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Desktop Computer Motherboard in Pakistan


Referred by various names like main board, system board or logic board, motherboards are the central piece in the making of a whole Computer system. Since its introduction to the tech world, many brands made their debuts in manufacturing this technology but it was not everyone’s piece of cake. Today, there are a handful of brands making motherboards for companies and not just that, also investing time and money into revolutionising the technology. Buy Desktop Computer Motherboard at reasonable prices in Pakistan from

What is a Motherboard?

The question that one would possibly ask is whether or not there really is a need for motherboard in a computer and if so, how important is its role. To begin with, it is important to first know what exactly a motherboard is. Motherboard is the central component in any Computer System which connects all other parts and activities being performed. Additionally, it allows the CPU, Hard Drive, Memory and Graphics Card to get their power from the main power supply. As the name suggests, it plays the parent figure in the system, guiding different components and enabling their actions.

Types of Motherboards with respect to size

Motherboards are available in various sizes and it is important to know about the specific functionality because it is different for every size. For instance, in laptops, you will find small-sized, compact boards but for huge desktops that we have in offices and schools, the size of the motherboard is much larger.

Before anyone considers buying a motherboard, it is important to know the particular size that is required. For this, one needs to have a good knowledge of the various sizes and their purpose;

  • ATXAdvanced Technology EXtended

This is the oldest type in the category. It is quite a standard type which is why one must know about its purpose. It is large in size and is commonly used for desktop systems. When deciding for a motherboard to buy, this is the first option that usually pops up in mind.

  • ITX – Information Technology EXtended

This is comparatively a smaller version of motherboard. Befitting its small size it only has a few expansion slots. Consequently, there aren’t many features available on this motherboard but its compactness and portability gives it an edge over the other types.

  • Micro ATX

This one is pretty much the same as an ATX, but a rather smaller version of it. The mounting points and screws are all in the same place so it is not an issue to switch between the two types. The best thing about it is that it can easily fit in the same space as the ATX.

How a Motherboard helps in the smooth running of the System

When building a PC or updating one, motherboard is one of the most important components that you purchase. The strategic position is because of the following factors;

  • Connectivity

Primarily, it connects all the components of the system and helps them work in collaboration with each other. By connecting the CPU it helps the system perform altogether. The CPU, in turn, allows the other components to communicate to each other.

  • Suitability

The motherboard that you choose will affect how long your system will give its optimum performance. If the motherboard isn’t the right one, then it will negatively affect the working of other parts like Computer Processor and Graphics Card.

  • Upgradable

The good thing about it is that it can easily be upgraded to include more features and functions. For instance, if a user wants to have a gaming system, he or she can easily update by adding and subtracting certain features.

  • Replaceability

If you don’t want to upgrade your motherboard, you can easily replace it with a new one and your system can be customised to that change.

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