Monthly Archives: November 2023

  1. Lenovo IdeaPad vs Lenovo ThinkPad

    IdeaPad vs ThinkPad

    Lenovo is one of the top-selling brands that has been producing high-quality

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  2. How To Call on WhatsApp on a Laptop?

    How to WhatsApp call on Laptop

    In a world where connections matter more than ever, staying in touch has

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  3. How To Lock Laptop Screen?

    Lock Laptop Screen

    In our tech-savvy world, it's super important to look out for our personal

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  4. How To Transfer Data from One Laptop to Another?

    Transfer Data from One Laptop to Another

    Welcome to the digital age, where our laptops are the trusty companions

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  5. How To Restart a Laptop?

    how to restart laptop

    Do you know how to restart your laptop? If not, you should know it, it

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  6. How To Turn Off Touch Screen on Laptop?

    Turn Off Touch Screen on Laptop

    Laptops have become quite an important part of modern lives - something

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  7. How To Rotate Laptop Screen?

    Steps to rotate a laptop screen

    Having the know-how to adjust your screen layout in Windows 10 or Windows

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  8. HP Envy VS HP Spectre

    Envy vs Spectre

    HP is the top computing brand in the market, which has been producing high-end

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  9. How To Check the Hard Drive of a Laptop?

    Checking Hard Drive of Laptop

    Do you know that the hard disk drive also known as the HDD of your laptop

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  10. Dell XPS vs Dell Inspiron

    Dell XPS vs Dell Inspiron

    Dell has a decent range of laptops that are well-suited for different types

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