Today, you see advertisements and GIFs popping up on your mobile phone and television screens. Almost every business is now marketing using technology such as blogs, newsletters, articles, and other countless mediums. Digital marketing is super common these days and this is because of the blessing: “technology”. 

In marketing, technology plays the role of promoting a company’s products or services through the internet, television, social media, mobile phones, online customer care, etc. Our operations and thinking system are fundamentally changed by the advent of technology. 

Today, businesses use mailing lists and lead management systems, reviews by customers, e-bill and online pre-booking, advertisements on social media platforms and television, ratings and online customer chat service, etc. Our acquaintance, technology, is more than a blessing to our globalized world and we shall be discussing “how” exactly! One of the most important sectors of every business is communication.

To make an even better relationship with your current customers and new contacts with your potential new customers, communication is necessary. Having said that, it helps organizations grow and prosper. Instead of sending your salesman door to door to spread your word or giving add in newspapers, businesses now prefer to market and communicate online. 

Be it a new item on their menu, or a discount they’re providing, find it in seconds with a tap of your hand. Creating websites has been extremely common these days. Almost every business or company has a website, with all the important details within it. In addition to that, there are other ways that technology has influenced marketing positively. 


We will discuss some of them below: 


  1. Lead Magnets: these are marketing tools that many global companies use. It means to give your customer or anyone that views your website with some perks if they provide you with some kind of personal contact information such as email address or subscribe to your emailing letter. The perks that you could give in return include free ebook downloads, discount codes, free templates, quizzes and cheat sheets. In this way, the company gets to build its mailing list and can send their future offers, discounts, and details via email to a large number of audiences. Usually, this stuff almost has no or minimal costs for the company but seems like a huge incentive to the customer, hence, he signs up for it! Business tactics: successful!


  1. Promotes immediate sales: users come across numerous options of products while shopping online. Now, some websites have started to offer discounts if you buy some of their products for the very first time. Moreover, some e-commerce websites offer various discounts only if you buy their product within a certain time. Indirectly, this can be a way to attract customers and force them to make a decision quicker. This way of trapping the consumer in the bubble of time is now proving to be very effective at its aim. This way, both parties are affected positively. Customers can not acquire products for a comparatively lower price and consequently, producers experience a surge in their revenue and profits. This allows them to grow and expand if they want because now they have the financial resources to do so!


  1. Communication upgrade: in the corporate sector, communication is an essential part of every business or organization, as we mentioned before. Every other organization has a formal and structured website now. Within their website, they have an option of ‘chat’ where users can submit their questions and get an answer almost instantly. If their query is more specified and if they have asked during business hours, they will probably get a reply from an online representative.


If they have not asked during business hours, a customer representative will get back to them shortly. By following this feature, a customer happens to leave your website satisfied and filled with contentment, regardless if he has purchased anything or not. This way, a user does not have to wait hours or days for an email or a text message reply. Sure, calling is also an instant way to get a reply as well, but what if you can’t connect or don’t have the resources to? This is an alternative right in front of you.


This is the revolution we are discussing today! The fact that we can know literally anything about just a matter of seconds is commendable. With the help of social media platforms such as WhatsApp, companies and organizations can make international calls any time, completely free of cost, hence reducing cost and increasing services to chat and talk happily and productively!


  1. Focus on Data Analysis software has increased: nowadays companies are fonder of using software that can analyze certain stuff such as customer visits, lead managements, personal preferences via surveys, information the user provided, etc. When the specific numbers are acquired, data is then analyzed through graphs, charts, and different kinds of analysis software.

Hence, policy changes and laws are implemented focusing the analysis details obtained. Companies tend to make decisions such as marketing platforms, information content, target audience, etc. this helps the company to grow and expand in a way that is productive and preferable. Companies make calculated decisions and not just any assumptions in the air.


Due to this, the probability of success of these calculated decisions is significantly higher than just normal assumptions. For example, it is extremely easy for a company to acquire customer opinions by letting them fill anonymous Google forms. This way, you know what your audience wants and you get better following their opinion.


Efficiency and productivity are increasing more than ever, partly because of technology. People are saving time, and doing the same tasks in way less time. For example, it now takes seconds to either make a hotel booking or schedule a flight for the next day, depending upon availability.


While we continue to praise this blessing, it is crucial to understand the right use of it and we have explained it to you above. Be honest in all your practices and stay motivated, because with motivation comes learning and gradual success.


We believe that now the world is saving time, and that is towards a better future and brighter generations to come ahead. We never wondered that we could get to know about everything on just a device, so who knows what’s yet to come? What we ex[ected to be impossible 50 years ago, is now normal for us.


Remember that nothing is impossible with the help of technology, as of now. Research about everything, because it is easier than ever. Know more about your business, educate yourself and the ones around you, and make good use of tech with Paklap!