Monthly Archives: October 2023

  1. How To Factory Reset a Laptop?

    How to Reset a Laptop

    Planning to give a total factory reset to your laptop? Are you unsure about

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  2. How To Remove Password From Laptop?

    How To Remove Password From Laptop?

    Let's talk about removing that pesky pins from your laptop! You know, sometimes

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  3. Asus ROG vs Asus TUF

    Asus ROG vs Asus TUF

    Gaming has become one of the most well-known professions of many people

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  4. What is a Laptop?

    What is Laptop

    In this era, the laptop is your go-to tech buddy, a trusty sidekick in

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  5. Lenovo LOQ vs Lenovo Legion

    LOQ vs Legion

    LOQ and Legion are the most prominent laptop series of the Lenovo brand,

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  6. How to Check the Battery Health of Laptop?

    Checking battery health of laptop

    As you must already know, batteries are an essential element that helps

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  7. How To Select All Files in Laptop?

    Selecting all Files on Laptop

    Picking all the documents on your laptop is a must-know trick to keep your

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  8. How To Copy and Paste on Laptop?

    Steps to Copy Paste in Laptop

    If you are a person who frequently uses their laptop, one thing that you

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  9. How To Connect VPN on Laptop?

    Connecting VPN on Laptop

    Do you want to link a VPN on your laptop? Are you looking for ways to do

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  10. How To Connect a Hotspot to A Laptop?

    How To Connect a Hotspot to Laptop

    In this era, our entire lives revolve around tech - from every aspect,

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