It is merely undisputed that the exceptional developments in technology over the past few years have increased the file sizes considerably. Although the new storage solutions such as Hard Disk Drives (HDDs), Solid State Drives (SSDs) and external drives, somehow prove to cater the mass storage needs, however, their limitations make it difficult for the users to be completely satisfied with these storage solutions.

As Paklap pledges to satisfy all your technological needs, Paklap has dedicated this section of the store to state of the art Universal Serial Buses (USBs) that have proven to be the contemporary face of the perfect storage solutions. Buy USB Flash Drives in Pakistan at at reasonable prices

Why USBs?  

USBs are being used all over the globe to carry data from one place to another. Whether it is media content, office work, gaming files or any other sort of data, from transnational organisations to conventional home-based users, the latest USBs have received acclamation from all types of users and have proven to be the perfect storage devices.

Depicted below are the features that delineate why the USBs purchased from Paklap are the perfect storage companions that you can get.

Storage Capacity

Although USBs tend to fit into the palm of the hands, these diminutive devices can store data of up to hundreds of GBs. The latest and the most modern devices from the best developers in the industry can store data of up to 256 GBs, about the same as SSDs or HDDs. So whether it is high-end games or important office work, you can always count on the USB from Paklap to help you with your storage needs on the go.

Transfer Speeds

One of the most remarkable, if not the most magnificent feature in the latest USBs is their blazing fast transfer rates. Although the longstanding USB 3.0 did a decent job when it came to transfer data from one system to the other, but the latest one i.e. ‘Gen USB 3.1’ is simply a class apart from its predecessors. Buy USB Flash Drives in Pakistan at at the Best Prices

Gen 3.1 USBs sport all the great features of the preceding Gen, however, when it comes to transfer speeds, these USBs offer up to 10 times the performance as compared to Gen 3.0.

These USBs at Paklap can offer over 120 MBs read speed, along with 15 times faster writing speed than the conventional Gen 2.0 USBs. So, with Gen 3.1 you get transfer rates that are quicker than ever.


Although not every USB sports this feature, however, USBs can be one of the handiest tools that can help you make a bold statement. From custom casing to private labels and from content lead to company logos, the customizable USB Flash Drives at Paklap make sure that you fulfil your storage needs in style.

What’s the usage of this feature? The customizable USBs can be used as a gift to your loved ones and can also be used professionally by businesses to improve the brand recognition and organisation`s cultural uniformity.

Plug and Play

One of the most glaring, and perhaps the most imperative quality, plug and play feature allows the USBs to get connected with any Laptop, Desktop, Consoles, audio systems, tablet or a USB HUB, which is compatible with the particular USB`s generation. In a nutshell, if your Paklap USB is Gen 3.0, it can be connected to any device in the world that features a USB 3.0 port or its lesser version.   

Intuitive Designs

Even though USB Flash Drives are pretty small in sizes, however, not only they pack substantial storage spaces, but the USBs from the best manufacturers in the industry also sport ingenious designs that attract the eye.

As Paklap features USBs from several frontrunners in the industry, in our wide assortment, you can get a number of trendy designs, that too in the colour of your choice.


During times like these, when cyber-attacks and viruses are so frequent, no data is completely safe without Protection Software and Data Encryption. That is why, the hottest USBs at Paklap not only offer all of the above-mentioned features, but also sport security software that allows the user to keep the preferred files in an AES encrypted folder, which can only be accessed by a password.    


One of the most significant advantages of the wide-ranging collection at Paklap is that not only you can purchase USBs for your Windows systems, but also for those developed by Apple Inc.

The USBs or simply, JetDrives, are made solely to cater all the storage requirements of the MAC operating system users. Not only the MAC users can use these devices to carry data to and fro, but can also extend their device`s storage space by up to 128 GB.

Maximum Portability

One of the highlighting features of USBs is that they let you carry all your necessary data along with you. Unbarred portability is why they gained popularity when first brought about into the market. To be able to carry your important files is the need of the day, for business, academic as well as many other purposes. Your presentations, curriculum vitae and your favourite movies can now all go along with you.

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