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DSLR Cameras in Pakistan

The era of Polaroid cameras has ended and has been replaced by digital cameras. Times when prepping black and white photos from Polaroid took a while has been replaced by digital cameras where a single click and some swipes are enough to look at the photographs captured. However, this is not where the progressed-technology has stopped.

In digital cameras, there are several types of variants that offer distinctive functions. Though, none can beat the quality and the excellence of a DSLR (Digital single-lens reflex camera).

DSLR Camera is a step ahead from SLR (single-lens reflex camera) as it combines the mechanisms of the SLR with Digital image sensor. The digital image sensor feature adds significantly to the functioning of the camera making any photograph from it more vivid, clear, rich and vibrant. Buy DSLR Cameras Online in Pakistan at for reasonable prices

DSLR Cameras are the most preferred tools of both the professionals and the proletarians for getting good quality photographs. Keeping this need of the customers in mind, has dedicated this category of the store solely to the DSLR cameras in Pakistan. You can check all the latest models of DSLR Cameras here. Paklap keeps all the prices updated, so you can easily check all the DSLR Camera Prices in Pakistan.

In this section of the store, the customers can find a huge variety of DSLRs from the most prominent brands. Moreover, as promises, all the products are 100% genuine and new in condition. We also promise to provide you with the Lowest Prices of DSLR Cameras in Pakistan.

The brands that we currently offer are:

A name in the digital world that needs no introduction whatsoever. Canon has been tremendous since its advent, and until this day, it has upheld its value of creating quality-driven products. From professional cameras to business cameras, Canon is a prominent name that delivers exceptionality.

Canon`s line of DSLRs is brilliant, yet quite reasonable relative to the tons of features that they offer. To give a separate identity to its DSLRs, Canon has produced a product line by the name of EOS. Though many consider it to be a special built-in feature in Canon`s cameras, EOS merely stands for “Electro-Optical System”.


All the DSLRs that Canon has produced up till now come under the umbrella of EOS. Though Canon offers a wide range of DSLRs for its customers, all the cameras have one thing common; EOS being the predecessor in every name.

EOS DSLR is further divided into three main categories:

DSLRs for New Users

The DSLRs under this category, as the caption suggests are intended for beginners. Those intending to learn photography or thinking of taking it as a career are suggested to try these cameras first. This category of cameras offers the easiest controls and a lightweight body structure for a firm grip. It offers numerous functions such as autofocus, noise reduction, better precision, time lapse feature and many others. The honourable mentions in this category are EOS1200D and EOS 1300D. These cameras are easy on the wallet as the price ranges between RS 30,000-40,000.

DSLRs for Semi-Professional Users

The DSLRs in this category are recommended to be used by those having know-how regarding DSLRs. The cameras in this category pack a punch in every category from resolution to sensors and from the body to image processors. Some of the cameras in this category also consist of Wi-Fi and GPS features alongside. Honorable mentions from this category are EOS 70D, EOS 80D, and EOS 6D.

DSLRs for Professional Users

The DSLRs in this category are meant for professionals only as the functioning and operations of these cameras require expertise in the field of photography. These are some of the most powerful DSLRs that exist in the field of photography at the moment. Some DSLRs from this category offer up to 50.6-megapixel result, full-frame CMOS sensor, 4K movie shooting, Dual DIGIC 6, 61 point AF system and many other remarkable features. The best offer from this category is the EOS 5DS R, which according to many connoisseurs is considered as the finest DSLR in the world. Other honourable mentions include EOS 5D Mark III and EOS 7D II.

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Nikon was founded in 1917, which makes it almost 100 years old. Being a brand that is almost a century old questions Nikon`s modernity. However, Nikon thrashes these questions by not only being up to date with every technology but also by offering some of the best cameras the world has ever seen. Nikon since its beginning has tried to innovate and to be the first-mover in technology. Even now, it keeps that spirit alive and only offers state of the art products to its customers.

The DSLRs that Nikon has to offer start with the letter “D”, denoting Digital. All the variants are produced keeping one thing in mind, to deliver only the best to the customer. Nikon caters all segments of the camera industry, whether it be a professional or just an enthusiast. Nikon DSLRs range between Rs 35,000-2,50,000, where the features keep on getting better and better as the price keeps on elevating.

The main features every Nikon DSLR holds are crystal-clear and vivid photos, lightweight camera body and brilliant battery timings. Apart from these features, every variant differs from the other with respect to their prices. Nikon at its best offers 36.3-megapixel image sensor, CMOS image sensor, image sensor cleaning, as well as the ability to do astrophotography. Honorable mentions from Nikon`s collection of DSLRs are Nikon D810, Nikon D750, and Nikon D610.

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Whether it be a Television or any accessory, Sony is a name that has surely left its mark in every digital market. Like Canon and Nikon, Sony also offers quality DSLRs that Paklap offers at our online store,

Even with such a wide collection of products, Sony has maintained its quality and innovation and has proved why it is one of the best brands in the world. Just like its all other products, Sony DSLRs live up to the expectations of the audience they seem to cater by providing impeccable quality products at a very reasonable price.

With a wide-ranging collection, Sony offers dozens of different variants catering different segments of the market. There are cameras for beginners, amateurs as well as professionals. All the cameras come with the surety of offering only the best in class. Moreover, as one climbs the price ladder the features seem to get better and better. Some of the highlighting features of the Sony DSLRs are CMOS image sensor, 42.4 megapixels, touchscreen, 4K video shooting and many others. Some of the best DSLRs that Sony has to offer are Sony Alpha a77 II, Sony Alpha a99 and Sony Alpha a6500.

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To sum it up, we can say that deals in all the famous brands of DSLR Cameras which are listed above. If you're looking to purchase any latest DSLR Camera in Pakistan, just select the model and place your order. We guarantee you that Paklap will always offer the most reasonable price of DSLR Cameras in Pakistan.

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