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Ricoh Printers in Pakistan

A Printer is a device for printing pictures or text, particularly one connected to a computer. The Ricoh Company, Ltd. is a Japan-based multinational electronics and imaging company. Ricoh manufactures electronic products, primarily office accessories such as photocopiers, printers,

fax machines, and Cameras. Most of the printers that Ricoh manufactures have different prices

in terms of Memory, Color, Resolution, and Speed. In office settings and homes nowadays two

types of printers are most commonly used, Laser Printers and Inkjet Printers. These printers

come with a minimum of two-year warranty. On you can get any of these


Ricoh manufactures the following types of printers.

Inkjet Printers

Ricoh Inkjet Printers are the hugely successful printers for home and small departments as they

have an economical cost and a high-quality print as well. The prices of these printers are based

on printing quality, specifications, and speed. The Ricoh Inkjet printers print an average of

10 pages per minute, but the high-quality Inkjets can print approx 35 pages per minute. The Ink

cartridges of these printers can be refilled and are very convenient to use. These Inkjet printers

can support Windows and MAC both, and latest Inkjet printers have a wireless technology as


They are further divided into two types

i. Ricoh Color Inkjet Printer

Ricoh color printers are ideal for office settings. These printers print colorful documents and

photos with sufficiently professional precision.

ii. Ricoh Monochrome Inkjet Printer

Ricoh monochrome inkjet printers do not do color printing. Instead, these printers print in black

and white. These printers have different printing speeds. You can browse various types of Ricoh

printers on to find one that suits your needs.

Ricoh Laser Printers

These laser printers are the most commonly used best quality printers in the market. These

printers have a much better speed, and the cost per paper is cheaper than most Inkjet printers.

The Ricoh laser printers use a toner which is a dry powder for printing. The Toner Cartridges can

be refilled, and one toner cartridge of Ricoh can print up to 2000 pages. These printers support

Windows and Mac and some of their laser printers are equipped with Wireless technology as

well which makes them very easy to use everywhere (within reach of WiFi). These printers

come with a USB port as well. Laser Printers are further divided.

Ricoh Color Laser Printers

Ricoh Color Laser Printers do color printing and are very fast. The fast ones can print up to 50

pages per minute. These are best to use commercially. Some of the Ricoh color laser printers

come with a touch-screen and have more than 1200 sheet input capacity. These printers are

equipped with full security software to protect your sensitive data. They can also print in black

and white in monochrome settings.

Ricoh Monochrome Laser Printer

The Ricoh Monochrome Laser Printers print in black and white, with every printer featuring

different specifications and capabilities. These printers are very durable and compact. You can

place them anywhere in your office or home.

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