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Power Supply Units

If you are building a PC yourself or are just a little too invested in finding out what PSU has been used in the PC that you are going to buy, then you should keep an eye out for the best PSUs there are in the market currently. The time that you invest in understanding about PSUs and making sure that the best one is there in your next buy, it is eventually going to pay off. Your PSU is going to be that unit holding everything in its place; think of it as a blood bank for people with lower red cells count. Buy Power Supply Units in Pakistan from at affordable price.

There is a large variety of great PC power supplies out there and it gets even easier if you have a good budget, because then you will not have to forgo a good option just because there wasn’t enough money.

Nonetheless, this is a buying guide that you need to look at if you want to get a good idea of what a power supply unit really is.

How does a PSU work?

Power Supply Unit simply delivers the power needed for different components to work efficiently. It works in a way that it converts the incoming high voltage of 110V or 220V to small voltages and further delivering it to the different components as per their requirements. Usually power supply units have a certain power output and commonly that number is 350 Watts. Automatically, if there are more components in a computer, more power will be needed by the PSU and therefore a high capacity PSU will be required. It is recommended to buy a PSU with more capacity than what is required because this will prolong its life during periods of continuous use.


PSU appears like a square metal box that has a lot of wires connected to one end. Just opposite to the wire side of the box, is the back face which has an air vent and connector to supply AC power. It also has a label on its side which specifies technical information and safety certifications along with the power capacity that it generates (maximum). The average dimensions of a power supply unit in our inventory are 150mm x 86mm x 140mm.

Saves your PC

There can be times when the voltage is fluctuating and not at a single figure. Without a power supply, there is no unit distributing the power supply and this can affect any part of the PC by giving it more or less power than required. A power surge, i.e. sudden spike in power supply, or a power outage, i.e. sudden lowering of voltage or power breakdown, can both damage the hardware components of a computer.

A power supply unit overcomes this uncertainty and distributes power just according to the specific requirements of every component. It makes the components work in a smooth manner and therefore improves efficiency.

Choose from Paklap only

If you need any guidance on choosing a suitable PSU for your PC/Computers, you can always consult Paklap’s live assistance and ask for their advice. Our experts are here for you 24/7 and will make sure that they guide you in the best possible manner. You can have a look at the large variety of tech products available and choose amongst them, without having to worry about being charged high prices. You can further take advantage of our cash on delivery service that is available all over Pakistan. Get the best quality Desktop Power Supply Unit from

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