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Dell Laptop Price in Pakistan

Dell is one of the most reliable and popular names of computing products that provides great value for money to its loyal customers. From customer service to user experience to the general performance of the devices, you will find every aspect of this brand on the plus side. Additionally, if you like keeping things within your budget, then this brand can be the right choice. You will find prices of most of their devices reasonable, so it will not put much pressure on you financially.

Whether you need a lightning-fast laptop to achieve excellent productivity or just need a general-purpose machine for casual work, you can get anything. However, the cost can vary according to specs and model, but you will get reliability from the company at all levels of the market. Research is one of the most important things you need to consider while you are looking for brand-specific machines. It offers a rich collection of models with different features that are designed to fulfill the requirements of various types of consumers.

Therefore, you must know which machine is the perfect fit for you which can save you effort and time during market research. Apart from the major specifications like processor or RAM, you must know specifically which display size or storage capacity you need. These factors can also impact the price, so listing everything you need can make things easier for you.

As already mentioned above, pricing can vary according to different factors. The Dell Laptop Prices in Pakistan can change anytime due to unstable economic conditions. Let’s find out more relevant details about the brand.

Latest Dell Laptops in Pakistan

The tech giant is the second best-selling brand in Pakistan. One of the major reasons for their popularity is their relatively lower costs than other manufacturers in the market. It compels customers to make more purchases due to its budget-friendly nature.

Some of the other reasons for their popularity are the excellent build quality, latest designs, and high-value specifications. The Dell new laptop price in Pakistan hugely depends on the fluctuations in the local market. If you want to buy any new model, then it is advisable to do the research beforehand to ensure that the cost does not exceed your budget.

5 Top Dell Laptop Series in Pakistan

Here are some of the prominent series of the company that you should know about.

Dell Inspiron

Inspiron series is equipped with devices that deliver efficient performance for various computing needs. Especially for students, these devices are strongly recommended as they contain decent processors and other specs that can make relevant activities easier. Whether you want to attend online classes or want to manage your academic notes online, you can do everything on it. Furthermore, the nice and clear display screens are another plus point that provides crystal clear visual clarity. The free upgrade of Windows 11 is also integrated, along with an improved user interface, which can enhance your user experience. The Dell Inspiron Laptop Prices in Pakistan are always fluctuating, so have price clarity before making any purchasing decision. Inspiron 15 3501, 7620, and 15 3000 are some of the best models which you can consider.

Dell Latitude

Latitude series contains business-centric devices that are designed to fulfill the modern needs of business owners. If you are someone who wants to regularly travels to attend business meetings, then opt for this range. SafeScreen feature is one of the prominent aspects that can ensure privacy, and the Corning Gorilla glass display assures durability. Other specs like RAM, storage capacity, and processors are also on the plus side. You will find 32 GB RAM, Intel core i5 and core i7 processors, and 1 TB storage in most of the devices in this range. However, these specs can vary, but you will get powerful performance for your high-end business activities. Latitude 7320, 3400, and 3490 are some of the relevant and top models.

Dell Vostro

The Dell Vostro machines are well-suited to small and medium businesses that have a limited budget but still want a decent and durable device. This series is more affordable than Latitude machines but contains highly functional hardware, which includes a core i7 processor and dedicated GPUs of NVIDIA, which makes it easier for you to handle a variety of tasks. Vostro 3510 and Vostro 5620 are some of the well-known devices which you must know about.

Dell XPS

There are plenty of reasons that you must consider the XPS series. From long battery life to amazing display to excellent build quality, there are different benefits you can get from these machines. Furthermore, the comfortable keyboard and touchpad can make it easier for you to handle your daily tasks. Good portability is another major factor that you need to consider, as ultra-slim and thin machines allow you to travel anywhere with ease while carrying them. XPS 13 and XPS 15 are some top-of-the-line models of this series.


If you are looking for high-quality Dell gaming laptops in Pakistan, then choose the Alienware series. These premium devices are built with excellent engineering, which can fulfill the requirements of professional gamers who want to enjoy lag-free and smooth gaming. The solid build quality and performance-driven specs positively contribute to your gaming journey. Most of these machines contain core i7 and core i9 processors. Outstanding processing speed ensures that you are achieving your daily gaming milestones without any interruption and helps you attain maximum productivity. High-quality GPUs of NVIDIA and higher RAM sizes also make a valuable addition that can take your gaming experience to another level. It can also be really helpful for your other gaming requirements.

Alienware X15 R2, Alienware x17 M15 R7, and Alienware x17 are some of the excellent models that you can consider for your professional gaming.

5 Top Dell Laptop Processors

Now let’s find out some of the Best Dell laptop processors that are available in different processing units.

Dell Core i3

If you want a Dell core i3 laptop, then do not worry, as the company has got a huge range of it. In today’s digital landscape, everyone needs devices for their official work or casual work, so in this case, these core i3 machines can be the right choice for you. As a result of the futuristic innovations, the company has come up with this range of machines which are cost-effective and can ensure satisfactory work experience. The core i3 processor is suitable for casual activities, so it allows you to handle your daily workflow with ease. Its speed can range from 1.30 GHz up to 3.50 GHz.

Dell Core i5

If you are willing to upgrade yourself one step further, then choosing a Dell core i5 laptop can help you do that. Most of these machines have HD displays, backlit keyboards, high-performing GPUs, and a quality core i5 processor. Whether you need a device for business management, entertainment, or gaming, this range addresses the needs of a large segment of consumers. The storage capacity in this range can go up to 512 GB. The core i5 processor is the highlight of these models, as the presence of a good number of cores and threads makes it easier for you to handle the heavy workflow. The processor speed starts from 1.90 GHz and can go up to 3.80 GHz.

Dell Core i7

The Dell Core i7 laptop is the perfect choice for users who want to upgrade their machines for heavy-duty tasks. It can deliver silky smooth performance with a processing unit that contains high-quality architecture and more threads that allow you to handle the heavy workflow with ease. With maximum turbo boost, the processing speed of this range of machines can reach around 4.6 GHz, which is an exceptional speed. However, it can vary according to the model that you choose, but still, it can deliver your desired performance. The presence of SSDs and higher RAM sizes can also deliver blazing-fast speed, so it can significantly impact your daily activities.

Core i9

Choosing a Core i9 laptop can make a valuable addition to your professional life. It is the most updated and high-performing series, so machines from this range can be your most precious asset. They are also known as the most capable machines that are currently available in the market, as they have powerful CPUs, GPUs, and RAM. Whether you want to tackle intensive multitasking, high-level gaming, or work on creative apps, you can do anything with these models.

There is a massive variety available in this range, so having price and specs clarity can save you time from wandering aimlessly in the market. Doing online research beforehand is what we recommend, so you can look up the prices and features of your desired devices in reliable online stores. The core i9 processors can reach a clock speed of around 5.8 GHz.

AMD Ryzen

AMD Ryzen is one the most reliable processing units in the market, and there are very few names that can compete with it. The presence of Ryzen 5000 and 6000 in this series increases its worth and allows users to enjoy uninterrupted work. Their latest chips contain the latest technology, which can be really helpful for gamers as well who require top-performing processing units for heavy gaming. Alienware m18, Inspiron 16, Inspiron 15, and New Inspiron 14 are some of the relevant AMD Ryzen models that you can consider in this regard. Not only is their performance the compelling reason that you should invest your money, but also their affordable prices can help you manage things within your budget.

Dell Latest Generation Laptops

There is a massive range of 11th, 12th, and 13th gen machines in this series which provides you with more options to make the right buying decision. The basic difference between 11th and 12th-gen processors is that the 11th-gen processor is designed on a 14nm process while the 12th-gen is built on 10nm. This difference in size makes 12th gen machines a better choice in terms of performance because it consume less power due to their lower size. When it comes to 12th and 13th-generation laptops, consumers give preferences to the 13th gen devices. In terms of responsiveness, performance, and processing power, the 13th gen machines provide better results than their predecessors.

The prices can vary according to your choice of model, so do research in advance to have a clear budget.

Dell Touch Screen Laptop

There is nothing better than having a touchscreen device, as it ensures a great level of convenience and saves you time and effort. XPS 15, Inspiron 16 2-in-1, and Precision 7670 are some of the relevant models that you can consider in this regard. These machines with 2-in-1 functionality provide you with great flexibility and can be the right choice for professionals who work from home and students.

Best Dell Laptops for Students

For students, some of the best XPS and Inspiron series are recommended by the experts as the devices from these series are easy to use. They have cutting-edge features that make the academic journey of students easier and provide them with great usability.

Dell x360 Convertible Laptops

The x360 convertible machine provides flexibility to users of using it as a tablet and in the traditional way. You can bend the display screen up to 360 degrees according to your convenience, so you can use the device from different angles. On the other hand, Chromebooks also provide a great level of usability and convenience to the users. They are slim and lightweight devices, which are perfect for regular travelers.

Dell Laptops for Graphic Designers

When it comes to digital art, you will find a huge range of devices in this series. It includes Precision 5470, XPS 15, and XPS 13, which can make your different graphic designing tasks easier and help you achieve your desired results. You may go through the online reviews of these devices to get better insights.

Buy Dell Laptops in Pakistan

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Summary of Dell Laptop Price in Pakistan - January 2024



DELL Vostro 15 3520

Rs. 105,000.

DELL Vostro 15 3520

Rs. 130,000.

Dell Inspiron 15 3530

Rs. 196,900.

Dell Latitude 15 3540

Rs. 214,900.

Dell Alienware m16

Rs. 609,999.