Western Digital Portable HDD

Western Digital Corporation which is usually referred to as Western Digital, WDC or WD is an American organization related to Computer data storage. Western Digital is a reliable brand for all kinds of Hard disk drives. The company has been manufacturing hard drives for personal and professional use. Nearly all computer systems in Pakistan are adopting Western Digital hard drives because of their great making and persistence. Some of the most common western digital hard drives are My Passport and My Book. Western Digital storage servers and hard drives are used by the top organizations for storage and archiving purposes. Western Digital Portable Hard disk drives are in the top favorite hard disk drives throughout the world. And that is the only reason why is importing these portable hard disk drives, because of high-quality!

Western Digital portable hard drives come with many significant features.

Durability and professional style

With innovative designs and dazzling colors, these Western Digital portable HDD's complete your on-the-go style. Western Digital Portable Hard disk drives are available in a collection of lively, fun colors. Its sleek style fits conveniently in the palm of your hand, so you can simply take your valued data everywhere you go. Built with the primary focus on stability, the Western Digital Portable hard disk drives are one of the best hard drives that you can get. And these portable hard drives are just one click away here on of people throughout the world have believed in Western Digital for their data storage, and their top most interest is to store that data reliably. WD creates the drives to fulfill the demands of people by providing durability, shock toleration, and long-term safety. The new Western Digital Portable Hard disk drives come with a slip-resistant and anti-shock exceptional case created for the maximum protection of data and to defeat forces of shock and implement the necessary safety. What else can you ask for in a portable hard drive???

Password Protection and Online Safety

Western Digital hard disk drives come with security software that supports in keeping all your sensitive data and pictures private and protected. You do not have to worry about your stuff when it is reliably stored and password protected. Storing your data in western digital hard drives can save you from viruses, which usually internal hard drives catch. This way, you can protect and secure your sensitive data from any potential harm.

Huge capacity in the palm of your hand

The primary purpose of portable hard drives is for storing all the additional data that your computer or laptop cannot store. You can quickly store all your extra data in your Western Digital Portable hard drives. Western Digital portable hard disk drives come with different memory and capacity; you can choose your desired capacity hard drive from This way, you can take your pictures, music, files and videos wherever you go. If your computer or laptop has not enough space, then video editing will be hard and slow, but it is possible to have several hard drives which you can utilize for separate projects.


One of the primary advantages of having a Western Digital portable hard drive is its mobility. You can easily carry them alongside with you to anywhere you go, whether it is a business tour or a family vacation; these handy hard disk drives will help you store all your latest high-quality pictures, data, and documents. They can be plugged into any laptop or computer and will start working immediately without installing any drivers. Western Digital hard drives support both Mac and Windows.


Just plug the Western Digital hard drive in, and you are all set to go. You can instantly start keeping your valuable documents and pictures. The portable hard drives of Western Digital are usually preformatted to use with Mac and Windows directly out of the box. WD Diagnostic’s software performs S.M.A.R.T status check on your hard drive in seconds so that you know it is prepared to go when you need it.

Power Up With 3.0 USB

You can power up all the latest Western Digital hard disk drives straight from the USB port on your laptop or computer. No separate power supply is needed to charge these amazing portable drives.

Auto Backup

You can set your WD hard disk drive to your schedule. It automatically backs up videos, photos, music, and other documents from your system onto your WD drive with the WD Backup software. Just pick the right time, and your data is secure.

Ultra Fast Transfer Speed

The latest portable hard drives from Western Digital are provided with the next-generation SuperSpeed USB 3.0 interface that presents transferring data at least triple times faster than USB 2.0 models. Because of this file sharing has become simple and quicker than ever with an average transfer speed of 70 MB per second which is quite fast. You can choose different Western Digital products from our website!!

Memory and Warranty

WD HDD comes with different warranties and memory. The basic storage capacity is up to 1 TB, and it is designed for basic users who do not intend to increase their digital library. The capacity for average storage is from 2TB to 4TB; this memory size is suitable for users who take many photos and videos with their mobile phone and want to store their data. And for enthusiasts 5TB and up storage size is perfect. Whether you are a gamer or shoot professionally, this space is enough for you and comes with a five years warranty. As game sizes increase, so does the demand for capacity. WD Black hard drives deliver the best performance with a 5-year warranty.

You now have a much rapid and easy way to save your digital content in Western Digital HDD. These are perfect for you to store your data and essential files, with proper security. And here on, different Western Digital HDD's are available at lowest prices.