Monthly Archives: July 2016

  1. Apple Airport Time Capsules

    AirPort Time Capsule comes with a superfast Wi‑Fi base station and a user-friendly backup gadget all in one. Only set it up once and AirPort Time Capsule does the rest. It works with Time Machine in OS X to store data from your Mac consequently and remotely, so you never need to stress over losing anything crucial again. 

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  2. Apple iPad Pro - Review

    Apple is renowned for shocking the entire world with its sublime inventions and innovations. When it launched IPAD into the market, the customers, competitors, tech specialists and even the critics were flabbergasted with what it had to offer. Same was the case when the bigger and better version of IPAD, IPAD-Pro was being launched into the market.

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  3. Sony LEDS - Review

    Sony is one of the most wanted and the most longstanding producer when it comes to TVs. Sony at the moment captures an enormous market when it comes to LEDs due to the performance, reputation, durability, design and the quality that each Sony LED is comprises off.

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  4. Samsung LEDS - Review

    Samsung goes by its trademark and thrashes its competitors even in the LED market. Samsung gives its customers the widest range of LEDs to choose from that are far better in every aspect when it comes to comparison between Samsung LEDs and their counterparts.

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  5. The Microsoft Surface Book - Review

    Make your experience virtual with the fast and unique Microsoft Surface Book Core i5 & Core i7.

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  6. Spectre 13 Has Left Everyone Drooling

    HP’s new Spectre 13 is the talk of the tech town these days; it is the top-notch laptop that everyone had been waiting for. The mere look of it makes people go gaga for it and it only gets better with its specifications. Macbook users are starting to have second thoughts about their customer loyalty with Apple; all because of HP’s engaging design. 

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  7. Sneak Peek: LG plays a gamble with their new modular base

    The smartphone competition has left many brands struggling to justify the higher price for their products. The standard features are now easily available on every other smartphone, even the infamous and low-end brands. This puts great pressure on brands like Sony, Samsung, LG and Apple to match their products to the high prices they charge. The only way to do this is by increasing their budgets and stepping into the big ring. 

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  8. PS4 Neo: One Step Ahead of PS4

    Every true gamer in the world knows that Sony`s PlayStation series, since its advent has been marvelous. It hasn’t only met the demands of the gamers throughout the timeline but has also surpassed them with ease through its state of the art technology.

    • PlayStation One gave the audience an upgrade from 2D to 3D games and produced some of the finest games the world has ever played. For, PlayStation One, hands down is the foundation of next gen gaming.

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  9. An extension to the Dell “7000” series

    Dell Inspiron was an exclusive product line launched by Dell that dealt with laptop computers. There was the famous Inspiron “3000”, “5000” and “7000” series, but other than that multiple products were manufactured under this name. The latest model in the line, 13 7000 2-in-1, has undoubtedly stood up to the reputation that Dell has of making machines.

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  10. Amazon Fire: Best Treat For Penny-wise Buyers

    We sure do like to say that the technology has advanced quite a lot, nothing wrong about that. But when you come to think of it, the prices have increased as well.

    The battle between brands sure does make it look like that one brand is offering its products at a cheaper rate than the other. However, when you consider the bigger picture, paying 600$ for a tablet and not even using it to its fullest potential is pure idiocy.

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