1. Smart home automation: how it adds convenience and comfort to your life

    The same way smartphones were the greatest technological development in the consumer side of things in the 2010s, smart home automation is the next wave of consumer-friendly devices that are a testament to how far technology has come. 

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  2. Technology & News Reporting

    While there are pros and cons on both ends, one must also address the following questions to land upon a decisive conclusion. Is too much information really power? Or just an information time bomb waiting to explode. Marx’s infotainment mantra clearly conveys that the information overload distracts masses from issues that should really matter, thereby  benefiting the ruling  class- sorry to disappoint our beloved blue collar baes. 

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  3. What is Fintech?

    Fintech, short form of Financial Technology, is the combination of two of the most popular terms to exist: finance and technology. While “fin” stands as the short form of finance, and “tech” stands as the short form of technology, there is so much more to this word. This term involves the use of technology in improving and enhancing the financial sector and services. From big multinational companies to small sole traders, and even those medium-sized businesses, fintech is used by everyone. It caters numerous industries, including but not limited to, education, investment management, food, Non-governmental rganizations (NGOs) and retail banking. Few extremely basic functions of this blessing fintech include depositing money from one source to the other, online, transferring a check via your smartphone, making payments for services and products using your credit or debit cards, etc. If you are someone in the financial sector looking forward to expand your business, or maybe start a new one, this is the avenue to go forth with. Purchase a laptop or a mobile phone, and that is pretty much all you need with the information we will give you to get started. The use of fintech is growing rapidly, and we believe the catalyst to be the “internet”!

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  4. The best note-taking apps

    Since the COVID-19 pandemic has taken the world by storm, the education sector in every country around the world has taken a hit. Some schools have shut down indefinitely, while other schools who had the resources moved online for the rest of the semester. Cambridge University was the first to announce that the entire 2021 academic year would be conducted online. Many schools are following suit, implementing their own online protocols as to how to keep education rolling. Technology plays a major role in the drastic shift of education to an online format.

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  5. Apple Succeeds 3D ToF Triple Camera Sensor in Pro Tablets and a Refreshed 13” MacBook Pro in 2020

    3D ToF Triple Camera Sensor in Pro Tablets

    Apple pretends to get ready for the latest iPad Pro devices with a novel 3D ToF triple camera arrangement.

    The latest camera arrangement has surface online by an image which is an extraordinary shift from the currently available single rear camera structure being used in the currently available iPad Pro models.

    The latest iPad Pro devices are expected to be unveiled in coming October not alone but they are also causing the launch of upgraded AirPads and a few novel MacBook Pro models.

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  6. New Surface Pro 7 - 2019

    New Surface Pro 7 - 2019


    Microsoft mounts the 10th Gen Intel chips to deliver extra performance to the laptop users with a latest 2-in-1 premium convertible built called Surface Pro 7.

    You can transform this 2-in-1 model from tablet-to-laptop and laptop-to-tablet easily whenever require.


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  7. The Latest and Best HP Spectre Series Laptops in Pakistan

    The Latest and Best HP Spectre Series Laptops in Pakistan


    If you are on toes for a convertible laptop from HP’s town then HP Spectre series is the deluxe to buy from the digital market – for instance, we have HP Spectre x360 13 the world’s thinnest touch screen laptop.

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  8. The Newly Best and Amazing Apple Macbook Pro MR952 Laptop

    The Newly Best and Amazing Apple Macbook Pro MR952 Laptop

    Apple Macbook Pro MR952 Laptop

    To increase the portability level, the MacBook Pro 2018 grips just 4 lbs weight and it is 0.6” thin smart to be easily put in a cool suitcase or university bag.

    Its Thunderbolt port is ever ready to connect external devices and advanced monitors. Just one interface supports high-definition videos, power-over-cable, and high-speed data; equally compatible with hotspots and Wi-Fi networks.

    To enjoy video chat with friends and far-family, there is a built-in 720p FaceTime HD camera.

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  9. Dell G3 3579 Gaming Laptop - 8th Gen Ci5 QuadCore (8-MB Cache)

    Dell G3 3579 Gaming Laptop - 8th Gen Ci5 QuadCore (8-MB Cache)

    Dell G3 3579 Gaming Laptop - 8th Gen Ci5 QuadCore (8-MB Cache) 08GB to 32GB 1-TB HDD + Optane Memory / 128GB to 1TB SSD 4-GB NVIDIA GeForce GTX1050 15.6" FHD IPS LED Backlit KB W10 (Black)

    The laptop has an integrated widescreen HD web cam of 720 pixels, with a dual array digital microphone. The picture quality of the HD webcam is quite good. It perfectly captures the lights and darks of a room without affecting any hues or shades.

    The dual array digital microphone is great for articulating your point of views to the other person with zero distortions. The laptop measures 0.8 in x 14.9 in x 10.16 in (H x W x D), and weighs a good 2.5 kilos.

    Thus, you can easily enjoy gaming on the go, whether you are in an airplane or a café, you would not have to miss out on your activities.

    The G3 has an impressive battery life of 7 hours. Combined with powerful features, the G3 is an affordable gaming laptop which gives you excellent processing and battery life. 

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  10. THE NEW AND LATEST Dell Area 51m - 9th Gen Ci7 (16MB Cache) 32GB 1-TB SSHD + 512 GB SSD GAMING LAPTOP

    THE NEW AND LATEST Dell Area 51m - 9th Gen Ci7 (16MB Cache) 32GB 1-TB SSHD + 512 GB SSD GAMING LAPTOP

    Dell Area 51m - 9th Gen Ci7 (16MB Cache) 32GB 1-TB SSHD + 512 GB SSD RAID0 8-GB NVIDIA GeForce RTX 2080 DDR6 (OC Ready) 17.3" Full HD IPS Antiglare 144Hz With Tobii Eye Tracking Technology Backlit RGB-Keyboard W10 

    The Dell Area 51m measures 1.09 to 1.23 in in height, with a width of 16.1 in and depth of 15.85 inches and has a weight of 8.54 pounds (3.8 kilos).

    It has also features the Alienware HD webcam with dual array integrated microphone that provides you fantastic recording and video quality. With a battery that can give you six hours of life with continuous usage, the Dellware Area 51m has some powerful features that really add the extra factor to your gaming capabilities.

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