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Motorola Watch

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Watches nowadays aren`t like how they used to be before. Like every other thing, they have turned smart. Turning “smart” is a significant necessity nowadays but what is even better than turning “smart”? It is turning “Smart with style” and this occupation is where Motorola watches come into play.

Along with instant notifications, they allow the user to view messages and updates even when the phone isn’t around. Motorola watches have the voice recognition feature, due to which any task that is to be performed by the user can be commanded to the watch, which performs that particular task in an instant.

These smart watches are manufactured with built in apps that go in concordance with the smart people lifestyles. One of the built in apps is the Moto Body that monitors the user`s daily activity and coaches him/her to do the thing best for his/her body.

The area where Motorola watches conquer over all other smart watches in the market is the design feature. Motorola allows the users to construct their smart watches according to their taste. The users can pick from a variety of bands, bezels, cases and faces and put their favorites in one place to customize their own Motorola smart watch. Furthermore, the users can also choose between 42mm case or 46mm case for a perfect fit on their wrist.

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