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External Hard Drive Price in Pakistan

External hard drives are also called portable hard drives. This means you can connect these hard drives and carry them anywhere. Users who have storage issues and need a solution for data management prefer these hard drives. The storage capacity of laptops and computing systems is one of the biggest concerns of users, especially those who have to manage massive data files. Hard drives are considered passive memory machines that store data and then retrieve it later through the RAM. Due to the latest technological advancements, hard drives are also integrated directly into the circuit boards. On the other hand, portable hard drives are separate devices that you can connect to your computing system through a high-speed data cable.

External hard drive prices in Pakistan depend on different factors. The prices can vary according to the storage capacity you choose for your daily use. For example, you can expect higher prices for a 4 TB portable drive than a 1 TB storage drive. Also, brand quality can impact the prices big time, so do your research about the prices of different brands in the local market which will give you a clear idea about the current rates.

Portability is one of the biggest benefits that portable hard drives offer. If you are someone who is always on the move and wants to detach the drive from the device while traveling, then this option can be handy for you. The small and lightweight external hard drives make it easier for you to carry them anywhere and give you immediate access whenever you need them. They are also available without an external power cable, so they can provide you with great benefits.

External SSDs are another option if you want fast access to your data. It improves the speed of your computing system in a big way, which boosts overall performance. These portable SSDs are also smaller than conventional hard disks because they are not typical magnetic discs. Durability is another benefit that SSDs offer as compared to traditional HDDs. SSDs does not have any moving parts, which makes it resistant to any type of damage, increasing its longevity. Let's find out more relevant details that will help you better understand these types of hard drives.

10 Best External Hard Drive Brands in Pakistan

As already mentioned above, your choice of brand can not only impact the price but also the quality. Therefore, you must know which external hard drive of which brand can provide you with the best possible results. We have listed the best brands below that offer these portable hard drives, which ensure long-lasting durability and help fulfill your data needs efficiently when you are traveling anywhere. Let's find out more about it.

Adata External HDD

Adata is a well-known brand of portable hard drives. They offer high-quality external hard disks and SSDs that produce long-lasting results for users with diverse requirements. Some of the top storage device models that you can consider in this regard are SE920, SD620, SC610, SE770G, and the list goes on. You need to make the right decision according to your requirements because it can be confusing when you have to choose from too many options. Adata ensures robust build quality that keeps these storage devices safe and also protects your valuable data.

Hikvision External HDD

Another reliable name that you can consider when buying external hard disks is Hikvision. Their storage drives do not have any moving parts, which makes them durable, and you do not have to spend money again and again to buy something reliable. It maximizes your efficiency for the relevant tasks and also helps you perform your desired activities at a better working pace. Excellent speed of around 7200 RPMs provides great value to the users. However, speed and other features can vary according to the model you choose. HIKVISION HS-EHDD-T30 is one of the best options that you may consider as per your requirements.

King Spec External HDD

King Spec is one of the best manufacturers of portable hard disks that offer quick reading and writing speeds, allowing you to access your data instantly without any disruption. It leads to better productivity and performance which helps in faster load times, especially if you choose the SSD option. It also provides you with better responsiveness that makes data management and multitasking seamless for you. KingSpec Z5 with 1 TB storage capacity is the finest option that you can consider.

Seagate External HDD

Seagate is a reliable name when it comes to top-notch storage drives and SSDs. These lightweight storage drives provide you the flexibility to carry your laptop and other relevant essential items easily. Lightweight components are installed by Seagate in the storage drives that make the journey of frequent travelers easier. You can explore different storage drive options that are offered by the brand according to your requirements.

Western Digital External HDD

Western Digital offers a rich collection of portable hard drives that deliver satisfactory performance. Most of their drives do not have fans and mechanical motors, so the noise level is pretty low. Also, they have low energy consumption, which positively impacts performance, and there are fewer chances of mechanical failure and collision. Another prominent aspect is low generation which means you can keep working on your tasks at a good pace.

Transcend External HDD

Transcend external hard drives have a solid reputation for dependability and longevity. They guarantee the security of your data even under the most critical circumstances because of their strong construction and enhanced shock resistance. With USB 3.0 ports that operate at high speeds, moving big data is quick and easy. Transcend's exclusive software gives your sensitive data piece of mind by offering practical encryption and backup options.

Netac External HDD

Impressive storage capacities are combined with a sleek design in Netac external hard drives. With its cutting-edge USB-C interface, they provide blazingly quick data transfer rates and cross-platform compatibility with an extensive array of devices. The sophisticated data protection technology from Netac protects your files against corruption and illegal access, guaranteeing the security of your priceless information. Netac external hard drives are ideal for professionals, students, and anybody else who needs dependable storage on the go because of their small and lightweight designs.

Sandisk External HDD

Performance and speed are associated with Sandisk external hard drives. They provide lightning-fast data transfer rates for seamless file sharing and backups by utilizing state-of-the-art SSD technology. Whether it's for business or entertainment, Sandisk has a storage solution for every requirement, with capacities ranging from small to large. The robust construction of Sandisk guarantees longevity and integrated encryption shields your data from prying eyes. For storing your multimedia library or for editing high-definition videos, Sandisk external hard drives offer the dependability and speed you need.

Klevv External HDD

Klevv external hard drives are revolutionizing portable storage with their superb performance and stylish design. Designed to be as efficient as possible, they have fast interfaces and roomy capacity to hold your expanding digital library. Klevv's emphasis on elegance does not come at the expense of durability because their drives are made to survive regular use. Sophisticated encryption mechanisms safeguard your data, and user-friendly backup software makes data administration easier.

Samsung External HDD

Samsung external hard drives are known for their high level of quality and innovation. By utilizing Samsung's state-of-the-art SSD technology, they provide unmatched speed and dependability for data storage and retrieval. Samsung storage drives have stylish and portable designs that make them ideal for professionals who are constantly on the move or digital nomads who have to manage high-volume data.

Portable Hard Drive Storage Sizes in Pakistan

When it comes to choosing drives, storage size is the main factor that you must consider. The storage demands for every user is different. For some users, 500 GB or 1 TB storage capacity is enough while others need a larger storage capacity than this. Therefore, it is important to know that which drive size can be the ideal fit for you. Let's find out more about different storage drive sizes.

500 GB External Hard Drive

500 GB is a basic storage size that users with basic demands can consider. For example, if you are a student who has to keep track of learning materials in PDF or Word documents, then this site can be the right choice for you. On the other hand, if you want to keep songs or movies for entertainment purposes, then you may also consider this size.

1 TB External Hard Drive

If you want to get an advanced storage solution, then you may consider investing in a 1 TB storage drive. It can be useful for people from different walks of life. To know the latest 1 TB external hard drive price in Pakistan, you have to do local market research or look up online stores.

2 TB External Hard Drive

If you are a professional with heavy-duty storage requirements, then you may consider switching to 2 TB. Whether you are a video editor who has to deal with a large number of video files daily or a photographer who has to keep track of plenty of images, the 2 TB option can be the perfect choice for you.

4 TB External Hard Drive

4 TB is the right option for individuals who work on high-end software and have to manage a large number of data files. If you need a reliable and long-term storage solution, then you may opt for the 4 TB option without any hesitation.

5 TB External Hard Drive

A 5 TB storage drive can be the right choice for individuals who have to maintain a record of a hundred files daily with enormous size. Professionals like data scientists, graphics designers, and software developers who have to maintain massive chunks of data may consider this option.

Buy External Hard Drives in Pakistan

Paklap offers high-quality portable storage devices that can meet your modern-day demands and fulfill your unique storage needs. We deal with reliable manufacturers, so you cannot doubt our credibility or the quality of our products and services.

External Portable Hard Drive Price in Pakistan in 2024 start from Rs. 12,500. Our delivery services are free in Lahore, Islamabad, and Karachi, and to get orders in other cities, you have to pay in advance.