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  1. 5 Best Core i5 Laptops in Pakistan 2023

    5 Best Core i5 Laptops in Pakistan 2023

    Are you looking to buy a reliable Intel core i5 laptop for your professional or personal needs? Well, it is a great choice as Core i5 is packed with solid performance at affordable price tags. These processors lie somewhere in between the premium Core i7, Core i9, and budget-class Core i3 CPUs. Hence, it is quite desirable by users and is included in most mid-range laptops.

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  2. Gaming Laptop or Gaming PC in 2023?

    gaming laptop or gaming pc

    When it comes to hardcore gaming, there is a common misconception that a gaming desktop is way more powerful than a gaming laptop. But are they? In modern times, computer manufacturers have launched various gaming rigs with a budget and high-end price tags. Each has alluring strengths but can a gaming laptop beat a gaming PC? Let us find out.

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  3. Why my laptop is not connecting to WiFi?

    Why my laptop is not connecting to wifi

    Imagine turning on your laptop to enjoy a good movie or get done with pending online work only to find out that you are unable to send an email, stream a video on YouTube or open a new webpage. You immediately check the internet connection and start reconnecting but failed. How many times have you struggled to connect to a Wi-Fi connection to your device? It can be frustrating not being able to connect to the internet, especially when there is a deadline to be met. There are various reasons why your laptop might not be able to connect and we are here to help you fix the issue once and for all.

    All windows laptop users are familiar with this issue and the fix is rather easy. Before we try the steps to fix the connectivity issue, check if your Wi-Fi is turned on. If it is on and still does not work, then check if other devices connected to the same internet have a working connection. This way you will be sure the problem is not with the internet connection.

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  4. 5 Best Gaming Laptops in Pakistan 2023

    Best Gaming Laptop in Pakistan

    Gaming laptops offer the finest features in the world. A good notebook with both portability and performance can completely change the way you play. These laptops focus on providing higher performance rates that can assist with almost any task, including animation, video editing or other projects. While they are slightly larger than a standard laptop, many gaming ultrabooks are available in sleeker designs that can fit into most backpacks or notebook bags.

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  5. How to Clean a Laptop Fan

    Clean a Laptop Fan

    There is a cooling system in every computer, whether it be a desktop or a laptop, to keep the CPU and other internal components at an optimal temperature. Each of the millions of computations that happen every second in a computer processor uses electricity. Without enough cooling, the CPU will overheat after a time. Typically, the manufacturer set up a cooling fan and a series of the heat sink to remove excess heat from the central processing unit. However, if dust builds up on the ventilator, it may not be able to disperse heat effectively, which might cause the CPU to fail. System problems may be especially detrimental to a small firm that operates on tight deadlines and a tight budget. By removing the cover, blowing away any loose dust, and wiping the cooler’s blades with a soft cloth, your device’s cooler may be quickly and easily cleaned.

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  6. Why my Laptop Screen is Blinking?

    Laptop Screen is Blinking

    The flickering screens of some laptops have been linked to headaches. It can damage job productivity and turn watching TV into an event worthy of a king. Once it begins, the incessant blinking will both distract and irritate you, so you will require a speedy solution to the problem.

    Fixing a flickering laptop typically does not require a trip to a computer repair shop. You might be able to fix your flickering screen by updating the drivers for your graphics card or by lowering and upgrading. Why my laptop screen is blinking, and how can I stop it using one of the several solutions available to me? The solutions to all of your most pressing questions can be found in this manual.

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  7. How to Clear Cache on Laptop?

    how to clear cache on laptop

    Many people do not even know the things which are keeping their devices slow and continuously interrupting their performance. Being a computer specialist and device owner you must know the actions that you are taking and the impact it is having on your device's health.

    The cache is one of the things which may influence the speed of your device significantly either positively or negatively. Most people don’t know, how to clear the cache on their laptops because they have never done this.

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  8. How to Clean Laptop Keyboard?

    How to clean laptop keyboard

    Whether you live and work at home or in the office chances of having messy keys are high. This is because sometimes the environment and sometimes our own actions make them dirty. Keys can become dirty because of many reasons and one of them is spilling drinks, having pet hairs, and having a dirty environment.

    Here in this article, we aim to identify how the keyboard gets dirty and what can you do to ensure that it remains neat always. This is an important issue for you to look into because dirty keys can significantly increase other issues in your device.

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  9. Why is My Laptop Screen Black?

    laptop screen black

    Whenever you observe that something is not showing up on your device, it becomes important that this problem must be resolved immediately. This issue is one of the most common among desktops and operating systems without any single definite reason.

    This article will provide possible reasons and solutions to this problem so that you may not encounter this problem and resolve it quickly in case it occurs.

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  10. Why is my laptop keyboard not working?

    My laptop keyboard not working

    Most computer problems are so difficult to judge that it becomes difficult for them to be identified and resolved. Why is my laptop keyboard not working is also one of the most difficult questions for which many answers can be given.

    Therefore, in this blog post, we have compiled possible reasons behind the keys not functioning and what can be done to solve these issues.

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