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Apple TV in Pakistan

We can name a number of smart digital boxes that have allowed users to uplift their TV experience with access to over a thousand channels from around the world. Apple, being the leading tech brand, did not want to be left behind and therefore came up with their Apple TV that does the same function, but with an added experience that all Apple users expect from their products. This micro console is a device that receives signals from various sources and streams it on the television to which it is connected, via and HDMI cable.

The remote control for this network appliance is an app that needs to be downloaded on none other than Apple’s own smartphones and other devices like Apple iPad, iPod and Apple watch. The fact that it has Wi-Fi compatibility means that it can easily be connected to other applications like Netflix, Hulu, SlingTV, YouTube and HBO Now. This interesting little gadget has a lot to offer and leaves all other digital boxes far behind. Here are some of its amazing features:

Full control
Apple TV allows its users to keep full control over what can or cannot be shown on it. For instance,parents can easily put restriction on certain channels and hide it with a 4 digit pin. It also has a chart of top movies and shows, just like YouTube does and one can easily access it without compromising the parental restriction lock.

Easy transfers
With the help of Apple TV, users are able to sync photos, videos and other data without any hassle.IPhoto allows accessing the entire library of photos and organizing it in any way they want. At one time it can easily be connected to about five computers in order to manage and extract relevant data from there.

The TV device can easily be accessed by Apple devices wherever the application is downloaded. There isan added benefit for those whose hearing or sight is impaired because there is a Voice over feature which aids them to better understand what is being displayed. Movies are also displayed with audio descriptions, again to help people in their experience. There is an option to change the contrast of the screen for people with different sight issues.

The display of Apple TV is 1080p for videos but this is only for the third and fourth generations of this device. As for the 4 th generation, everything gets taken a few levels up because it has 4K resolution along with Dolby Vision. Buy Apple TV in Pakistan at at reasonable prices.

As mentioned before, HDMI cable is the main requirement to connect this device with any other third party gadget. It uses the internet connectivity to access numerous channels and local networks. This way, you will not have to miss out on any type of show. There is the option of syncing it with another computers and transferring files as needed. The 4 th generation device now has no Micro USB port because there is a reversible USB-C port for that.

Remote control
One confusion that users usually have is how to control the device. Normally, there is a physical remote that every device has but with Apple TV, the options are many. There is the option of using infrared remote controls but other than this, there is a variety of other devices which can easily be connected. Apple wireless keyboards can be used to do the task along with various other apple products that can download the “remote” application of Apple. Lately, a Siri remote has been launched that features a glass surface and dual microphones which can easily guide the user along different controls for the TV.

Apple TV is a great product for those who want to elevate their entertainment experience by just installing a television. People, should, however look more into the latest two models of 4 th generation and 5 th generation since they have the most features to enjoy. Buy Apple TV and other Apple Products in Pakistan at for the Best Prices

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