S New refrigerators

    Refrigerators fall into the list of major appliances as they are used in food preservation in daily household, commercial and in institutional functions.  Unlike small appliances, they are large and are fixed at a particular location. They consume more electricity.

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