1. Apple announces iPhone 9 and iPad Pro arrival in an upcoming event to be held on 31st March 2020

    Apple Event

    The most delightful technology gossip in the beginning of 2020 is about the reasonably priced smartphone in Apple’s upcoming lineup i.e. $399 which will be easily available on on a single click.

    The new iPhone 9 will replica the elegant design of its forerunner iPhone 8, with a Touch Id finger print scanner, camera, and the internal structure.

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  2. 10th Comet Lake Processor

    10th Generation Comet Lake Processor

    Going along with the users’ desire, Intel’s codename for the 4th 14nm SkyLake processor-refinement is the new Comet Lake processor.

    The new10th generation Comet Lake processor branches ahead of 2 kinds of processors for its users - mobile processors and Coffee Lake desktop processor.

    The 10th generation Comet Lake S processors look us giving latest modifications to Intel’s middle-of-the-road desktop lineup.

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  3. Surface Laptops

    Microsoft Surface Book 3 Laptops


    These days, we are being informed about the Microsoft’s Surface Laptop 3 invention – the superb digital gift of the 2019 year.

    The Microsoft’s Surface Laptop 3 team has created such a marvelous creature you would have never experienced before.

    To share with you an innovation of new Surface design – it is a decisive strategy whose finish is an autograph on the Surface lineup as Microsoft is improving the equilibrium of portability, user comfort, and battery life every new year.

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  4. Worth buying ? Apple Ipad Air 3

    The Apple Ipad 3 At Paklap


    As you always get benefit from Apple’s product, the digital art was never so impressive as it is now in the shape of iPad Air 3.

    If you are an artist or graphic designer, then this fantasy is truly meant for you in this much low price.

    You enjoy the bigger screen with satisfactory drawing results from iPad Air 3 - not a burden on your budget.

    On the other hand, the iPad Pro drawing experience is not directly compatible with a Pro price tag, but vice versa.


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  5. Ipad 7 - 2019

    Apple IPAD 7 At Paklap

    When getting into the seven seas of Apple’s 7th generation iPad 7 popularized in 2019, we are facilitated with various new dimensions like 10.2-inch display screen wider than its previous version with extended 3GB RAM.

    You will get a thrilled feeling from an incredible typing experience as now the iPad 7 is supported by Smart Keyboard (sold separately).

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  6. Apple Now featuring 16" Display


    Apple has never been so inspiring in making laptops like MacBook Pro 16”, the company has created the most powerful notebook never fashioned before.

    The 16” mesmerizing Retina display, next generation graphics, the ever superior battery’s power ability, a modern keyboard, and the huge

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  7. The New and the Latest MacBook Pro 16” MVVM2 Silver

    Apple Macbook MVVM2

    Apple has created a variety of robust MacBook Pro laptops but what it has driven on the MacBook Pro 16” MVVM2 model, can’t be found anywhere else.

    The major features of design pattern constitute 2.3GHZ 8-core Intel Core i9 faster processor, 16GB DDR4 RAM, and 1TB SSD, when execute their functions together storm amazing performance.

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  8. New Surface Pro 7 - 2019

    New Surface Pro 7 - 2019


    Microsoft mounts the 10th Gen Intel chips to deliver extra performance to the laptop users with a latest 2-in-1 premium convertible built called Surface Pro 7.

    You can transform this 2-in-1 model from tablet-to-laptop and laptop-to-tablet easily whenever require.


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  9. The New and Amazing Latest Razer Blade Laptops in Pakistan

    The New and Amazing Latest Razer Blade Laptops in Pakistan


    Selecting a gaming laptop is an enjoyable activity these days as when you move on searching for your choice, you find a lot of fun in the laptop market.

    You may find it a hectic activity sometimes, if you have a busy academic or official schedule.

    We have found the latest top picks for you as there are a lot of laptop stuff to search for - with graphics and CPUs technologies.

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  10. Omen Series worth buying ?

    HP Latest Omen Series in Pakistan

    HP Latest Omen Series

    Omen 15 is already a powerful laptop still HP has created room for its upgrading if you want more RAM and SSD to play on extra heavy games.

    Check out low prices of HP Omen series only on

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