1. Next Generation Optical Disk is finally about to make it BIG for Data Storage

    After all this time, optical drives are too going to get an upgrade and this time, it will surely be a big one!

    Get ready to experience an outstanding data storage that you probably never expected any drive to offer; this is why probably it took this long. There have been people from China and Australia working their experiments, exploring the power of gold to make a new type of optical disk that is able to hold your data for more than 600 years!

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  2. Predator 21 X is all set to step into the tech world

    Predator 21 X is all set to step into the  tech world

    Recently announced at an event in Berlin, Acer Predator 21 X is the new big thing in the tech world. What Paklap.pk will look into right now is why Predator 21 X attracted so much attention and what really made it that impressive to talk about. The release date is going to be somewhere in early 2017. The price of this laptop isn’t exactly known but people have made their guesses regarding it. The laptop is supposed to be the world’s first curved screen laptop, and it is understood that Acer is going to charge extra for this added innovation of theirs. Narrowing it down, if compared to Acer’s last best laptop, Predator 17, it cost around 1500 pounds so this one is definitely going to go above 2000 pounds (guessing).

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  3. PlayStation 4 Pro - 4K and HDR Enabled Gaming Console Set to be Released Soon

    The gaming industry has come a long way. From “Odyssey” and “Atari” to “PlayStation 4” and “Xbox One”, a lot has changed. The consoles have received massive upgrades throughout the era and a time where 384 pixels per TV line and 256 colors were considered to be phenomenal, we have come up to a time where even 2.07 million pixels and 16.7 million colors aren’t considered sufficient.

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    AMD has been making some great strides in the gaming industry with its Ryzen processors and the Radeon Vega next generation GPU which is expected to be launched on 30th July. Recently there has been some new leaks about the latest GPU which makes the gaming enthusiasts more eager to get their hands on this power packed GPU.

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  5. What Should We Expect From DLSRs In The Coming Years?

    Before the advent of DSLR cameras, photography was considered a difficult art. A few people were in the possession of professional camera, and an even smaller group was truly skilled in the art of Photography, learning the proper use of those cameras was difficult and the professional photography equipment wasn’t readily available. Then digital cameras came and everyone was buying one, but when DSLRs became easily available they took the photography industry by storm. A device which was only used by professionals could now be owned by any photography enthusiast.

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  6. Xbox One X: Upcoming Xbox gaming console by Microsoft with Ultra HD 4K Resolution

    Microsoft has been serving the gaming needs of its users for many years, when it comes to gaming one can’t help but mention Xbox. The rather inexpensive solution to playing the latest games, portability, several upgrades over the years - make Xbox favorite for a large majority of gaming enthusiasts.

    Xbox has undergone many improvements since its launch, however the display remained the same for the most part, some heavy games even struggled 1080p resolutions but according to Microsoft, all that is about to change with the newest addition to the Xbox family, the latest model will be released in coming November and brings with it several different upgrades.

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  7. Smartphones that you should look forward to in 2017

    Smartphones have advanced beyond imagination in the past few years. With time, there’s no limit on what we can expect in the upcoming models. As soon as one phone is released, there are rumors about what can be expected in the upcoming ones. For those interested in learning about the smartphones expected to make an appearance in 2017, here a list of the phones that you should look forward to using in the upcoming year.

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  8. Even more iPhone 8 evidence hints it will be all glass with OLED screen

    The one thing for sure about Apple is that the manufacturer constantly works hard to offer something new and innovative in all the products that it releases. If anything, this particular claim is real considering that we’ve long seen Apple release some top of the line products without fail – and the manufacturer is definitely working hard to prove how serious it is in terms of delivering innovative products

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  9. Android Nougat 7.1 update - when to expect it?

    Why does a software get updates? Do we really need an update or are the companies just wasting our time? The answer is obviously no, as the companies/brands have developed a strong clientele, and they would always want that the level of satisfaction keeps increasing. This would then increase the demand and thus profits as well. But, the main reason is basically that updates to software have much better applications and security system. Updates usually fix the issues that were present in previous versions. The device generally boosts up, and the battery life of phones also increases. Similarly, phone software are always getting their updates because people are always adding more to their demands.

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  10. NVIDIA ready with yet another masterpiece!

    Just as the rivalry between Xbox and PlayStation took the market by storm, so has it going in the graphic cards. NVIDIA and AMD are two big names involved in intense competition. NVIDIA, however, wins the fight most of the times. The reason is pretty simple and that is because NVIDIA offers graphic cards for not just gaming but almost all professional use. Their cards may be of a higher price but that is to cover for the increased quality and innovation they have to offer their customers. They never fail to amaze their customers. GTX 1080 graphics card powered by Pascal was an outstanding creation by NVIDIA. What really highlighted the technology was the fact that it supported for Virtual reality experiences. Superior vapor chamber cooling technology was used so to keep the devices cool for as long as it was in use. This new graphics card was 3 times faster than the previous technology and topped relative performance charts in games like Witcher 3 and Rise of the Tomb raider.

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