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Lenovo is a wonderful brand as everyone knows about its reasonable hardware price strategy. It is not only the affordability people like its laptops but the professional designing, long battery life, and the durability of Lenovo are all awe-inspiring.

The state-of-the-art designs and receptive performance of Lenovo laptops fit in any budget as the company offers a variety of features starting from primary family laptops to high-tech gaming laptops. Lenovo presents N Series and V Series along with smartly designed multimedia devices to adapt the users’ requirements - available at Paklap.pk website at highly competitive prices.

Lenovo N Series laptops perfectly match with the modern lifestyle. The N Series includes 500e Chrome, 300e Windows, 300e Chrome, 100e Windows, and 100e Chrome. On the other hand, V Series comprises V15, V14, and V130(15) which are the best ever laptops for the classroom and beyond.

Discussing the Lenovo N Series’ topmost laptop, we have 11.6” Lenovo 2-in-1 500e Chromebook with Intel’s Celeron N3450 and seamless featured technology for the absolute classroom experience. The model operates with Intel Integrated Graphics, a 36-degree axis for four interaction modes, garaged electromagnetic resonance - EMR pen, and a variety of features.

Another mentionable model is the Lenovo 300e Windows, specifically engineered to enable classroom learning. It functions through the Windows 10 Pro operating system that offers multiple use modes with pen support - letting the students opt learning environment of their needs. The sharp chassis can easily bear school toughness whereas the connectivity characteristic marks its smooth compatibility. The best Intel Pentium processor, 128 GB SSD maximum storage capacity, 8 hours’ battery life, and 3.19 lbs weight, and sleek dimensions (H x W x D – 11.83” x 8.36” x 0.92”) form this model a real demand of users.

In the same context, we have a flexible Lenovo 300e Chromebook that offers 360-degree hinge flexibility enabling 4 different modes. The user can convert it into Tablet, Laptop, Stand, or Tent as required – thanks to the 10-point multi-touch technology. Working with Chrome OS and MediaTek Integrated Graphics, this Lenovo laptop cares for the users belonging to planning, learning, teaching, and engaging professions. The students find easy screen interaction with most of the devices they use. The users can update 100 or 100,000 devices without touching by creating a personalized experience. The latest security fixes can be obtained by choosing auto-updates, or one can choose manual updates. A private web store can be deployed with curated and custom apps.

Another affordable laptop of the N Series is the Lenovo 100e Windows designed for the education sector – designed for teachers and students who are the real admirers of this model. The long-life battery lasts with the school timings so that students can work on it during study time. The collaboration has become smooth which was never before due to the latest hardware.

The last, till now, in N Series is the Lenovo 100e Chrome, also engineered for education due to its productivity, lightweight, portability, and sharpness. It’s the best learning tool as it gets various famous apps from the internet like G Suite for Education and Google Classroom. The smart laptop has not only made education much pleasing and fun-loving but it is equally economical for school administration. 

The N Series laptops are the foremost online gateway approaching the global village and much more. The users may have diversified concerns as they prefer performance as a top priority. Lenovo brings gamers, professionals, educationists, and students at one platform by delivering all powerhouse functionalities which the desktops are unable to provide.

Our second discussion point is the business-oriented, powerful, secure, but simple Lenovo V Series. The controlling technology is all-day perfect with durable battery life as these laptops are perfect for business professionals who require reliability, data security, and long-term performance. At the top of V Series, we have iron-gray Lenovo V15 Intel that gets the job done in no time with its superb performance. If the V15 takes control of your office management, it is going to execute all the routine tasks automatically. It ensures to uplift enterprise performance by securing data and maintaining global connectivity.

The model is thinner and smaller in size having finer side bezels. Maintaining the 15.6” display size, Lenovo V15 delivers superb performance through 8th generation Intel Core i7 processor, Windows 10 Pro OS, 16GB DDR4 memory, and NVIDIA GeForce integrated Intel HD Graphics.

V Series continues with another mentionable laptop with a 14” display, the Lenovo V14 Intel which is engineered for business class. V14 is famous for spreadsheet work, file management, teleconferencing, and performing other office jobs.

The model keeps the user productive by data security with its 10th Gen Intel Core i7 processor, 14” FHD display, 12GB DDR4 memory display, and Windows 10 Pro operating system. This small-sized business partner is sleek with just 3.53lb weight and tiny dimensions (12.8” x 904” x 0.78”).

Last, in V Series, there is Lenovo V130 15” laptop with 7th gen Intel Core i5-7200U processor, 15.6” TN FHD antiglare display, Integrated Intel Graphics, and Windows 10 Pro operating system. V130 offers the users intelligent performance and textured cover that make it a fashionable laptop. The model can be moved at 180 degrees at any surface where the user places it.

Lenovo practices Intel’s technology to deliver the users high-tech processing speed, stunning display, and superb connectivity.

These laptops have been tested for durability and reliability against eight risky conditions: vibration test, shock test, hinge life test, keyboard in-system test, panel scuff, fan reliability, temperature, and pressure. All these tests prove Lenovo laptops can bear any conditions where the business put them.

Paklap.pk ships Lenovo’s - light and thin extra-durable Windows laptops and Chromebooks featuring a robust performance with full-day battery life and lightning-fast boot times. These digital monsters are convenient to be slipped into a briefcase or book-bag – how easy the brand has considered play, work, and on-the-go school. By letting the users dominate their business competitors, these covered laptops boast powerful discrete graphics with vivid displays.

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