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Price of Apple MacBook Pro Laptops in Pakistan

The MacBook Pro is one of Apple's finest lineups. Its models have a number of reasons to be your next laptop, so if you are specifically looking for an Apple device, you must consider this Pro series. Their models have good battery life, unified memory, sophisticated CPU, high-quality GPU, and more ports than Air models. The devices are available in three display sizes, 13-inch, 14-inch, and 16-inch, so you can choose anyone as per your needs.

In these models, the efficiency and performance of the system have improved a lot. The three primary chips used in the Pro family are M1, M2, and M3, respectively. All these processors have different processing capabilities, so you can choose the CPU according to your requirements and budget.

Remember that budgeting is the most important phase of the buying journey, so you must have price clarity. The rates can vary according to your region, so you must do local market research. Let’s say you are based in Pakistan; then, you must know the latest Apple MacBook Pro Price in Pakistan for the model that you intend to buy. Doing this helps in budget creation and saves you effort and time during the buying process.

The upgraded media engines in these devices are another plus point that helps to smoothly handle video playback. The M3 chips have the same number of GPU and CPU cores and neural engines as the M2 chips, and they also support the same unified memory. The M3 chips also perform 15% faster as compared to the M2 chips, so if you want high-performing processing capabilities, you may opt for this option.

The latest models contain the M3 Max and M3 Pro chips. If you want the 14-inch laptop, then it is available with the base M3 chip, so if it fits your requirements and budget, you may go for this option. On the other hand, if you want to buy a 16-inch Mac Pro, you will have the option of M3, M3 Pro and M3 Max CPUs. It may increase the price, but it will surely deliver excellent performance.

The improved chips, which are installed in 14-inch and 16-inch devices of the series, can help you in tasks like music production, editing high-resolution videos and photos, rendering 3D art, etc.

However, if you want to upgrade the internal storage or want any other upgrade, then you need to extend your budget because the total cost will increase accordingly.

Furthermore, it is also important to know which professionals should opt for the Apple MacBook Pro series. If you are an app developer, web designer, graphics designer, or 3D artist, then this lineup can be the perfect fit for you and can positively contribute to your professional journey. The unified memory of CPU and GPU helps to handle intensive graphics-related tasks. It also helps with multitasking and allows users to work on multiple tabs without any lagging or slowing down. So, it ensures maximum performance efficiency and helps you make the most out of your work so you can achieve your daily productivity and goals.

Here are some more relevant details that will give you a better understanding of this lineup.

3 Best MacBook Pro Models in Pakistan

If you are looking to invest in this series, then you must know about the top-rated Apple Laptops and their specifications that can help you make the right purchase. Knowing details beforehand can also help you assess your requirements so you can take steps accordingly. Here are three models of this lineup that you must know.

Apple MacBook Pro 13

This device contains the latest M2 chip and has a 13-inch display. It offers long-lasting battery life, and overall performance is also satisfactory. If you play mid-range games, then you can also consider this machine suitable. The fan of the system also does not make any noise, so it helps you avoid distractions while you are working.

One of the prominent aspects of this laptop is the brand-new M2 chip that offers 40% improved performance compared to M1. Whether you are using heavy-duty software or just need something for day-to-day tasks, this chip can be a great fit for users with diverse needs. Also, if you simultaneously work on multiple apps, you may consider it as an appropriate option. The device remains cool during long working sessions, so there are no overheating issues that affect the performance of the system.

The M2 chip has an 8-core CPU and 4 efficiency and performance cores, which ensures decent speed and helps you maintain a good working pace. The GPU has 10 cores, which also elevates graphical results. The 16-core neural engine is the highlight of the M2 chip, as it is 40% faster than the neural engine of M1.

Additionally, the support for 24GB unified memory and 20 million transistors boost also makes a valuable addition to the chip that significantly impacts the overall performance.

The pricing of this laptop is another positive aspect for the users because it is the same as the previous model, which had an M1 chip. It means you are getting the upgrade of the M2 chip for free.

When it comes to design, the display is surrounded by chunky bezels. The durable build of the body ensures long-lasting durability, protecting the machine from minor scratches. The Touch ID button allows you quick access through fingerprint, which also improves security and usability. It is one of the lightest laptops in this lineup, so it also offers good portability.

Apple MacBook Pro 14

If you are willing to extend your budget further, then this 14-inch device can be a good choice. It can be an excellent addition to your workstation as it is a portable laptop that is available in M2, M2 Max and M2 Pro chips. The solidity of the body is another positive aspect, along with amazing visual quality.

The outstanding processing capabilities of all the chips that are mentioned above can help you handle heavy workloads and deliver blazing-fast speed. These chips have two variants. The M2 chip has 12 CPU cores and 19 GPU cores, and the M2 Max has 12 CPU cores and 38 GPU cores. These latest chips ensure better performance than M1 Max and M1 Pro, so if you are looking to upgrade, then it can be a good option.

It has unified memory, so it contains video RAM and standard RAM, so if you are involved in graphics-related work, it can make things easier for you. Various tests have proved that this laptop is suitable for a variety of tasks. From 8K video streaming to high-level web development, you can do different things with this device to keep your operations on track. The macOS of the model is also responsive, which enhances its usability.

You cannot overlook the exceptional battery performance of this model, as it lasts for around 19 hours on a single charge. It has a 7-watt-hour battery life, so if you are someone who works nonstop for long hours, this battery performance is perfect for you. Whether you are involved in intensive tasks, browsing the internet, or streaming 1080p videos, good battery performance ensures that there is no interruption in your activities. The screen quality, port selection, and slim design are also up to the mark. You can carry this lightweight device anywhere conveniently.

Apple MacBook Pro 16

If you want a laptop that can ensure better performance in terms of display quality, speed, and graphical quality, then this machine is the perfect fit for you. It is another achievement from Apple as it is one of the most powerful models in the computing industry, and it has amazing battery life and display quality.

Speaking of the design, this gorgeous machine has a decent number of ports on the left and right side, which include USB 4 ports, a headphone jack, an HDMI port, Bluetooth 5.3, and an SDXC card slot.

The keyboard contains fully functional key rows that are easy to type and perfectly placed. The Force Touch trackpad also ensures smooth functionality, and it is big enough so you can use it conveniently. The model weighs around 2.15 kg, which is a little heavier than its predecessors, but it can be a valuable addition to your workstation. The different variants of this machine are available with M2 and M3 CPUs. Furthermore, it has a unified memory of 16 GB, which keeps you on top of your tasks.

The 16-inch display ensures excellent visibility as it has a screen resolution of 3456 x 2234p. It is a Liquid Retina XDR display with 1000 nits that offers accurate brightness even when you are using the device outdoors. A 1080p HD camera was also installed, which allows users to communicate properly during video meetings.

Top 3 MacBook Pro Processors in Pakistan

The processor is the most vital component of any computing system, which governs the overall performance and helps you improve your operational efficiency. Before investing in any of the MacBook Pro models, you must know about the relevant CPUs so you can better decide what fits your needs.

Apple MacBook Pro M1

M1 is one of the finest processors of this lineup, which not only delivers superb performance but is also power-efficient. According to different tests, it has been proved that M1 is 3.5 times faster than Intel-based Macs. Their GPU performance is also six times faster, and machine learning is 15 times faster, which shows the incredible capabilities of this laptop. Devices with M1 CPU have a good battery life due to their excellent power efficiency, so you can work for long hours without any interruption.

This CPU has a unique SoC design as it contains Arm architecture. It has 10 CPU cores that are transformed into 8 high-performing Firestorm cores and 2 efficient cores, Icestorm cores.

The Firestorm cores can clock around 3.2 GHz, and the Icestorm cores can reach 2.1 GHz. However, the speed can vary according to the amount of the system’s load. When it comes to GPU, it has a 16-core design. Since it is a unified chip, so the memory is merged. The 256-bit wide LPDDR5 memory bus is connected to the GPU and CPU, and it can deliver around 200 GB/s. The L2 cache is integrated along with 24 MB of top-level cache, which also improves the performance significantly.

You will find two configurations for this chip that are available with a 10-core CPU and a 16-core GPU. The base design of these variants is available in 14 GPU cores and 8 CPU cores. Depending on your needs, you can choose the right variant that can fit your requirements and be financially feasible for you.

Apple MacBook Pro M2

Another impressive chip is the M2, as it is perfect for single-threaded applications. However, M2 is more power-hungry than its predecessor because it has a higher frequency, but still, it can provide you with great results. The E-cores can clock at the speed of around 3.4 GHz, and the P-cores can reach around 3.7 GHz for multi-threaded workloads. Big cores like Avalanche are also integrated, offering a 192 KB instruction cache, 36 MB shared L2 cache, and 128 KB data cache.

When it comes to multi-threading performance, you can expect a reasonable show from M2 compared to AMD and Intel processors. The power consumption of the chip is not that high, so you do not have to worry about battery usage.

According to the single-threaded test, the M2 is a reliable chip, and the 1580 score beats the M1 Pro and Ryzen 7 CPU, which shows how effective it can be. The core architecture is also upgraded, which improves the workload by 8 percent.

Also, the M2 chip offers a good balance between the single-thread and multi-speed, which is one of the primary benefits for users. It is built on TSMC 5nm, which is one step ahead of Intel and AMD, so it makes M2 a class-leading CPU in the computing industry.

The amazing GPU performance, which is also better than the RDNA2 graphics of Ryzen 7, is also something you cannot neglect. It is a low-discrete GPU, so you can expect satisfactory results without any extra load on the CPU. It would be right to say that the M2 chip is suitable for video production or video creators who are working on high-end applications. Another impressive aspect of the M2-powered laptops is that they have solid macOS, which offers an appropriate ecosystem for video editing apps.

Apple MacBook Pro M3

Another major achievement is unlocked by Apple with the release of the M3 family. The M3 and M3 Max chips have stunning features to level up the performance and provide a better user experience. According to reports, this chip is 50% faster than M1 models and 11 times faster speed than Intel-based devices.

The M3 chips are built on the 3-nanometer architecture and contain separate efficiency and performance cores. The 16-core neural engine is also installed, which boosts the performance big time. The addition of CPU cores has also improved the performance efficiency, and the performance cores also have a solid execution engine, which improves the overall speed of the system big time. The neural engine is also 60% faster than previous chips, which makes it the perfect option for users with high-end requirements.

The basic M3 chip has 24GB of unified memory along with 25 billion transistors. It is an 8-core CPU which has 4 efficiency cores and 4 performance cores. The basic M3 chip is around 30% faster than M1 chips and 20% faster than M2. Dynamic caching and ray tracing are also some of its prominent aspects. However, M3 Pro and M3 Max have different features, so you must know about them as well. Let’s find out more about them.

MacBook Pro M3 Pro

It is the first 3-nanometer chip in the industry that has a next-generation GPU architecture. There have been major improvements in the chip, and you will see a faster neural engine and CPU that will help you enhance your productivity. The support for unified memory is also there, which also makes a valuable addition to the chip.

The addition of more CPU and GPU cores also increases the worth of hardware. It has 36GB of unified memory that positively impacts the speed of the laptop and helps you execute high-powered tasks within less time. Eventually, it leads to better productivity that keeps you one step ahead of your tasks. Also, 37 billion transistors are integrated into the chip, which is a major improvement. The 12-core CPU contains 6 efficiency cores and 6 performance cores, which ensures 20% faster speed as compared to the M1 chip, so if you want to upgrade, you can consider this option.

The 18-core GPU is another prominent aspect that has the next-generation architecture along with ray tracing and mesh shading, which also positively contributes to the system’s performance and helps you work conveniently on different applications.

MacBook Pro M3 Max

If you are someone who has to deal with complex workloads and wants to invest in a highly functional and top-rated chip, then M3 Max can be the right choice for you. As the name of the chip “Max” suggests, it is designed for users to achieve maximum performance.

Major improvements have been made in the chip, which makes it cutting-edge. Firstly, there is 128GB of unified memory, which is a huge advancement, along with the addition of 92 billion transistors. The 16-core CPU, along with 4 efficiency cores and 12 performance cores, gives a major boost to the system and can run 80% faster than the M1 Max chip. It can also run faster than the M2 Max chip. The 40-core GPU is another plus point, along with ray tracing and dynamic cashing capabilities.

5 Best MacBook Pro Colors in Pakistan

The MacBook Pro is available in different colors that offer different looks and feel. As a design-centric user, you must know in detail what each color has to offer and how it is going to impact the appearance of the device, so knowing about the colors is important when you are looking to buy these laptops. Let’s find out more about it.

MacBook Pro Midnight Color

With its refined and sophisticated appearance, the Midnight Color is a magnificent addition to Apple's portfolio, for customers who like a classic yet modern style, the deep, rich tone of midnight black makes a striking statement with its timeless and elegant appearance. The quality of the appearance is enhanced by the aluminum finish, which produces a smooth and long-lasting surface.

The Midnight Color's design contrasts sharply with the classic Apple logo on the lid’s back. The large trackpad and backlit Magic Keyboard uphold the consistency of the midnight black style, providing a visually unified experience.

This model has a sophisticated and classic look thanks to the deep, rich tone of midnight black that surrounds it. The sleek aluminum body is expertly designed to blend in with the dark color, giving the whole thing a cohesive feel. The trackpad and keyboard stand out against the midnight black background thanks to its soft white backlighting, which also improves the overall aesthetic appeal.

The color flows to the edges; the uniform appearance is equally striking and subtle. This color can be the perfect option for individuals who value a balance between performance and beauty because it not only makes a statement but also represents a power-style balance.

MacBook Pro Starlight Color

This model expands the selection with a new, airy color scheme. For individuals who value a simple, understated style, Starlight's gentle, neutral tone exudes a sense of purity and simplicity. The solid aluminum casing offers a smooth, flawless surface that enhances the laptop's overall appearance.

Because of its versatility, the color starlight works well in a wide range of settings and different lighting circumstances. The Starlight retains its allure whether you're working in a brightly lighted office or a dimly lit coffee shop.

The chassis is elegant and has a delicate glow from the beautiful, iridescent sheen of stars. This color choice perfectly captures the aura of a starry night. The delicately textured surface demonstrates the same attention to detail, offering a tactile sensation that looks visually appealing.

The precision in design is maintained by the keyboard and trackpad, which are flawlessly blended into the body with a starlight color. The Apple logo on the lid takes on a unique yet subdued tone that fits well with the entire concept. In addition to appealing to individuals with an eye for style, the Starlight Color can also seamlessly blend into various environments, as its design can match the vibe of any place.

MacBook Pro Space Black Color

For those in search of the height of style, the Space Black Color makes a strong and impressive impression. A unique coating technique produces a rich, glossy black surface that lends the laptop an impression of exclusivity. Professionals should choose this color scheme if they want to stand out in meetings and business settings.

Worldwide, a large number of laptop users have black as their preferred hue. Space Black Color can be a great choice for you, especially if you enjoy gaming. It may add vibrancy to your gaming station.

The Space Black stands out thanks to its elegant body and subtle accents like the one-of-a-kind black Apple logo on the back. Its understated appearance commands attention. The Space Black concept is maintained by the keyboard and trackpad, providing a seamless and visually pleasing experience for customers who appreciate fine details.

This model's rich, inky black finish is the pinnacle of elegant sophistication. The aluminum body is given its shade by a meticulous process. The matte surface texture of the laptop adds a luxurious feel to it and enhances its grip.

The Space Black variant pays attention to even the tiniest details. The keyboard and trackpad blend in seamlessly with the black canvas to create a seamless and immersive user experience. The monochromatic Apple logo on the lid is a powerful illustration of the device's layout. This model is the only choice for those who desire the highest performance without compromising style.

MacBook Pro Space Gray Color

This color scheme offers a perfect balance between modernity and simplicity. Space Gray's chilly, neutral tone elevates the look without coming across as too fancy. The laptop's aluminum finish preserves its sleek appearance while adding to its longevity.

The Space Gray appearance blends in perfectly with Apple's aesthetic, right down to the backlit keyboard and recognizable logo. The gray hue that encircles the trackpad provides a smooth and unified user experience. Many customers who value a modern and understated appearance find this color choice appealing.

The aluminum body, along with the metallic gray finish, conveys a sense of durability and strength, improves the color, and adds longevity, so the laptop will always be as strong as it is beautiful.

The trackpad and keyboard are integrated into the chassis to provide a unified and engaging user experience. The device's simple yet powerful design is demonstrated by the enduring Apple logo on the lid, which is reproduced in a coordinating shade. For those who value a well-balanced combination of form and function, there is the Space Gray Color.

MacBook Pro Silver Color

Among Apple's offerings, the Silver Color is a timeless and classic choice. The shiny, reflecting silver surface offers a sophisticated and classy look. The carefully designed aluminum chassis offers durability and a high-end appearance.

The polished logo on the lid and the backlit magic keyboard showcase the classic Apple aesthetic. The trackpad offers a unified and aesthetically pleasant experience by blending in seamlessly with the overall design. Users who value a classic yet refined appearance that endures over time are drawn to the color silver.

Among the Apple portfolio, the Silver Color is a timeless and classic option. The silver color fits in perfectly with a variety of environments, including creative and professional workspaces.

All components of the machine appear clear and sharp against the silver background. The Silver model appeals to people who value a laptop that is not just powerful but also a statement of timeless style.

Apple's dedication to accuracy, innovation, and user experience is reflected in the MacBook Pro colors, which go beyond simple aesthetics. All these colors have become symbols of both technological prowess and personal style. You have a wide range of options to choose from, so you can make the decision according to your personal choice that suits your taste and working nature.

Latest MacBook Pro in Pakistan

As a Pakistani consumer, you do not only have to know about the Macbook Pro Processors or Sizes but also about the top models that can help you attain the desired results. The prices of the Apple MacBook Pro can vary according to the specifications that you need, so you must have a sufficient budget accordingly.

MacBook Pro 2020

Apple's laptop lineup saw a major change with the release of this 2020 model, which demonstrated the company's dedication to performance, design, and user experience. This model was released in 2020, and it marked Apple's switch from Intel processors to their proprietary ARM-based M1 chip. The MacBook began a new era with the M1 CPU, which brought with it notable improvements in system integration, computing power, and energy efficiency.

One of the most remarkable features of this machine was its octa-core CPU and octa-core GPU, which offered exceptional performance for a range of applications, including demanding creative workloads and seamless multitasking. The unified memory architecture increased system responsiveness and efficiency even more with 8GB RAM options.

The laptop maintains its elegant aluminum unibody design while showcasing a 13.3-inch Retina display with True Tone technology, which generates vivid colors and sharp images. The Magic Keyboard took the role of the earlier butterfly mechanism and offered a more dependable and comfortable typing experience.

Apple's dedication to privacy and security was reinforced with the introduction of the T2 security chip, which ensures safe boot and encrypted storage. When using the M1 chip, this machine can play videos for up to 20 hours, making it a fantastic choice for customers who travel frequently.

MacBook Pro 2021

Building on the success of the previous model, Apple introduced this one with better performance and more luxurious features. The next step toward Apple Silicon was this model, which made its debut in October 2021 and included the M1 Pro and M1 Max CPUs. These CPUs provide this MacBook series even more power, making them appealing to professionals and high-end users.

Liquid Retina XDR screens with ProMotion technology were standard on the 14- and 16-inch 2021 models, resulting in more fluid pictures. Lower bezels matching the bigger screen surface meant a more immersive viewing experience.

The M1 Pro and M1 Max chips delivered previously unheard-of levels of computational and graphic capabilities with up to 32 GPU cores and 10 CPU cores. With 64GB of unified memory, users can effortlessly handle demanding tasks like software development, video editing, and 3D rendering.

This model's enhanced thermal system allowed for uninterrupted performance even under taxing workloads, maintaining its coolness and efficiency. The multimedia experience was enhanced overall with the inclusion of a three-microphone array and high-fidelity audio with spatial audio capabilities.

With the 2021 model, the business continued to push the boundaries of innovation and performance. It satisfies the needs of professionals in a variety of artistic and technical fields.

MacBook Pro 2022

In June 2022, Apple unveiled the MacBook Pro 2022, which was developed using the foundation set by its predecessors. With further enhancements to the hardware and software, this model solidified the leadership of the MacBook family in terms of creativity and productivity.

One of the main improvements in this laptop was the M2 chip, which took the place of the M1 chip. The enhanced CPU and GPU performance of the M2 chip allowed for an even more powerful and responsive computer experience. A good unified memory ensures smooth multitasking and efficient workflow.

The sleek metal unibody design of the gadget and the Liquid Retina XDR display were retained from the previous version. The display's usage of mini-LED technology enhanced brightness levels and contrast ratios, producing visually stunning images for content creators and multimedia enthusiasts.

Apple kept improving the trackpad and keyboard, putting a strong emphasis on user comfort and accuracy. Additionally, the model features a good selection of ports, including USB-C, HDMI, Thunderbolt 4, and MagSafe.

Apple continues to demonstrate its commitment to sustainability by using recycled materials in the production of this laptop, in line with its environmental goals. The user experience was further enhanced by the inclusion of macOS's most recent features and enhancements. The company exhibited its dedication to offering state-of-the-art technology without compromising the reliable and stylish appearance that consumers have come to expect from this series.

MacBook Pro 2023

This year saw the arrival of the MacBook Pro 2023, which continued to push performance and innovation boundaries. With enhancements to the hardware, design, and user experience, this model maintained Apple's leadership position in the laptop market.

The centerpiece of this machine was the M3 chip, which represents the next advancement in Apple semiconductor technology. Because of the M3 chip's enhanced CPU and GPU capabilities, system performance was greatly increased. Configurations offering up to 128GB of unified memory enable users to effortlessly tackle even the most intricate tasks.

The color accuracy, brightness, and refresh rates of this device's display technology have all been improved. For graphic designers, video editors, and content creators, the laptop's Retina display with high resolution and advanced graphics capabilities was an excellent choice.

By ensuring a precise and tactile input experience, Apple showed its ongoing commitment to customer comfort with upgrades to the keyboard and trackpad.

The device maintains the recognizable aluminum unibody design, exhibiting a harmonious combination of style and robustness. The laptop was a portable powerhouse that catered to professionals and creatives on the go because of its thin profile and lightweight build.

MacBook Pro 2024

There are some speculations that the new model of this series will be launched in 2024 with cutting-edge hardware and an emphasis on user experience. This model established new benchmarks for performance, design, and adaptability while carrying on the tradition of its forebears.

According to rumors, the MacBook Pro 2024's improvements in efficiency and power management are going to extend battery life. The performance will be improved significantly with the introduction of the M4 chip, which will ensure better processing capabilities than previous models. However, nothing is confirmed yet, and we have to wait till the release of the model next year. But one thing is for sure; this model is going to be the best-performing machine of the Pro lineup.

Buy Apple MacBook Pro in Pakistan

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