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13th Gen Laptop | 13th Generation Laptops in Pakistan

Hardware upgrade for gaming PCs, laptops, and gadgets is always big news for tech geeks who are looking to modify their computer systems. Users with specific and high-end needs want to have the most upgraded version for their PCs to achieve their desired results.

It has been announced this year that new chip models of the 13th generation processor of Intel will be released this year. It was previously given the code name “Raptor Lake.”

In this announcement, Intel made it clear that upgrades were made in the last year's 12th-generation Alder Lake Chips, and the 13th Generation Raptor Lake will target more models by providing a wide range of robust features.

Also, the announcement of Intel stated that a series of new processors would include HX, P, H, and U-series processors. It will also include updated series of core i3 N processors and Pentium CPUs.

Let’s find out more about Intel’s thirteen gen processors and also what is new in them.

HX Series for Gamers and Business Professionals

One of the major aspects of the Raptor Lake-HX series is that it is a perfect fit for creative professionals and gamers. This 13th gen Intel processor is going to have 24 powerful cores that will contain weight performance cores and 16 efficient cores.

Also, the HX series contains 32 graphics execution units (EUs) that can be a huge plus point for gamers that will enhance their user experience.

When it comes to gaming, there is a significant difference between 12th and Intel 13th-gen chips. It was previously claimed that Core i9-12900HK is the best gaming processor, but now, according to Intel, Core i9-13950HX is more suitable for gamers than the previous processor that was launched.

The 13th gen laptops that have HX chips can support DDR5-5600, which will hugely boost gaming performance. It means you will get support for two DIMMs and four DIMMs per channel. Previously, the 12th generation chip supported the DDR5-4800, so you can see the prominent difference now.

In a 13th-generation laptop, it will also have support for PCI Express 5, which was also in the 12th gen. Also, the DMI interface to the PCH remains the same. The Bluetooth feature is slightly modified, which will help the wireless radio of the device to go into sleep mode for a long time without consuming battery power.

H-Series Processors

The H-series processors of the latest thirteen gen are mainly focused on enhancing the performance of gamers with solid performance and efficiency cores. It has a clock speed of around 45W, which provides great support for high-end games and helps you achieve premium performance.

The H-series CPUs will contain 6 performance cores and 8 efficient cores, and Intel Thread Director will manage all these cores. The connectivity of these chips has also improved as there are 4 Thunderbolt ports included along with Wi-Fi 6E networking that will improve the overall functionality of the device.

From Intel core i3 CPUs to core i9 models, the H-series processors include everything which can ensure better results and performance than other mainstream processors.

P-Series and U-Series Processors

The P-series laptops of the thirteen generations ensure true mobility and high performance for light devices that do not have much room for many features.

The Intel P-series processor has a perfect blend of efficient and performance cores to deliver powerful performance for the 13th generation. It not only ensures good speed but also help improves the battery life as it has a power-sipping feature.

The processor has a 28-watt ceiling down power which means you can work longer and perform your desired activities in a single go.

On the other hand, the U-series of Intel are considered more suitable for light and thin devices. These processors are more focused on portability and contain almost the same features but contain 15-watt ceiling down power that may impact the battery life.

You may consider the P-series and U-series processors for casual games and other basic activities like media editing or designing. But one of the benefits that you can get in a U-series processor is that you will find it in core i3, i5, and i7 13th generation CPUs. The cost of the U-series processor is also more affordable than other chips.

13th Generation Processor Release Date

The 13th generation Intel core processor "Raptor Lake" is already out in the market as it was launched in the mid of October 2022. The 13th-generation laptops are available in the market now, so you can consider them according to your budget and needs.

You can find the 13th gen laptops of top companies like HP, Dell, and Lenovo. Paklap has made things easier for you as you can get 13th Generation laptops in Karachi, Lahore & Islamabad at the Lowest Prices in Pakistan with the option of cash on delivery service. For other cities, you can choose the advance payment method.

The 13th. generation laptop prices in Pakistan are different because it depends on various factors like brand name and quality, specifications, and other factors. But still, you will find reasonable prices at Paklap, and we assure long-term durability and quality for our products.

Here is a list of some latest devices from different companies.

13th Gen HP laptops

HP is one of the top manufacturers in the market, and they have launched some devices that feature Raptor Lake processors. OMEN 17 laptop is one of the biggest names that you can consider in this regard.

Also, HP has upgraded its other OMEN gaming series devices with Intel thirteen-gen chips to ensure premium performance for gamers.

13th Gen Dell Laptops

Dell is another reputable company that has upgraded its laptops with Raptor Lake chips. They have, specifically, upgraded the gaming devices like Alienware m18 Gaming, Alienware x16 Gaming, and Alienware m16 Gaming.

Other names are also included in this list, like New XPS 15, New Latitude 5440, and New Latitude 7640.

13th Gen Lenovo Laptops

Lenovo has upgraded its Lenovo ThinkBook 16p Gen 4 with a Raptorlake Intel core processor. They have also announced that in the near future, some of their tablets will also have the latest 13th-generation chips.

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