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Printers in Pakistan

A printer is a machine that receives graphic output and text from a computer and transfers the data to standard size sheets of paper. Printers differ in speed, size, performance, and price. In general, more expensive printers are utilized for higher-resolution color printing and work. Printers are divided on the basis of Impact and Non-impact printers. An impact printer is the one which touches the paper while printing. Non-impact printers do not touch the paper while printing. The four printer qualities that most users demand are:


The color is essential for users who need to print pages for maps, presentations and other sheets where color is part of the data. Color printers can also print sheets in black and white and are expensive as compared to other printers. The latest technology in color printing has also gained popularity for printing pictures and 3D material.


Printer resolution is measured in dots per inch. High-resolution printers print more clear and sharp images which are mostly useful for printing official documents. Printers at for affordable prices


The speed of the printer is necessary for users if they use it on a daily basis. Typically printers print three to six sheets per minute but some print up to 600 pages per minute.


The more the memory, the better the speed. Most printers come with 1 megabyte of memory, but users can increase memory as it is customizable. Buy Printers in Pakistan at for the best prices

There are various types of printers. With respect to the technology used, printers are divided into the following categories:

Dot-Matrix Printers

It is a popular computer printer that prints graphics and texts on the paper by using little dots to create the desired characters and images. Dot-Matrix is an Impact Printer, and it uses a pattern of metal pins known as printhead to shoot an inked printer ribbon and make hundreds and thousands of dots on the paper to form the required image. Dot-Matrix Printers differ in two primary characteristics:

1) Speed: Its speed is measured in character per second (cps). The speed of dot-matrix can vary from Fifty to Five-hundred Cps.

2) Print Quality: Print quality depends on the number of pins which range from Nine to Twenty-four.

Inkjet Printers

Inkjet Printers are hugely popular printers for home and small offices as they have an inexpensive cost and a high-quality printing as well. Good quality inkjet printers can create complete colored hard copies at 600 dpi. Many Inkjet's include other things such as a scanner, fax machine, and photocopier simultaneously with the printer in one box. An inkjet printer places tiny droplets of ink onto the paper to form an image. The dots are smaller than the diameter of a human hair. The dots are placed very accurately, with resolutions up to 1440x720 dots per inch. Another advantage of these printers is that they are lightweight and take less space. These are basically Non-Impact printers.

Laser Printers

Laser Printers are one of the most successful printers that are used for large-scale, high-quality printing and are non-impact printers. They are among the most commonly used high-speed printers found in the market. A laser printer utilizes a slightly distinctive approach for printing. It uses a very soft and fine powder known as the toner instead of ink. Eventually, the toner is shifted to the paper through a mixture of pressure and heat. Laser printing process is similar to the Photocopy machines. Laser printers provide very high-quality print and can print almost endless kinds of fonts. One other benefit of these printers is that they are much quieter than other printers. Manufacturers of Laser Printers include HP, Xerox, and Lexmark.

LCD & LED Printers

These printers are similar to a laser printer but utilize light-emitting diodes or liquid crystals instead of using laser technology to create an image on the drum. These LCD & LED Printers are a bit expensive but are definitely the talk of town.

Thermal Printers

Thermal Printers use heat to transmit a pattern onto the paper. There are two types of thermal printers. One is the Thermal Wax Transfer that uses a wax-based ink. These printers do not require a special paper. The second one is Direct Thermal that prints the picture by burning dots onto the coated sheet of paper. The fax machines in the past used Direct Thermal printing method. Get the Latest Printers for reasonable prices at

These are some of the types of printers with their functions and printing capabilities. Choose the ones you like at

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