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12th Gen Laptop | 12th Generation Laptops in Pakistan

With the year 2023, came a surprise for the tech world, the Alder Lake. The processor has a hybrid architecture that comprises Performance and Efficiency Cores (P-core and E-core). Together they will deliver unmatched performance, to keep you a step ahead. All the cores are built along with the “Intel® 7” form factor, which is their new node for PCs launched after the 14nm process, that came out six long years ago.

More on P-Core and E-Core

Performance Cores (P-core) are designed to give the highest single-thread performance and responsiveness for demanding workloads like 3D illustrations and gaming. It is the most performing CPU core by Intel up till now.

Efficiency Core (E-core) is for tasks that require hyperthreaded performance and run tasks in the background. It is engineered to enable modern-day multitasking and cover-up for the demanding usage of gamers and content creators.

Thanks to Intel® Thread Director, the cores work in coordination with each other, seamlessly. Intel® Thread Director learns and adapts according to your computing usage and helps in placing the right thread on the right core, at the right time. In simple words, this technology ensures that the thread and cores will never go wrong, always just right.

Improved Technologies

PCIe 5.0 and DDR5

12th Gen processors support the next generation of dedicated GPUs and storage devices. It will do this with the latest PCIe 5.0 and DDR5 memory. Be prepared for higher speeds, better image rendering, and greater bandwidth.

Wi-Fi 6E (Gig+)

Another sublime feature of these processors is Intel® Wi-Fi 6E (Gig+). Enjoy the exclusivity of high-speed channels that other processors simply can’t offer. Experience up to 3X faster connection without any disruption. Be more productive at work, learn from the comfort of your home and stream faster with Intel® Wi-Fi 6E.

Thunderbolt™ 4

Added to this, it lets you connect your PC to a number of 4K display devices and monitors, with a single reversible cable. As Thunderbolt™ 4 is supported.

Performance upscale

There are clear performance leaps in this one. The company claims a 13% improvement in gaming performance as compared to the previous gen. While creating content, there is a 50% performance upgrade, which means 2X that of its predecessors. They also claim up to 84% gains from the previous gen, in terms of Frames Per Second (fps).

Furthermore, you will notice upgrades in Noise Cancellation, Bandwidth, Video Resolution, and Auto-Framing as you game through those top trending AAA titles. Plus, you would be able to multitask without a flinch.

12th Gen Processor Release Date

If you were to ask the 12th Gen Intel Core Processor Release Date, it was out in the market in January 2022. Initially, Intel® launched their chips for x86 desktop PCs. Now the laptop chips are available too.

The manufacturing companies like HP, Dell, Lenovo, Asus, and MSI are in contract with them for their laptops. Some of them have already announced the models which will include this CPU. is the first one to bring you 12th Generation Laptops in Pakistan, with the seal of originality.

Dell 12th Generation Laptops

Dell has unveiled some business models and some gaming series that will have the highest-performing chips. Dell Alienware X14, Alienware X15 R2, Alienware X17 R2, and Alienware m15 R7. The company has also introduced 12th Gen Intel Core Processor chips in their desktop PCs so you can customize the system as per your liking.

HP 12th Gen Laptops

Top-of-the-line manufacturer, HP has introduced Alder Lake chips into their business notebooks and convertibles mostly. This includes HP Elitebook, HP ProBook 4chips00 G9, and HP Elite x360. These notebooks are performance and efficiency-driven.

HP Omen which is a gaming line-up will also be fitted with up to 12th Generation Intel Core CPU.

Lenovo 12th Gen Laptops

Lenovo has announced to upgrade its ThinkPad X1 Extreme to include Alder Lake chips. Their new IdeaPads and tablets will also include the performance-driven chip.

Asus 12th Gen Laptops

Vivobook S 15, Zenbook 14X, and Zenbook Pro Duo are some elite series that are announced by Asus, that will be incorporating the “Intel hybrid chips”.

A couple of their gaming series that will have 12th Generation Intel Core CPU includes Asus ROG STRIX and Asus TUF. All of the series mentioned above will be powered by up to 12th Gen Intel Core i7 processor.

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