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HP Printers in Pakistan

A Printer is an external device that receives visual output, texts, and images from a computer and shifts the data to standard size sheets of papers. Hewlett-Packard (HP) is a world renowned manufacturer of printers. HP makes all kinds of printers, and their quality is too good. Some are perfect to use at homes; others are ideal to use at the offices where more usage of printers is required. brings you the most durable printers, and HP categorizes its printers in terms of quality and price. Every model offers a different user experience. HP contains various printers and all-in-one models that color print as well as black and white. These printers have gone down in cost and up in its performance and functionality over the years. There are various types of printers that HP manufactures. Buy HP Printers in Pakistan at for the best prices

DeskJet Printers

DeskJet Printers is just an official name for inkjet printers which are made by Hewlett-Packard. DeskJet Printers are the affordable products of HP on the market. DeskJet technology has developed so prominently that the most cost friendly printers create best quality images. These printers have an average printing speed of 7-8 pages per minute and are best to use at homes or small offices. High-quality DeskJet printers can print up to 28 pages per minute. DeskJet supports many types of paper, including textured stationery, and even some fabrics as well. The fonts printed through a DeskJet printer will have softer and finer tips. DeskJet printers utilize ink cartridges for a long time. Ink cartridges for DeskJet printers can be refilled and used again. In DeskJet printers, Thermal Cartridges are used, but most DeskJet printers use Piezoelectric Cartridges which transmit electric signals rather than warming up the ink. Because of this technology, DeskJets discharge proper amount of ink on the papers which deliver the best print quality. These printers are compact and easily fit anywhere. These amazing printers of HP do not need a lot of time to heat up the machine before printing which is a plus point. These new printers are multifunctional and come with Scanner and Copier which makes it ideal. These DeskJet printers support Mac and Windows, and its resolution quality ranges from 600 X 600 DPI to 2400 X 2400 DPI. DeskJet printers are of two types.

Monochromatic DeskJet Printer

HP manufactures a huge range of printers. The DeskJet printers that do not do color printing are Monochromatic DeskJet Printers. They do black and white printing like a boss.

DeskJet Color Printer

Some DeskJet printers do color printing thus given the name DeskJet Color Printer.

Different models of these are available here on  

Laser Printers

While many smaller departments or home-based companies can endure on a business-oriented DeskJet, anybody or any corporation that needs a steady workhorse should be getting HP laser printers. HP Laser Printers have different models with various specifications. The laser printers utilize light as a means to project the picture onto a moving drum and then from the drum it is shifted to the sheet of paper. HP laser printers have much better graphics. These HP printers are durable than most printers in the market. Laser printers printing cost is much less than Inkjets. HP manufactures Monochrome as well as Color printers. Laser printers are further divided into two types:

  • LaserJet Printer:

LaserJet Printers or Monochrome printers are cheaper than color laser printers. HP LaserJet printers can print an average of 25 pages per minute which is quite fast. HP manufactures different printers having different printing speeds and specifications. Some LaserJet printers are multifunctional and come with Scanner and Copier as well which makes them very convenient. Some LaserJet printers have a wireless technology as well. There are different printers available on our website, Browse all and choose the one that fulfills all your requirements.

  • Color LaserJet Printers

Color printers are gaining so much popularity and are so useful for office-based settings.  The color HP LaserJet printers can print up to 40 pages per minute, and these are excellent to use in the offices. The faster ones can print up to 100 pages per minute.  Color LaserJet printers can print an average of 18 pages per minute.  These HP Color Laserjet Printers generate professional-quality color prints and two-sided printing with a very high speed. HP also makes Wireless Color LaserJet printers, which are more convenient than any other Color LaserJet printer. All the latest printers support Mac and Windows and usually have USB ports as well. HP provides this facility of securing your Color Laserjet printers with advanced security options, which does not let any virus remove or harm your data and breach your privacy. These printers are very easy to handle and are just one click away from your houses because  gives it to your doorsteps.


HP Sprocket Photo Printers

HP launched a series of photo printers that are the size of your cell phones or Tablet. These are the most portable printers ever, you can easily take them anywhere with you, whether on a business trip or a family vacation; this printer is all you need to print your photos. This printer is very popular among teens. These HP sprocket photo printers use Bluetooth technology to connect. You and all your friends can print your favorite social media photos. It prints photos like a pro!


HP offer minimum two years of warranty. Here on, we assure our customers that the products that you buy from our website are box packed, brand new products. Every product comes with websites and company's guarantee.

These are the main types of printers that HP manufactures. Most of the people use DeskJet printers or LaserJet printers at homes and offices. Because both of these types of printers are fast and less expensive, and maintaining them is easy, buying one of these to use is an ideal option. We import authentic and original products from all over the world to maintain a happy clientele. There are many different HP printers available here on, and every HP printer’s quality is 10/10, Go and check them out and buy the one you like!