Spectre Series

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If you are on toes for a convertible laptop from HP’s town then HP Spectre series is the deluxe to buy from the digital market – for instance, we have HP Spectre x360 13 the world’s thinnest touch screen laptop. You must have noticed the microchips are squeezing with the technology advancement, resulting in reduction of laptops sizes like Spectre 13 - meant to deliver incredible performance being a feather light creature.

The Spectre x360 13 models offer users an endless graphic joyride with 4K display and 8 million pixels’ details. Available at Paklap.pk website, the smartest HP Spectre series is gleaming with 5 models in all demanding colors -Poseidon Blue, dark ash, and dark ash silver, on extremely low prices.

HP’s Spectre x360 13 is a kind of 2-in-1 convertible laptop that astonishes IT folks, who just get absorbed into their laptop structures, with high speed and vivid graphics. Those who are surrounded by laptops of Apple, Acre, Lenovo, and others produce a Hurrah sound when they experience Spectre x360 13. The all-inclusive design includes touchpad that grades the model unquestionably demanding. You must cart this little monster for your official or business projects by clicking https://www.paklap.pk/laptops-prices/hp-laptops/spectre.html

You can opt Spectre x360 in 13-inch or 15-inch options as both sizes have 360-degree axes to transform it from laptop into a tablet. Though, this conversion in 15-inch size is also modestly operable – since if you require a frequent laptop-to-tablet conversion then 13-inch size will absolutely serve you better.

You can see various models of 8th generation HP Spectre x360 convertible in 13.3” size - AP0078TU, AP0079TU, AP0082tu, and Whiskey Lake Microarchitecture; whereas in 15.6” size, you can have 9th generation HP Spectre x360 15 GEM CUT. The price range of these laptops spreads from Rs. 211,000/- to Rs. 308,000/-. The price is justifiable as HP uses 8th and 9th generations Intel’s latest processors to deliver high performance with respect to speed and efficiency.

Further, the better performance is due to fact that HP has configured latest hardware as internal components. The exterior chassis is designed with power button on the back left side and USB Type-C port on the right corner – the arrangement has been altered to facilitate you for converting the laptop into tablet. You can carry 13-inch model anywhere without cramping and just with single hand – how easy to grip this 0.53-inch thick and 2.85-pound weighty laptop. Why not to load your cart with the latest laptop from HP Spectre series, only from Paklap.pk with one-year local warranty. The high performance – the lowest price.