Apple AirPods Price in Pakistan

Apple AirPods in Pakistan are wireless earbuds designed to work on iPads and iPhones. Since they work on Bluetooth, you can also connect them with any other computing device. It can be really beneficial if you want to hear music or any type of audio while working or traveling anywhere.

When the first iPhone was launched in 2007, Apple added typical wired earbuds with almost every iOS device. Those wired earbuds had Y-connection, which users had to plug into the phone to use it.

But since the inception of the iPhone 7, Apple discontinued installing the headphone jack. However, they provided the wired earbuds with a media controller and lighting port connector. This controller helped to pause, play, and change the audio volume, so it made usage pretty easy for the users.

When it comes to AirPods, it is entirely a unique wireless device that does not require any wires for connection. Both earbuds have Bluetooth radios, which allow you to pair them with your phone and any other devices. It ensures a great level of convenience for the users as they do not have to deal with the tangle of wires.

There are two versions of AirPods currently available in the market. The first one was launched in 2016, and the AirPod 2 was launched in 2019. They both look the same visually, but they have different features.

The W1 wireless chip was used in the first generation AirPods, while the second generation has the new H1 wireless chip, which works faster, according to Apple. The accelerometer is used in both generations, which helps to sense the user’s gestures. Also, optical sensors are installed along with microphones that help you to communicate easily on phone calls. It can even be handy when you have to use Siri. The charging case also comes with an integrated battery that helps to prolong the battery life of earpieces even when you are away from the power source. Although you need a charging cable to charge the battery case for the 1st generation, it is not the case with the second generation as it has a wireless charging case.

You will find the same battery performance from both Air Pod versions, which lasts for around 24 hours, but you have to ensure that it is fully charged. However, you can expect the prolonged talk time in the second generation, which offers you one hour more.

Using these earpieces is also easy, as you just have to connect them to your iPad or iPhone. After that, you can play any audio of your choice and set your desired volume. For the convenience of users, “R” and “L” are printed on each earpiece, which denotes left and right. It can perfectly fit for any type of ear size.

Since optical sensors and accelerometers are equipped in the earpiece, it can detect when they have to work once you put them on; furthermore, the audio will be automatically paused when you will remove both earpieces.

The functionality can also vary according to the model that you choose. But the calling features are the same for every generation. For example, you can end and accept calls by just double-tapping the earbud. It would be better to go through the user manual of the model that you buy. You can also consult the manufacturer for any confusion, which will give you a better idea about the features and utilization.

To know the latest Apple AirPods Price in Pakistan, it is better to do the market research on your own. The constantly changing economic conditions impact the prices big time, so doing a market survey will help you in creating a budget.

New Apple AirPod Features

Let’s find out more features of these powerful wireless headphones in detail.


In today’s fast-paced world, AirPods have emerged as one of the most useful accessories for users to attain an everlasting audio experience. It can positively contribute to your personal and professional life by allowing you to make the most out of high-quality wireless audio excellence. Apart from outstanding audio capabilities, its design also deserves special attention, which increases its market value.

Apple came up with a simple idea for design so it can seamlessly become part of the daily lives of users. Simple yet effective design elements are used, which makes the earbuds visually appealing and grab the attention of users instantly. However, you will not find many color options in the first generation. But other generations provide various color options, which you can consider according to your choice.

Another prominent aspect of the design is minimalism. Any ordinary user who is not a tech geek can easily understand the functionality of earbuds. You do not have to deal with complicated wires or controls, so it offers a simple and clean look, making usability easier for you.

The shape of the earpieces is also perfectly optimized to adjust in different ears. This personalization ensures that users get an immersive sound experience without any distortion.

It would be right to say that Apple has set new design standards in the tech industry. The user-centric design of the earbuds displays how they have prioritized the needs of common users, which makes this product so special.

Build quality

Users and gadget fans alike have consistently praised Apple's AirPods for their sturdy construction. They have proven once again its dedication to quality with the release of these wireless earphones. One of the most important aspects of the build quality is that it is made with reliable materials that help to resist water and sweat. It helps to keep your device secure, ensures long-lasting quality, and helps you stay focused on heavy and prolonged workouts.

After the debut of the AirPods, it has established a benchmark for sturdiness in the market. They have a high-end and modern appearance, with a white, glossy finish and amazing style. In addition to being portable and lightweight, the earbuds also have a distinct high quality. The same care was taken in the design of the charging case, which also served as a casing for the AirPods.

The latest versions have a more stylish and long-lasting approach than their predecessors, thanks to a more sturdy build and matte finish. Silicone ear tips are added to ensure a more relaxing and peaceful experience for users. With these enhancements and classification for water resistance, the AirPods became an excellent option for use while exercising and other outdoor pursuits.

Charging cases

Apple doesn't skimp on the construction process either, unlike its competitors. The engineering accuracy of the charging case's hinge mechanism, the click of the lid, and the magnetic connection inside the case all add up to a delightful and trouble-free experience for the user.

The charging case is an integral aspect of the product. Not only do they help to keep your earbuds from getting tangled up, but they also help you to keep them with ease while you are traveling somewhere.

The original version of the product came with a portable charging case that could recharge the earphones' battery many times. Using the same Lightning cord that charges your iPhone, you can recharge the case's battery as well. This design decision guaranteed users' satisfaction with compatibility and usability.

With the release of the second generation, Apple also included a wireless charging case. There is no need for a wired connection when charging this case because it can be used with any Qi-compatible wireless charger. This was a great addition for users.

In addition to continuing to support lightning charging, the AirPods Pro came with the option of a wireless charging cover. Although it was a little heavier than its predecessor, you can still easily keep it in a pocket.

The incorporation of MagSafe technology into the AirPods Pro case shows the dedication of the company to making its products as user-friendly as possible. This made it simple for iPhone owners to keep track of their earbuds and have them handy at all times by magnetically attaching the cover to their handsets.

Battery life has also improved along with the cases. Cases for the second generation have even longer battery life, making them perfect for travel and all-day use, while the first-generation case could contain multiple charges. Apple's dedication to user comfort has been crucial to the success of the charging case.

Noise Cancellation and Spatial Audio

The addition of noise cancellation, spatial audio, and other user-friendly features in these earpieces are the most prominent aspects. These features have played a key role in delivering the immersive audio experience for the users.

The AirPods Pro has been the only model to include active noise cancellation (ANC). This technology analyzes and counteracts environmental noise using sophisticated algorithms and microphones, allowing users to listen in peace. This feature has made the earbuds a popular choice among individuals who frequently fly or who just want to tune out their surroundings. Spatial Audio is another remarkable quality. This feature uses the user's head movement to simulate a surround sound environment. When used in conjunction with other Apple products, such as the iPhone or iPad, it creates an immersive listening environment. Whether you're immersed in a film or video game, Spatial Audio will transport you to the heart of the action.

Spatial Audio is effective because it takes advantage of your device's gyroscope and accelerometer to determine your position. Using this data, the audio is redirected to provide the impression of being coming from all directions at once.

Apple has made it so that users may enjoy Spatial Audio across their entertainment ecosystem by making it compatible with a wide variety of content, including Apple TV+ episodes and movies. Also, the Pro model has quality microphones that all work together to pick up your voice clearly during phone calls and voice commands. The microphones isolate your voice while canceling out ambient noise, so you can have a crystal-clear conversation with Siri or other callers.


The AirPods have dual built-in microphones that play a key role in ensuring sound clarity and allowing you to communicate with ease for your professional and personal purposes. The first microphone is installed at the stem of the earbud, while the second one is present at the top, which you can see clearly as a small black hole.

The microphone, which is embedded at the bottom, is the main microphone as it listens to your voice and forwards your voice command to the other microphone at the bottom, which handles your voice. Speech-recognizing accelerometer handles this functionality, which is installed in the microphone.

The main purpose of the second microphone is to cancel unwanted external sounds that may disrupt your music or communication. It helps you to avoid ambient voices and to enjoy a fully immersive audio experience. Also, the person who is talking to you on video or phone call at the other end will be able to hear your voice clearly.

It would be right to say that these earpieces are designed to ensure a complete hands-free experience with the highest quality. The other users on the call have also not complained about the quality, so this shows the quality of the microphones.

Battery life

When it comes to buying AirPods from Apple, you must know that battery life holds special significance. How long a particular device lasts can impact your daily activities big time. Therefore, you must know how long the battery of the earpieces will last.

The first generation set good battery standards as they have a listening time of around five hours, which helped users to extend their activities for a long. Also, the charging case made a valuable addition as it offered a battery life of 24 hours. It made the lives of users much easier by allowing them to use earbuds for an entire day without worrying about charging.

In the second generation, the battery performance further improved as earpieces offer a listening time of five hours. You can also talk on calls with it for around three hours on a single charge, so it is another plus point, and it also has a charging case.

The Pro version also offers excellent battery performance as it has a battery time of around 4.5 hours. It comes with a wireless charging case, which helps to conveniently recharge the battery and also prolong the usage.

This shows the dedication of Apple to optimizing the battery performance in all generations. The presence of a charging case ensures a quick power boost, which can positively impact your daily productivity and help you stay on top of your meetings and work, ensuring a seamless user experience.


The controls and user interface of these wireless earpieces play an important role in delivering an enjoyable user experience. In the first generation, users could do numerous tasks by tapping on the earbuds' touch-sensitive controls. A double-touch may start or stop audio, whereas a single press could contact Siri or answer a call. Although these controls are simple to use and straightforward, they lack precision and adjustability.

Apple has enhanced the control scheme with the release of the Pro version. On the stem of each earbud, the AirPods Pro's force sensor took the place of the touch-sensitive controls. Users were able to push and hold for tasks like toggling between noise canceling and transparency mode thanks to this force sensor, which allowed for more exact control. With the new control scheme, consumers now have greater choice over how they interact with their earphones by being able to modify the press-and-hold action through their iPhone's settings.

With later advancements to the earbuds series, Apple continued to improve the control experience. The user experience was further improved by the addition of new features and enhancements in firmware updates.

One of the distinguishing characteristics is the seamless integration of controls with the Apple ecosystem. Users may easily move between devices when coupled with an iPhone, iPad, or Mac, thanks to automatic device switching. As a result, if you're watching a video on your iPad while listening to music on your iPhone, the audio will move to the iPad automatically, and you won't need to make any manual modifications.

The capability to recognize when the earbuds are being utilized is another control feature that Apple concentrated on. To make sure you don't miss a beat when interacting with the outside world, audio playing will automatically pause when one or both AirPods are taken out of your ears.

Compatibility and Connectivity

Another prominent aspect of these earpieces is their connectivity and compatibility. The shameless connectivity allows you to connect with different services, such as Siri and Apple devices. It ensures a great level of convenience for users and enhances the usability. Whether you want to connect to an iPad, Mac, iPhone, or Apple Watch, these earpieces offer amazing compatibility.

The H1 chip is embedded in the earbuds, which allows earbuds to build a connection with any relevant device that you want. The notification will appear on the screen once you open the earpiece near any Apple device. You can establish the connection by simply tapping the screen.

When it comes to compatibility, full marks go to these earbuds because they can seamlessly work with different voice assistants. Siri is the biggest example that you can consider in this regard. You can give simple voice commands to change the volume or play any music, which shows its excellent functionality.

Pricing and Availability

As a consumer, you must keep track of the most important factors, which are price and availability. It can heavily impact your buying decision, so you must keep these factors in mind while looking for any earbuds of your choice.

Whether you want Apple AirPods 2 or Apple AirPods 3, you must know your budget limitations. You need to do proper market research and find out what are the latest rates of your desired model. In this way, you will have a particular figure in your mind so you can create the right budget accordingly. When the first model was launched in 2016, their rate was around $159. These earbuds were affordable at that time, considering the prices of other earpieces in the market.

The current tech market has evolved big time now, and you cannot compare the current pricing model of products with the prices of three or four years ago. Apple has also made a lot of advancements in the models of earbuds as they have launched high-tech and highly functional generations with user-centric features. So, you can also expect the prices to be on the higher side.

From the user's perspective, you need to understand that if you want long-lasting quality in the product, then you should also have a decent budget. It will make your buying journey easier and help you make a one-time investment so you do not have to spend money again and again. The same thing applies in this scenario, so you need to be aware of such factors.

Furthermore, you must know that prices can vary according to local market trends, so you must do a survey first to know the latest prices. It becomes more important when you are living in a country like Pakistan, where inflation is continuously increasing day by day and the economic condition is unstable. The availability of a certain product also depends on the region where you are based, so inspecting the local market is a must.

Let’s say you want to buy the pro version; then you must reach out to a local and reliable retailer to know the Apple AirPods Pro Price in Pakistan. It will help you decide whether you can afford the price or not.

Which Should You Buy?

You need to consider different factors to decide what model you should buy. Firstly, you need to consider your requirements, whether you want earbuds for casual or professional use. If you are a business user and constantly have to stay in touch with your clients on video or phone calls, then you should not compromise on the quality and opt for the most premium and latest model.

On the other hand, if you just need something for regular use, then you can consider investing in the first generation. It can be less expensive for you and help you manage things within your budget for casual use. However, it does not have many features as compared to other models, but it can surely fulfill your regular audio needs.

As already mentioned above, you also have to consider the availability of the certain product which you want to buy, so you must consider this factor too. You must do proper market research in the city or area where you are based to know about the availability of your desired earbuds.

Frequently Asked Questions about Apple Airpods

Here are some questions that most of the users have in their minds. We have compiled it for your convenience so you can make the right choices without any hesitation or worries.

1) Are Apple AirPods Waterproof?

When looking for new tech, it's important to look for things like water protection and waterproofing. This is especially true for something as small and easy to drop as the earbuds.

These earbuds are not waterproof. This means you can't wear them in the shower or while swimming. It's frustrating, especially if you like water sports, because it's not good for your earpiece to be in the water for long periods of time.

Almost every type of wireless earphones you can buy right now is water resistant, but not all of them have the same level of protection. Let's talk about why you should know about water protection and waterproof grades.

But what is the difference between something that is waterproof and something that is water resistant? Devices that are waterproof can be fully soaked in water without getting broken. Devices that are water-resistant can only handle splashes or light rain. And it can only keep water from getting inside for a short time and at a shallow depth.

The IP grade of a gadget tells you how well it protects against damage from body parts, dust, or water. You can look at the IP ratings guide sheet to find out what each letter and number means for all IP-rated gadgets.

The wireless earphones don't all have some kind of water protection, but most of the ones you can buy in stores today do. The first generation, the second generation, and the Max versions all have no IP Rating.

The third generation and both versions of Pro, on the other hand, have an IPX4 grade. This number is also on the charging case for the Pro (2nd version) but not on the charging case for the other types.

2) Are Apple AirPods Worth It?

Well, it depends on what you're looking for. People like how easy it is to use these earpieces. They quickly connect to iPhones, iPads, and other goods made by the same business. Also, they work well for music and phone calls and sound good.

They are also small and come with a charging box, so you can take them with you, and they won't run out of power too quickly. They are also easy to wear for long hours because they are comfortable.

They can be a bit pricey compared to other wireless earbuds. If you're not too attached to the company's goods, you might be able to find similar ones for less money. And if you are really into music and sound, you might want something better.

So, it really depends on how much you like the company's products and how much money you have. If you love everything about the company, these wireless earphones are a good pick. But you might want to look at other options if you want to save money or care a lot about the quality of the music.

3) Are Apple Airpods Noise Cancelling?

The company sells three kinds of AirPods, but not all of them have Active Noise Cancellation (ANC). Active Noise Cancellation uses a method that works all the time to block out sounds from the outside. It is different from passive noise cancellation, which is done by the earbuds' cover or earpads (in the case of over-ear headphones). ANC works by canceling out the noise picked up by the external speakers with anti-noise, which is made by analyzing the external noise and making sound waves with the same intensity but in the opposite phase.

When the Pro 2 came out in 2022, they also had ANC. The new Pro version has twice as much Active Noise Cancellation as the first-generation Pro version because they have a better H2 chip. The second-generation earbuds also have an improved Adaptive Transparency Mode that can lower outside noises like traffic or building noises while still letting the user hear what's going on around them.

Standard wireless earphones from the first, second, and third generations don't have ANC, which is a shame. This is because, unlike the Pro version, they don't have ear tips that block out outside noise. Instead, each headphone is a single unit with a plastic tip that fits just inside the user's ear. The 3 generation has an acoustic mesh-covered microphone in each earbud that cuts down on wind noise when a user is on a call, but that's all they can do to cut down on noise.

4) Are Apple Airpods Compatible With Android?

Apple wasn't the first company to make truly wireless earbuds, like most of its other goods. But when it did release the earbuds, the company was able to find a place for them right away. Now, it is the only company that sells high-end wireless earbuds.

A lot of people, including Android users, are thinking about getting the wireless earphones. This brings up the question: Do Apple AirPods work with Android smartphones? Yes, they work with Android smartphones. That's the short answer.

These wireless earbuds are not the only ones that work with iOS. These TWS earbuds can be used with almost any device that can connect to Bluetooth. You don't have to give up your Android phone if you want to use earbuds. But, as you might think, you won't be able to use some of the earbud’s features that iPhone users like, like the power display and Siri. There are ways to get at least a few of these functions back, though.

Installing an app like the Assistant Trigger from the Google Play Store is one way to get around this. It shows how much power is left in your earpiece and lets you start Google Assistant by hitting or pressing it. There's also a Pro version of the app that says it can detect when wireless earphones are in your ear, but if the reviews on the Google Play Store are any sign, it doesn't work for everyone.

Overall, the AirPods and Android are not a good match, but you can make them work if you want to.

5) Are Apple Airpods Made In China?

Yes, the majority of earbuds are made in China. Apple, like many other big tech companies, sends a lot of its manufacturing to China because the country has good infrastructure, a skilled labor force, and low production costs. As the company works with different wholesalers and makers, the exact location and plant where earbuds are made may change over time, but a lot of them are made in China.

Foxconn, which is also called Hon Hai Precision Industry Co., Ltd., is one of the key Chinese companies that make the companies’ goods, such as wireless earphones. Foxconn is one of the biggest technology companies in the world, and the company has worked closely with it to put together its products.

It's important to know that even though wireless earphones are assembled and made in China, many of the parts and technologies that go into them come from all over the world. This is because modern electronics manufacturing is based on a global supply chain.

6) Are Apple Airpods Trackable?

Yes, it can be found. Find My can help you find your earbuds if you lose them. You can use it on your iPhone, iPad, Watch, or Mac. You can also use to look for your earpiece online.

Find My works with all types of earbuds, but some may have extra features to help you find them. See if you don't know which earbuds you have. What kind of earbuds do I own?

Before you lose your wireless earphones, you must turn on Find My on a device that is paired with them, like your iPhone or Mac.

Make sure your paired device has the latest version of iOS, iPadOS, watchOS, or macOS for the best experience with Find My.

If you turn on Find My Network, you can see where some types of wireless earphones are even when your device isn't in range. If the Find My network is turned off or your earbuds don't support it, the Find My app shows the last time and place they were linked.

7) Are Apple Airpods Good For Running?

AirPods have become very famous, not only because they connect easily and sound good, but also because they can be used for many sports, like running.

As long as you can get a good, secure fit, the lightweight Pro (2nd generation) is a good earbud for running. They have a top-notch transparency mode that lets you hear what's going on around you. They now come with extra small ear tips for people with very small ears, but the company still doesn't have XL tips for people with larger ears.

The Gen 3 are great earbuds for running as long as they fit safely in your ears, which is not always the case. They have great sound for earbuds that are open, and they are also good for making phone calls. Like the Pro 2 version, they can handle sweat and splashes and have an IPX4 grade.

It's important to think about your wants and budget when picking wireless earphones for running. Even though each type is different, they are all good for running because they are portable, comfortable, and have good sound.

8) Are Apple Airpods Bad For Your Ears?

Some people do have trouble or even damage their hearing when they use their earbuds for a long time, especially at high volumes. In addition, these earbuds have a function called "active noise cancellation," which blocks out all outside noise.

So, you'll need to turn up the volume to hear the sound or music. This can damage hair cells in the inner ear, which can cause short or lasting hearing loss.

In fact, this is a problem that could happen with any in-ear headphones or earbuds, not just earbuds. But you can avoid or lessen the damage to your ears if you use headphones or earbuds at an acceptable volume, take breaks, and don't use them for long periods of time straight.

Wireless earphones aren't inherently bad for your ears, but if you don't use them right, you could hurt them. To protect your ears and hearing, you need to take steps like taking breaks, keeping an eye on the noise, limiting your exposure, and cleaning your ears often. But if you feel pain or soreness, you should see a doctor right away.

9) Can Apple Airpods Connect To Windows Laptop?

Yes, that's the clear answer! AirPods can be paired with a Windows PC, so you can listen to your favorite songs and take calls without needing any extra gear.

Getting your wireless earphones to work with your Windows PC is easy. Make sure that the Bluetooth on your Windows PC is turned on. This choice is usually in the settings menu or can be found by clicking on the Bluetooth button in the taskbar.

Open the lid of the case that your earbuds came in. When you do this, the white flashing light on the case shows that your earpiece is in pairing mode.

Go to the Bluetooth settings on your desktop and click "Add a device." Windows will look for devices, and your earbuds should show up on the list of devices that can be found.

Choose your earbuds from the list, click "Connect," and you're all set! Your Windows PC is now linked to your earpiece.

Once you're linked, you can use your earbuds to listen to music, watch movies, and even take part in virtual meetings with crystal-clear audio.

The fact that these earbuds can be used with a Windows PC shows how important connectivity is in today's tech world. This makes it easier than ever to enjoy your digital experiences on different devices. So, you can listen to your music or take that important call without missing a beat.

10) Can Apple Airpods Be Used As Hearing Aids?

Even though AirPods aren't officially called hearing aids, they do have some features that can help people with low to severe hearing loss.

The Pro version and Max version have a Transparency mode that uses external mics to pick up and boost sounds from the surroundings. This function can make it easier for people to understand talks, messages, and other important things.

With the accessibility features on iOS devices, users can change the sound settings to meet their hearing needs. Features like "Sound Check" and the built-in equalizer can be changed to boost certain frequencies, making it easier for users to hear speech and songs more clearly.

Originally made for made for iPhone (MFi) hearing aids, the Live Listen feature lets users turn their iPhone into a portable microphone. This ability can be used with wireless handsfree to make them work like a temporary hearing aid. When a user puts their iPhone near a sound source they want to hear better, the sound is sent straight to their earbuds.

Even though earbuds can help some people with mild hearing problems, it's important to remember that they are not a replacement for hearing aids that a doctor has recommended.

11) Can Apple Airpods Connect To Samsung Phone?

Yes, it is possible to connect an Apple earpiece to a Samsung phone. Earbuds are made to work perfectly with the company’s devices, but they also use standard Bluetooth technology, so they can connect to devices that aren't Apple, such as Samsung smartphones.

Put your wireless earphones in their charging case and leave the lid open. Then, go to the settings on your Samsung phone and turn on Bluetooth.

There is a small button on the back of the earpiece case. Hold it down until the white status light on the front of the case starts flashing. This means that your earbuds are ready to be paired.

You should see "AirPods" or something similar in the list of gadgets on your Samsung phone. Tap it to start the process of pairing.

Follow the directions on the screen to finish the pairing. Once you've connected your earbuds to your Samsung phone, you should be able to use music, phone calls, and other listening tools.

12) How does Apple Airpods Charge?

Put your earbuds in their case to charge them. Your earbuds case can hold multiple full charges, so you can charge them while you're on the go. Put your wireless earphones in their case when you're not using them to keep them charged.

A Qi-certified charging mat can be used to charge your MagSafe Charging Case or Wireless Charging Case. Make sure to put your case on the charger with the lid closed and the status light facing up.

The charge amount should be shown for 8 seconds by the status light. If you have a Pro (1st or 2nd generation) or the 3rd generation, you can tap the case while it's on the charging mat to see if your Pro version or 3rd generation is charging (yellow light) or is fully charged (green light).

You can also use their Watch charger to charge your MagSafe Charging Case for Pro (2nd version). Make sure to put your case on the charger with the lid closed and the status light facing up. The charge amount should be shown for 8 seconds by the status light.

Plug the Lightning cord that came with your earbuds into the Lightning port on your case to charge it with a physical link. Then, connect the other end of the cord to a USB port or charger. You can charge your case with your wireless earphones in it or without them. When you plug your iPhone or iPad into your Mac or use a USB charger, charging goes faster.

13) What Apple Airpods Are The Newest?

The newest earbuds are the Pro 2 version, which are the best lightweight earbuds you can buy. The Pro 2 version is very good for its size. They have better sound, active noise cancellation, and battery life than their original.

The second-generation Pro is just a little bit better than the first-generation Pro version, but they still have the same famous look. The company’s updated H2 chip gives you better active noise cancellation (ANC) and longer battery life. The case's U1 chip and built-in speaker make it easy to find with the Find My app.

14) What Apple Airpods Are The Best?

Even though the full-size Max headphones could be argued to be the best overall earphones, we think the cheaper Pro 2 version earbuds are the best overall and best value earbuds. They are the newest earbuds and come with Apple's new H2 chip. They will get some new features this fall when iOS 17, iPadOS 17, and TVOS 17 come out. There's a "conversation awareness" mode that lowers the volume of what you're listening to as soon as you start talking. There's also an "adaptive audio" mode that cancels noise and makes the sound clearer.

But not everyone wants earbuds with silicon tips that you jam in your ears to block out noise (a good seal is important for good sound quality and noise cancellation). There are a lot of other earbuds choices, as well as headphones and earbuds from Beats, which is a brand owned by Apple.

15) Why Apple Airpods Are So Expensive?

Even though AirPods are popular and well-liked, they often have a high price tag, which makes many people wonder why they are so expensive. The high price of the company’s wireless earphones is caused by a number of things.

The company spends a lot of money on research and development, pushing the limits of wireless music technology all the time. Earbuds have cutting-edge features like custom-designed H1 or W1 chips, active noise cancellation (in the Pro form), and smooth interaction with the company’s devices. These new ideas require a lot of money and knowledge.

The company cares a lot about how its products look and how well they are made. Earpieces have a sleek, small form, are made of high-quality materials, and fit comfortably in your ears. These things add to the cost of the product as a whole because the company’s products are known for their high-quality parts and careful workmanship.

With automatic ear recognition and touch settings, earbuds make it easy to listen to music without having to worry about wires. This ease costs money because it needs more hardware and tech to make sure it works well and is easy to use.

The company is a well-known name around the world that stands for quality and new ideas. People are willing to pay more for goods with their mark because the logo itself is valuable.

Wireless earphones are designed to work best with other products. They link easily to their devices and have features like quick pairing and switching on their own. The company’s product users benefit from this amount of integration.

16) Which Apple Airpods Are Best For Small Ears?

The Pro (2nd version) Truly Wireless are the best earbuds we've tried that work with an iPhone and are made for small ears. These high-end earbuds are the next version of the Pro version Truly Wireless.

Unlike their predecessor, they come with four sets of ear tips instead of three, and the newest pair is extra small. Some users have still had trouble with them falling out of their ears, so they have replaced the default silicone tips with foam tips that can mold to the shape of their ears. This makes them more comfortable, fits better, and stays in place better.

The adjustable EQ in these in-ear headphones changes the sound to fit the shape of your ears. Their soft sound is good for pop and jazz, but they don't have any built-in sound customization features that would let you change them by hand to your satisfaction.

They also have a noise-reducing (ANC) system that can block out a lot of background noise, which is great for traveling or working in a noisy office. With ANC on, they last just under six hours, and their carrying bag has four more charges.

17) Which Apple Airpods Are The Most Comfortable?

The 3rd Generation is known for being the most comfortable wireless earbuds on the market. This image isn't just because of reviews; it's also because of how carefully Apple designed and engineered these earbuds.

One trait that users always talk about is how much better it fits. Experts have fine-tuned the fit of these earbuds to make sure they fit snugly in your ears. This keeps outside noise out and gives you a safe hold that doesn't let go, even when you're moving around a lot. This is because the slope and weight balance have been changed, making them noticeably more comfy than their predecessors.

The Gen 3 stands out because of how well they are made, especially for people with smaller ears. The different-sized, replaceable tips not only make the headphones more comfortable but also create a tight seal that keeps outside noise out. This seal not only helps block out noise passively but it also makes the sound better overall.

The Gen 3 are great not just because they fit well but also because they sound great and are very comfortable. Because of how well they manage ease and sound quality, users often choose these over the Pro version for everyday listening.

18) Will Apple Airpods Work With Laptop?

Yes, they can be used with computers running Windows, macOS, or any other OS that works with Bluetooth audio devices. Earbuds are a good choice for laptop users who want to listen to music without a cord because they are so versatile.

First, make sure that your laptop's Bluetooth is turned on. Depending on the operating system of your laptop, you can often do this by going to the system options or the taskbar/notification area.

Open the lid of the case where your earbuds are charged. This turns on the pairing mode, which is shown by the case's LED light.

Go to the Bluetooth settings on your laptop and choose either "Add a device" or "Pair a new device." Your earbuds should be on the list of gadgets that you can use.

Click on the AirPods in the list and choose "Connect" or "Pair." Your laptop will connect to the earbuds, and you'll be able to use them to listen to music, make video calls, or do anything else that involves sound.

19) Will Apple Airpods Stay In My Ears?

The fit and stability of these wireless earphones in your ears can vary from person to person due to differences in ear shapes and sizes. But the company made the earbuds so that most people can keep them in their ears while doing different things.

Apple designed both the original earbuds and the Pro version to fit a wide variety of ear types. Wireless earphones are easy to wear for long periods of time because they are small and light.

The Pro version, in particular, has plastic ear tips that fit inside the ear. These ear tips come in different sizes to make sure they fit securely and comfortably. This makes it less likely that they will fall out while you are moving around.

Wireless earphones have features like automatic ear recognition and accelerometers that can tell when you're moving, which helps keep the fit tight when you're doing things like running or biking.

The Wireless earphones are made so that weight is spread out properly and pinch points are kept to a minimum. This shape, along with the fact that they are light, makes them more comfortable to use for long periods of time. The Pro version has an IPX4 grade, which means it can handle sweat and water, which is good for working out and doing things outside.

6 Best Apple AirPods Models in Pakistan

Now, let’s explore some models and generations of these earpieces.

Airpods 1 (1st Generation) in Pakistan

In December 2016, Apple entered a new era of wireless audio with the release of the AirPods 1st Generation. These sleek, white earbuds were just the beginning of Apple's relentless pursuit of simplicity and innovation. Right from the moment they were unboxed, they signaled a paradigm shift in how we listened to music and engaged in phone calls.

The 1st Generation featured Apple's custom-designed W1 chip, which enabled seamless pairing with iOS devices. It also had a charging case that was ready to connect to your iPhone or iPad. This groundbreaking convenience was paired with impressive sound quality and a surprising amount of battery life, considering their compact size.

One of the defining features of the 1st Generation AirPods was their universal compatibility. They worked flawlessly with Apple and other devices, offering a glimpse into a more wireless future. While the sound quality was commendable, the lack of noise cancellation and water resistance left some room for improvement.

The minimalist and simple design was one of the major highlights of the first generation, which you can easily fit into any type of ear. Also, they are lightweight, which ensures convenience for business users and professionals from different fields who are always on the move. These earbuds can easily fit into any type of pocket, so you do not have to keep them separately in a bag or a case.

Connectivity is another prominent aspect of the first generation, as it has seamless connectivity. As already mentioned above, the W1 chip was installed in the earpieces of the first generation. This amazing integration set the new standard for wireless headphones. The user-friendly connectivity features enable users to pair the earbuds with any device at any place.

When it comes to sound quality, the first generation produces satisfactory results, but according to experts, other models have better quality. Users liked this generation because of the portability and ease of use, but it does not mean that you totally disregard the sound quality.

The battery life is also satisfactory as it lasts for around 5 hours. The charging case is also available, which adds more value by increasing the total usage time.

Airpods 2 (2nd Generation) in Pakistan

Apple AirPods (2nd gen) were launched in the market in 2019. It seemed like Apple wanted to continue its legacy in the tech market as an all-around player who not only manufactures top-notch computing devices but also has high-quality products when it comes to producing other gadgets.

In the second generation, the H1 chip was added, which improved the connectivity more and helped earbuds build the connection at a faster rate. It helped to connect to voice assistants quickly, which was a big plus point.

Moreover, the “Hey Siri” functionality helped professionals from different fields to execute their tasks more quickly, which significantly impacted their productivity. The voice-activated feature also helped users to control the music more efficiently and to perform other tasks like receiving calls, adjusting the volume, etc.

Another noticeable aspect of the second generation is that it had a wireless charging case, which was no less than an achievement. It made a huge difference in terms of usability as users do not have to rely on wireless charging anymore.

The enhancements were also seen in the sound quality as bass production was improved, which gave better voice clarity, allowing users to communicate better on phone calls. However, there were not many changes seen in the design in the second generation.

Also, the sound quality of the second generation was not much different from the first generation, and the battery performance was also the same for both models. The wireless charging case was a significant enhancement and major highlight of the second generation as it provided a new level of convenience to users. It helped to elevate the user experience.

However, if you want to invest in the second generation, then you must do local market research. Let’s say you are based in Pakistan; then you must inquire about the Apple AirPods 2 Price in Pakistan beforehand. The prices change constantly due to economic stability, so you must be aware of the latest rates.

Airpods 3 (3rd generation) in Pakistan

The Apple AirPods 3rd generation launched in 2021, which was a significant step for Apple in terms of performance and design. The earpieces in this generation are more compact and have a subtle design that proved to be the perfect tip for different types of users. Features like adaptive EQ and spatial audio set this generation apart from others and played a key role in expanding the customer base of Apple.

When it comes to design, there are prominent changes have been made in terms of shape. It became more comfortable for users, which positively impacted the wearing experience, so it helped consumers attain optimal listening while working out and doing any type of work. The water and sweat resistance feature was also introduced in the third generation, so it made a perfect choice for users who are involved in outdoor activities and heavy workout sessions.

The spatial audio is the highlight of this model as this immersive audio technology delivers a 3D sound experience to the users. It gives the feeling that sound is coming from your surroundings, so it is the ideal choice for users who want to stay focused on their work by canceling the outside noise. This feature was a game-changer for music and movie lovers.

Another prominent feature of this generation is MagSafe compatibility, as it makes earbuds compatible with MagSafe gadgets like MagSafe chargers. It added a new layer of convenience and versatility, which increased the worth of the ecosystem of Apple.

Additionally, the active sound cancellation feature was also introduced, which reduces the sound distractions in your surroundings. The overall sound quality of this model was also much improved and ensured better clarity and bass response.

When it comes to battery life, the third generation has the edge over its predecessors. Its battery can last for around six hours, and the charging case also helps to extend the battery time.

Before making any buying decision, it is better to do local market research to get an idea about the latest Apple AirPods 3 Price in Pakistan. It will help you to make the right buying decision.

Airpods Pro 1 (1st Generation) in Pakistan

The Apple AirPods Pro was the beginning of the premium audio experience for consumers around the globe. They were launched in 2019. When it comes to their design, the earbuds have a significant facelift. The nozzles made earbuds to completely cover the ear canal, which helps to enhance the sound quality. The silicone tips of the earpieces are perfectly crafted, which makes a valuable addition to this equipment.

Additionally, active noise cancellation was also the major highlight of this model as it helps to block external noise. As a result, the earpiece can deliver a better audio experience.

The transparency mode was also introduced, which helped consumers to change between ambient sound awareness and noise cancelation. It added more versatility, which also improved the sound quality by ensuring better clarity.

The silicone ear tips and smaller form factor of these earbuds made them suitable for a larger variety of ears. The in-ear construction also made for superior passive noise isolation.

The outstanding feature is its cutting-edge ANC (active noise cancellation) technology. It successfully eliminated background noise by using a number of microphones and sophisticated algorithms.

The Pro version ensured excellent sound quality, with powerful bass and crystal-clear highs. They were Spatial Audio compatible, which added another layer of immersion.

These earpieces also included an Adaptive EQ and Vent System that tailored the audio experience to the wearer's ears. They were designed to be worn for long periods of time because of the vent system that balanced the pressure.

With Active Noise Cancellation turned on, the earbuds could play for up to 4.5 hours. Their charging case could charge them numerous times over.

Airpods Pro 2 (2nd Generation) in Pakistan

In March 2022, the 2nd generation was released on its predecessors' success. The new H2 chip improved the sound, communication, and battery life of these earphones. Increasing adaptive EQ and spatial audio made audio more immersive.

Apple enhanced noise cancellation to block out undesirable noise. The characteristic stem was preserved, but fit and comfort were improved for more users. There is not much difference between the first and second generation of the pro versions, except for the minor advancements. For better guidance, you may contact the manufacturer to know about the features in detail that will also positively impact your buying decision.

Airpods Max in Pakistan

Apple AirPods Max was released in December 2020. The company’s dedication to audio quality was on full display in these high-end headphones. They were marketed as the pinnacle of audio accessories for Apple fans, thanks to their high-quality sound, active noise cancellation, and high-end design.

With its highly functional drivers and cutting-edge computational audio, the Max version delivered amazing audio quality. The customer was guaranteed a noise-free listening experience thanks to adaptive noise-cancelling technology.

The design and comfort level get full marks as reliable and quality materials are used, which helps earpieces to last for long. The comfortable ear cushions are also installed, which provides comfort for long listening sessions.

When it comes to sound quality, you do not have to worry. Powerful bass and audio provide you with an immersive audio experience that helps you disconnect from the outside world and enjoy your content without any distractions. The Adaptive EQ feature helps you enjoy the sound in real-time. The ANC technology is also added in this Max version, which helps to cancel the external noise. The amazing battery performance is the highlight of this generation, which can help your earpieces to last for hours just on a single charge.

Now let’s compare some of these generations, which will help you get a better idea.

Comparison of 1st and 2nd Generation Apple Airpods

The first-generation design was revolutionary. Each earbud weighed around 4 grams and had a simple design. The charging case was small enough to carry around in a pocket.

The 2nd generation design was carried over from the original model, although there were some significant upgrades. They have a new H1 chip that improved speed and communication big time. A wireless charging case was also available for purchase by end users.

The original earbuds had great sound quality for their time, with crystal-clear audio and a dependable design. They lacked, however, some of the more sophisticated audio functions of subsequent models.

The H1 chip debuted with the 2nd generation, allowing for more rapid and stable connections and less lag time during phone calls and music playback. They're a big step up in terms of performance, and the audio quality is much better thanks to this chip.

On a single charge, the original earpieces could support about two to three hours of call time or five hours of music playback. Additional charges were included in the billing document.

With up to 3 hours of call time and 5 hours of music playback on a single charge, the 2nd generation delivered a small boost in battery life over the first generation. The wireless charging case was an additional helpful feature.

Users of the first generation had to double-tap the headphones in order to activate Siri, and the integration was not particularly sophisticated. The H1 chip in 2nd generation enabled even deeper integration with Siri. Users may now engage Siri without touching the device by saying, "Hey Siri," improving the overall usability of the app.

Initially, the 1st generation AirPods couldn't be charged without a Lightning connector.

For the second generation, Apple included a wireless charging case option, giving users more charging options. After comparing the first and second generations, it is clear that Apple has made some significant upgrades in both models. The H1 chip improved the device's audio, network, and Siri capabilities. The availability of a wireless charging case also contributed to the ease of use. The 1st generation is still a good option, but those who want the cutting edge of wireless audio technology will appreciate what the second generation has to offer.

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