Transcend Portable HDD

A portable hard disk drive is a kind of digital storage device which usually has more data storage and is very convenient to transport. Such a device works well with most computers and supports Mac and Windows both. The portable HDD can be used for backup, primary storage, and other particular needs. A portable HDD is lightweight and compact. Transcend makes the most authentic and durable accessories, and is a Taiwan-based supplier of storage and memory products, with SD cards, Compact Flash, SDD and computer memory in its comprehensive collection. And here on high-quality Transcend Portable Hard disk drives are available. Transcend Portable Hard drives come with multiple benefits and some of them are as follows:

Additional Storage

Transcend Portable hard disk drives sit on the outside of the main computer in its place. The main purpose of this portable hard drives is for storing data. This portable HDD rather than running on its own connects to the laptop or computer via a high-speed interface cable and acts as an extra hard drive to extend storage. And you can easily store a lot of your data in these Portable Hard disk drives.

Online Safety

Because of the ubiquity of Internet viruses, worms, and hackers, we often become suspicious of depending only on their internal hard drives. Transcend portable hard drives allow users to store and secure their important files and data from hackers and viruses. Users can even choose to turn off the portable hard drive when online to keep it safe from viruses. Isn't it cool?


As the name explains, the Transcend Portable Hard drives are often not larger than the size of a child's shoebox and are portable and not troublesome to transport. Portable hard drives allow users to ensure data safety and make it super simple to share data with other users or transfer files to a different computer. In addition, these portable hard drives are an ideal choice for businesspersons who have to carry important files alongside on their numerous travels.


Transcend Portable hard drives work on a plug-and-play basis. Most Transcend portable hard drives come with Firewire and USB both which permits for universal connectivity for both Mac and PC. Any system with this ability will approve the portable hard drive on its own.

Backing up important data

Transcend Portable hard drive lets users back up all their important files. If a PC or Laptop needs to have its hard drive reformatted, then a Transcend portable hard drive has a much more significant ability for backing up files as compared to lower capacity CD-Rs and DVDs. Several of these drives come with backup software and automatic synchronizing as well.

Network Security

If many users use a computer system or laptop, another advantage of having a Transcend Portable hard disk drive is that the user can secure and protect valuable files from accidental data corruption. Using a portable hard drive can store sensitive documents and financial information safe. Users can plug in the Portable drive when needed and have all programs and data available. When finished, the users can just unplug the drive and take it with them.


Built with a focus on stability, the Transcend Portable hard disk drives are one of the best hard drives you can purchase. And these portable hard drives are just a click away here on The new Transcend Portable Hard disk drives come with an anti-shock and slip-resistant rubber outer case designed for maximum protection of data and to overcome forces of shock and provide the highest safety.The first layer covers the drive in a silicone case to absorb vibrations, the second suspends the hard drive within a secure bracket, and the third layer strengthens the vibration resistance with a solid rubber casing encircling the drive. Small, strong and good - the latest Transcend Portable HDD is protected by an exceptional three-stage shock protection system to resist even the hardest user environment. What else can you possibly ask for?

Ultra Fast Speed

The latest portable hard drives from Transcend are equipped with the next-generation SuperSpeed USB 3.0 interface that gives transfer speeds at least three times faster than USB 2.0 models. All because of improved bandwidth of USB 3.0, making file sharing effortless and quicker than ever with a transfer speed of up to 90 MB per second. A LED indicator always lets you know when the drive is in use which is also very helpful.

One-touch auto backup button

The new Transcend Portable Hard disk drives are provided with a remarkably handy One Touch auto-backup button for quick data synchronization and backup when used with Transcend Elite software. Within the favorite’s folder, you can set the drive to "remember" which files and folders you want to save. You can also schedule backups, set separate levels of protection, and tell the drive to shrink larger folders and data.


The drive is accessible in 160GB, 250GB, 320GB, 500GB, 1TB, 4TB spaces and a lot more than this. Every model is offered in black and red, and its weight is a little less than half a pound.

Cost and Warranty

The cost per gigabyte for these quick Portable hard disk drives is falling so fast that it appears to decrease with each portable drive that comes out. Transcend backs all of its portable hard drives with a minimum two-year warranty that includes labor and parts, so long as the damage is not a consequence of an accident, mishandling, ill-usage, natural or personal emergency, or any unapproved disassembly, adjustment, or alteration.

These above mentioned features are some of the very few features of these fantastic Transcend Portable Hard disk drives. These hard drives also allow large storage space for an apparently unlimited amount of large files. You now have a much speedier and smoother way to store your digital content! These are perfect for you to store your data and important files, with proper security. And here on all Transcend products are 100% original and imported. To further ensure upright quality, they all come with a warranty.