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MS Surface Tablet for Sale | Price of Microsoft Surface Pro Tablets in Pakistan

Microsoft has got a wide range of Windows tablets that provides a lot of options to consumers who prefer keeping easy-to-handle and use devices in Pakistan.

Most business professionals who are always on the move and frequent travelers love keeping tablets because they are easy to carry. It ensures a great level of convenience for the users. The company has also specifically designed devices that offer 2-in-1 functionality. It provides flexibility to consumers to use the device as a traditional laptop or use it as a tablet.

MS Windows Tablets in Pakistan

Microsoft Surface Pro is the prominent series in this regard, as they have a good collection of tablets. One of the best things about the devices from this series is they have pretty lightweight, which makes it feasible for users to handle them. The internal design is also appealing, which makes it a valuable addition.

On the other hand, the latest 12th-generation chips of Intel Core i5 and Intel Core i7 are installed in these high-end tablets. It delivers lightning-fast speed, which helps to maximize productivity. Additionally, the latest operating system, like Windows 11, is embedded in most of the devices from this series. It improves overall usability and helps consumers to execute their tasks efficiently.

Let’s find out more details about these MS Surface Tablets.

Microsoft Surface Book x2 x360

If you are looking for a flexible and budget-friendly device, then this tablet can be the perfect fit for you. It has a core i5 processor, which can be really helpful for your daily tasks and help you to work at a decent pace.

The 8 GB RAM of DDR3 type is another useful addition that can help you speed up your tasks. It allows you to easily handle tasks such as online working on any tool or software, online browsing, attending video conference meetings, and many more.

The storage capacity of 128 GB SSD is also good, considering the fact that it is a foldable device. It can help you to keep your data organized while you are traveling somewhere for professional or personal reasons. Additionally, it also has a backlit keyboard which makes the machine usable for you.

MS Surface Go 3

It is another reliable Windows tablet that you can consider for daily use. It has an Intel core i3 processor, which makes the execution of regular tasks easier.

Furthermore, the 10.5 inches display has a 60 Hz refresh rate which provides you the decent visibility and responsiveness. The chunky bezels provide structural stability, and the overall build quality is satisfactory. On top of that, a dual microphone and 1080p webcam can ensure that you experience exceptional video calling.

Top 3 Microsoft Surface Pro Tablets in Pakistan

If you are looking for flexible devices that can offer you 2-in-1 functionality and also deliver high-quality performance, then you must opt for this series. Here are some of its top models.

MS Surface Pro 8

Although it is not the latest model, it still remains a top 2-in-1 machine. It has 13 inches display screen with a refresh rate of 120 Hz that delivers mesmerizing viewing experience and prevents lag in the frame rates.

It contains 11th generation Intel chip which helps you complete your tasks at a decent pace as it contains a good number of cores and threads. On the other hand, the quality of the speakers and camera is also satisfactory, but due to the lack of ports, you may have to connect an additional hub or adapter.

Another prominent aspect is the accessories that can convert Pro 8 into the laptop, which includes a slim Pen 2 stylus and the signature keyboard. The modern and slick design and excellent battery life are also the major highlights of this machine.

Microsoft Surface Pro 9

There are different versions of the Pro 9 are available, so your user experience can vary accordingly. Its Intel version stands out from the rest of the model. It contains a 12th-generation Intel processor along with a 120 Hz display, a captivating design, and excellent battery life, which leads to satisfactory performance.

The presence of such features can make a huge difference to your daily performance. It can maximize your productivity and help you reach your daily benchmarks.

You can also get the latest features on the webcam which can enhance your video-calling experience and help you portray yourself perfectly. It is basically a tablet which means you have to pay for other accessories separately, such as keyboard covers and others.

To get an affordable Microsoft Surface Pro 9 price in Pakistan, do complete market research in advance to get clarity about the market prices.

Microsoft Surface Pro 5

Here is another user-centric device of the Pro series, which can be one of the most useful assets for you. The core i5 processor of the 7th generation helps you to maintain a decent working pace and enables you to always keep your activities on track.

The 13 inches display also provides you with good visual clarity. You can conveniently use it for watching videos or movies while traveling anywhere. The 256 GB SSD is one of the most prominent aspects of this device. It provides you ample space to keep your data secure, so you do not have to invest in the additional drive.

The GPU of Intel HD Graphics 620 is also the major highlight as it elevates the graphical quality big time. It can help you watch 4K videos in great quality, which positively impacts your overall visual experience. So, if you do not have high-end needs, then investing in this device would be a wise decision.

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