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HP Probook for Sale | Price of HP Probook Laptops in Pakistan

HP has a knack for producing highly-functional, powerful, and consumer-driven Laptops in Pakistan, which can help users to stay productive in the current digital landscape. Their different series offers you the right combination of durability and good performance, so you can achieve your desired results and keep your operations on track.

Their different series include Pavilion, Envy x360, Elitebook, Spectre x360, Omen, and Victus Gaming. Each of these series is suitable for different purposes, and their prices and specifications also vary. In this guide, we will shed light on the Probook series and find out all the relevant details about it.

This series is well-suited for professionals who work in the corporate sector or who need a business-oriented device. The series was launched in October 2009. Most of the designs of this device have well-defined edges along with a brushed aluminum finish. High-quality materials are used in the manufacturing of these laptops, which ensure long-lasting durability. They can even withstand spills and shocks easily, so if you regularly travel for business purposes, then it can be the perfect fit for you.

Good security features are also another prominent aspect of this series which can keep your data secure. You will find features like the TRM chip and Sure View, which block your screen from others viewing it. When it comes to performance, you can expect outstanding results courtesy of the latest processors of Intel and other high-quality components. The models from the series have state-of-the-art features which can help you attain high operational efficiency for your business-related tasks.

High-resolution displays, along with crisp frame rates and anti-glare technology, provide you with exceptional visibility and reduce eye strain which positively impacts your user experience. You will also find a good range of connectivity options that include USB-C, Bluetooth, and Wi-Fi. The ports of HDMI also make it easier for you to connect to external devices. Good battery life is another noticeable feature of the HP Probook Latest Models.

According to different tests, the batteries from this series can last for around 10 hours, which helps you to maintain good productivity. It prevents you from frequent charging and avoids continuous disruptions in the work. It would be right to say that the HP Laptop ProBook series is the perfect fit for professionals and business users. The highly-functional components and features and long-lasting battery are some of the compelling reasons to invest in this series. Furthermore, programmers can also make the most out of this series and consider it for executing their daily tasks.

However, the HP Probook Price in Pakistan can vary according to the model you choose and the latest trends in the local market. Another positive side of this series that you should know is that you will find many models in it which have a touchscreen. It ensures a great level of convenience and helps you save effort and time.

When it comes to comparison between HP Probook and other brands like Lenovo, then every brand has its own positive side. In terms of build quality, you can consider Lenovo as a better choice, while in terms of performance and quality of components, this series has the edge.

Let’s find out more relevant details.

6 Best HP Probook Laptop Models in Pakistan

There are some of the top models from this series that you must know about. It will help you make the right buying decision without any confusion and save you time and energy. Let’s find out about them.

HP Probook 440

This device offers simple business features. Whether you are an office-going or a remote worker, this model can fulfill your requirements for everyday operation. It contains Intel core i7 processor, which has good clock speed, cores, and threads, so it can elevate the overall speed of the machine and help you maintain a decent flow of work.

The 16 GB RAM also makes a valuable addition as it can help you handle heavy workflow smoothly and allows you to work on different resource-intensive applications. The 14 inches display has a screen resolution of 1920 x 1080p, which delivers satisfactory visual results. The HP Probook 440 Price in Pakistan depends on the variant of the model that you choose.

HP Probook 450

This is another business-oriented device that can meet your expectations for business-related work. It has cutting-edge features that positively contribute to your daily activities and helps you control your workflow efficiently. The presence of an advanced cooling system keeps the system cool, and the fan runs quietly without causing any noise.

The Intel core i7 processor and 16 GB RAM are the most noticeable aspects which play a key role in boosting the overall speed and performance. The Intel Iris Xe Graphics card is integrated, which delivers captivating graphical results. It can also provide decent visuals for videos and other graphics-related activities.

The weight of this machine is around 1.7 kg which means you can easily handle and carry it anywhere. Also, the HP Probook 450 Price in Pakistan depends on the economic condition of the country and the variant which you choose.

HP Probook x360 435

If you are looking for a convertible and stylish machine with decent features, then you must opt for this model. You can use this model as a traditional laptop and a notebook as well, according to your convenience. The AMD Ryzen processor is integrated into it, which has a clock rate of 1.9 GHz to 4.4 GHz. It has 8 cores and 16 threads which significantly impacts the performance of the machine.

On the other hand, AMD Radeon RX Vega 8 GPU can also have a great set of features to produce amazing graphical results. The 16 GB RAM also makes a valuable addition that allows you to handle multiple tasks simultaneously and to work on different high-end applications.

To get a reasonable HP Probook 435 Price in Pakistan, you may find a reliable online store that guarantees uncompromised performance and good rates.

HP Probook 445

For this model, it would be right to say that portability and strong components make an ideal combination. This lightweight device is perfect for business users who frequently travel to attend business meetings in other cities or countries.

The AMD Ryzen 5 processor provides you with the required performance boost, which ensures that your operations never go off track. It has a good clock rate of 2.3 GHz, which can reach around 4.2 GHz. Whether you have to attend video conference meetings, manage your team remotely, or work on heavy-duty applications, this CPU delivers terrific processing speed for your different tasks.

The GPU of AMD Radeon RX Vega, 7 and 16 GB RAM, makes the ideal combination that impacts your performance positively in different ways. It is hard to find a fixed HP Probook 445 Price in Pakistan due to unstable economic conditions, so you should be aware of the latest prices.

HP Probook 455

If you are willing to invest in a more advanced device with enhanced features, then you must go for this model. It can uplift your computing experience big time by providing you with the desired results and helping you to stay competitive in today’s business landscape.

The AMD Ryzen 7 processor delivers good processing power, which helps you to stay one step ahead of your activities. The 16 GB RAM of DDR4 type is also an integral component that allows you to maintain a good flow of work and helps you run different programs smoothly.

Another noticeable thing is the display which is 15.6 inches and has a refresh rate of 60 Hz. This display size and refresh rate provide you crystal clear visibility and keep the frame rates and overall visuals responsive.

Do complete market research to get the best possible HP Probook 455 Price in Pakistan. Also, the rates can vary as there are different variants available for this model.

HP Pro x360 Fortis 11

Here is another convertible device that not only offers good features for your daily activities but also allows you to use it according to your own will. Starting from the CPU, it has an Intel Celeron processor, which is suitable for mid-range tasks.

The 8 GB RAM also provides you with satisfactory results and can ensure stable performance for your office work. Even if you are a student or a programmer, you can consider this device. The 256 GB SSD is another major aspect as it not only provides you decent space for storage but also provides good speed that boosts the overall performance.

Portability is another benefit that you can get from this model, as a 1.4 kg machine allows you to easily take it to your destination. The HP Pro x360 Fortis 11 Price in Pakistan can vary according to the local market trends and the variant that you choose.

7 Top HP Probook Laptop Processors in Pakistan

While choosing any device, you must know about its processor, so you can decide whether its processing capabilities are sufficient to fulfill your requirements or not. Let’s find out about some top processors that you will find in the series, which is mentioned above.

Probook Core i3

The Core i3 is the first processor of Intel’s “i” series. It is regarded as suitable for students or beginners who are just starting to learn about computing systems. It can help you manage basic programs like MS Word, Google Docs, and other browser-based tasks. Even you may consider it suitable for entertainment purposes; like if you want something just for viewing streaming services, then this processor should be your choice.

Probook Core i5

The core i5 processor allows you to take things to the next level as it is known for its powerful capabilities, which you can consider for high-powered tasks such as video editing, animation designing, or running remote management software. If you think that you are among those users who have these needs, then you must have a sufficient budget to afford the HP Probook Core i5 Price in Pakistan.

Probook Core i7

If you work on mostly specialized programs or you like to save time by working on multiple projects at the same time, then the Intel Core i7 processor should be the right choice for you. Its different variants are available, and its maximum turbo frequency can reach around 5 GHz. It can also provide you with great results and help you to ensure that you always stay on top of your activities.

Do market research beforehand to get local price clarity. In this way, it will be easier for you to manage the HP Probook i7 Price in Pakistan.

Probook Core i9

The Intel Core i9 is the most powerful CPU of the “i” series. It has a high-performing hybrid architecture that can optimize your performance for high-end tasks and help you to improve your working pace. Its clock speed can reach around 5.8 GHz, which makes heavily impacts the overall performance of any laptop.

Probook Ryzen 5

The AMD Ryzen 5 is a mid-range processor which is also available at reasonable prices. Whether you want to achieve high productivity or want to have a smooth workflow, this CPU can help you achieve everything.

Probook Ryzen 7

AMD Ryzen 7 is another top-of-the-line processor which has amazing processing capabilities. Its clock speed can reach around 4.5 GHz, which positively impacts your daily productivity and helps you to keep your workload on track.

Probook Ryzen 9

The AMD Ryzen 9 stands out in the entire Ryzen series due to its superior processing power and extraordinary hardware specifications. The integration of state-of-the-art architecture increases its worth and makes it the ideal choice for consumers. It has a TDP of 105 W, and the maximum boost clock can reach around 5 GHz.

HP Probook Latest Generation

The 12th gen processor was launched in 2022, and it is one of the latest processors of Intel that you will find in many models. You will find different variants of the 12th gen processor, so specifications can vary accordingly. However, this CPU can deliver around 5.5 GHz clock speed.

The 13th generation processor can be a much better choice than 12 Gen CPU. It operates at a faster speed and can reach the maximum turbo frequency of 6 GHz. Better hardware configurations make all the difference in the performance.

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