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8th Generation Laptops in Pakistan 

Intel’s New 8th Generation Processors

Intel first announced in the beginning of this year, February 2017, that it will launch the latest addition to its processor family, dubbed “Coffee Lake”; at some later point this year.

The 8th Generation, or the Coffee Lake; as it’s officially named, was finally released on 5th October 2017. Buy 8th Generation Laptops in Pakistan at affordable price. 

The previous generation- ‘Kaby Lake’ became quite popular among users, but the new 8th generation update is believed to be one of the best processors, Intel has ever launched.

Intel promises that the new Coffee Lake processor is way faster than the previous 7th Gen ones, more specifically- According to the officials at Intel- the new generation of CPUs is more than 45% faster in performance, compared to its predecessor.

Intel first launched these CPUs for Desktops, and then later released them for laptops as well, since the launch, many top laptop manufacturers have incorporated the 8th Generation Processors in their latest models. Every international brand, like HP Laptops, Dell Laptops, Lenovo Laptops, Toshiba, Acer Laptop, Asus, MSI etc. has at least released one model with this latest processor. 

What’s New?

Intel has a predetermined way of upgrading its processors, one update brings changes to the entire Architecture of the CPUs, or changes the performance related parts, and the next update focuses more on design updates, the last update (7th Generation) was geared more towards the overall design of the Processor, making it more efficient.

Intel reduced the size, which helped users get more battery life, less heat, and such effects.

This new, 8th Generation, update, however, is focused more on improving the performance and the internal hardware components of the CPU, like adding more Cores etc.

This makes the new upgraded CPUs, one of the fastest and more performance efficient.


The entire new arsenal of these processors is available in two variants, one being Quad Core and one - Octa Core.

The number of threads has also been increased, the Hyper-Threading technology increases the number of threads to higher numbers (12 for instance) which makes your laptop work with more rapid speed and efficiency.

Intel has introduced these options for each version of its CPUs (the i3, i5, and i7).

Users have the option of choosing the one which best suits their needs, the Quad Core one delivers pretty sufficient level of performance for intermediate level users. But if your needs are more inclined towards heavy work, like Gaming or operating heavy 3D Software - then, you can choose the Octa-Core version.

Previously, the i3 variant was available with Dual Cores, now Intel has upped the number of Cores to four, so not only the high-end Core i7 laptops but their smaller counterparts are also enjoying the increased efficiency of 8th Generation.


Users were initially concerned about the lower frequencies of Intel’s 8th Generation processors, it’s only natural to assume that lower baseline frequencies would mean lower performance.

But that’s not exactly the case with these new processors, although, the baseline frequencies are quite low as compared to the previous generation ones, for instance, the 8th Generation Core i7 CPU has a baseline frequency of just 1.9GHz, but still the performance doesn’t get affected, in fact, the power is increased.

The reason for this is - Intel lowered the base line frequencies but at the same time these new processors have the ability to go to higher peak frequencies, the above mentioned Core i7 Processor can go as high as 4.2GHz.

This means two things for you, the user, first you will get a better battery life, less energy consumption, and less heat. Because the CPU will intelligently manage the frequencies according to your needs when your laptop is sitting idly then the frequency will be lowered making your battery last longer.

When the processor feels like you’re in need of more power, then it immediately ups the power, without needing you to do anything, all of this happens in a fraction of a second, Intel’s updated Turbo Boost 2.0 Technology is in charge of all this frequency related business and does a tremendous job.

Performance related Perks

As the new processors have higher peak frequencies and improved designs, their performance is significantly increased.

As stated before, according to Intel - the 8th Gen CPUs are 45 percent faster than previous generations.

Going into specifics, things like video and image editing becomes much faster, the simple job of image editing will be more than 28% faster than before, the new improved design allows you to import a 4K Ultra HD video in just under 3 minutes.

If you have ever worked with 4K videos then you would know how heavy they can be on your resources, the same video that would take 3 minutes with 8th Generations CPU, would have taken at least 45 minutes in a system older than five years.

The newly refined version brings many other improvements, the Hyper-Threading technology increases the number of threads, and as the number of cores is already increased- the combination of the two gives your laptop a real performance boost. Buy 8th Generation Laptops in Pakistan from for reasonable prices

Why should you buy an 8th Generation Laptop?

Simply because there is a significant difference between the performance of previous generations and the new 8th Generation.

Especially, if you’re looking to buy a full-fledged Core i7 Laptop for your heavy work, then it’s always better to get the latest thing available.

And even if you’re looking for an entry-level Core i3 laptop, still, the Quad-Core CPU will boost the speed to a noticeable level.

As mentioned in the beginning almost every famous brand has launched laptops with 8th Generation Processors. The pricing difference is not that much, although, the prices are high compared to the previous generations here at Paklap we will try our best to give you the lowest possible prices.

Like always, brings you the best possible prices on the newest 8th Generation Laptops, feel free to choose from our wide variety and we’ll deliver your favorite laptops - right at your doorstep.