1. All about NVIDIA GeForce RTX 4000 Series

    The route NVIDIA has taken in the past few years is only forwards and upwards. RTX 3000 series is better than RTX 2000 series, and RTX 4000 is expected to outrun its predecessors. So far, we know that it will pack all the smart solutions in a 5nm design.

    The company is on a mission to bring Ray Tracing into everything. After the amazing response the audience has given to the RTX GPUs, NVIDIA has been working on bettering the technology and making it all the more user-friendly.


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  2. People are turning to Digital Mediums

    People are turning to digital mediums, but are they actually buying? Digital media can be described as any form of media that uses electronic devices in order to reach its audience. Digital media can be made, viewed, changed, and distributed through electronic devices. This form of media can be seen in e-commerce, social media, online advertising, mobile applications, augmented reality, videogames etc.

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  3. Tips to increase the reach of your blog

    Ask yourself this question: do you have the right resources to get started with a blog, or to expand one? By resources we mean a laptop that is compatible with some of the latest marketing and website software, or a mobile phone that supports social media applications. If not, then it is crucial to get these gadgets and you can easily acquire one from Paklap.pk, offering you reasonable prices and high-quality products. Even if you do have a laptop or a phone already, considering upgrading it to a higher version, since you get many perks with it. You can communicate with people more fastly, given the increased speed of a modern device. Moreover, you can get more marketing material, as the options available for editing and poster creation are much more in high level devices. As a result, whatever your company preference is, be it Apple, Microsoft, etc. paklap.pk deals with all of them, so make sure to consider the trade0in option and make the right choice today. 

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  4. What is Design and Technology?

    Importance of design while buying electronic devices

    The fact that there are numerous colors and designs for every electronic gadget is evident enough. Be it the famous Rose Gold, silver, white, space grey, red, of the latest iPhones or even some niche colors such as blue and yellow available in some iPhones, Apple is pretty creative when it comes to their gadgets. They have super sleek MacBooks, be it Pro or Air, and they are also available in Rose Gold and Space grey colors. The shapes and sizes of different types of cameras in iPhones are common. The single or double cameras in earlier versions and the famous triple flip cameras in the latest iPhone 11 Pro. Some people are willing to pay the hefty price for these gadgets, just because their design and color attracts them. Others find it aesthetically pleasing, and some also buy them because the design is convenient for them, as in the thin MacBooks are portable. If we talk about companies apart from Apple, HP and Microsoft are also doing well in being innovative enough with their designs. They now have black, grey, space grey and sometimes white laptops too. Some of them also have a cool blue or funky colored attached to it. If you are someone that likes color contrasting, you know which one to buy. Moreover, certain people choose certain laptops because of the keyboard design they prefer, or because of the touchpad that is comfortable. People have their reasons when they choose designs and colors especially in their electronic devices, so we can confidently say that the importance of design does exist in technology as well. 

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  5. Boosting marketing efforts without the effort

    The forefront of any business during what economists are calling the Fourth Industrial Revolution is now marketing. Without marketing, your company or business is just a company or a business. Marketing morphs your business into being a want and a desire, a need that consumers have no choice but to feel magnetically attracted to. Kya matlab hai iss ka? You need to be an industry leader. An Accenture analysis of 16,000 companies showed that 70% of return on investments go towards industry leaders, who take the first step in innovation and revolutionisation of their business. The laws of nature apply perfectly to the world of business. It all boils down to the survival of the fittest. 

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  6. How is tech a part of life

    Technological advancements in the past twenty years have made our fingertips superheroes. Technology allows us to complete tasks and stay connected with our loved ones with minimal effort. From replying to an email to staying fit, everything revolves around technology. Even our cars use computer chips to become more efficient driving machines. In a world like the one we live in today, it is impossible to deny the importance of technology, and it is most definitely impossible to live without it. The development of technology has allowed for improvements in how we communicate, how we work, how we eat and ultimately has increased our access to the various luxuries of life. Technology has taken over every industry in every market all around the world, and without technology, we would be unaware of the new inventions and developments occurring globally that have the potential to change the lives of consumers all around the world.

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  7. Next Generation Optical Disk is finally about to make it BIG for Data Storage

    After all this time, optical drives are too going to get an upgrade and this time, it will surely be a big one!

    Get ready to experience an outstanding data storage that you probably never expected any drive to offer; this is why probably it took this long. There have been people from China and Australia working their experiments, exploring the power of gold to make a new type of optical disk that is able to hold your data for more than 600 years!

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  8. Predator 21 X is all set to step into the tech world

    Predator 21 X is all set to step into the  tech world

    Recently announced at an event in Berlin, Acer Predator 21 X is the new big thing in the tech world. What Paklap.pk will look into right now is why Predator 21 X attracted so much attention and what really made it that impressive to talk about. The release date is going to be somewhere in early 2017. The price of this laptop isn’t exactly known but people have made their guesses regarding it. The laptop is supposed to be the world’s first curved screen laptop, and it is understood that Acer is going to charge extra for this added innovation of theirs. Narrowing it down, if compared to Acer’s last best laptop, Predator 17, it cost around 1500 pounds so this one is definitely going to go above 2000 pounds (guessing).

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  9. PlayStation 4 Pro - 4K and HDR Enabled Gaming Console Set to be Released Soon

    The gaming industry has come a long way. From “Odyssey” and “Atari” to “PlayStation 4” and “Xbox One”, a lot has changed. The consoles have received massive upgrades throughout the era and a time where 384 pixels per TV line and 256 colors were considered to be phenomenal, we have come up to a time where even 2.07 million pixels and 16.7 million colors aren’t considered sufficient.

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    AMD has been making some great strides in the gaming industry with its Ryzen processors and the Radeon Vega next generation GPU which is expected to be launched on 30th July. Recently there has been some new leaks about the latest GPU which makes the gaming enthusiasts more eager to get their hands on this power packed GPU.

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