A portable hard drive is an external storage device that can be connected to a computer or a laptop through a USB, wireless or FireWire connection. Portable hard drives usually have huge storage spaces and are often used to backup PC, laptops, or assist as a network drive. Portable hard drives are one of the most beneficial external hard drives currently on the market. Samsung is no doubt a world renowned brand. Samsung Portable hard disk drives have earned a huge name throughout the world because of its high-quality and endurance. Samsung portable hard disk drives are built with multifunctional ability; these portable drives store not only your data but also protect it. Those who upload, download and save significant numbers of files know that a built-in hard drive is frequently not enough to fulfill the needs of regular computer users. That is the reason why most people need a portable hard drive these days. And imports high-quality Samsung Portable drives for our customers. The characteristics that grab the attention of maximum clients are described below.


Samsung designs its portable hard disk drives, especially keeping in mind today's mobile living styles. Samsung offers high data storage in palm-sized devices, making it comfortable and super accessible to take all your essential files with you wherever you go. These powerful portable drives allow blazing-fast transfer speeds of up to 450 Mb's per second. The transfer rate of these portable drives is four times faster than that of traditional hard drives which makes them ideal to use.

Extra space

The function of a Samsung portable hard drive is to provide some additional storage space. If storage of your PC or Laptop is used up or about to get overfilled and changing your current hard drive is out of the question, buying a Samsung Portable hard drive would be a smart choice! You will have a lot more extra space with which you can store additional data, photographs, videos, or audio files. You can also utilize the extra room to shift data to empty your computer and increase its performance. And Samsung portable drives are clearly a handy must-have for data keeping.

Storage for old files

We mostly do not remove old files believing that it might come in handy someday. The problem here is that it tends to jam up the system resulting in slow speed. If you have records and archives that have been resting in your computer from years or months, and you do not want to delete that data, then you should use a portable hard disk drive from Samsung. With a portable hard drive, old data can be shifted, and memory can be cleared to boost the speed while enhancing the performance of your computer.

Compact and Lightweight

The latest Samsung portable hard disk drives are very lightweight, weighing less than two ounces and size approximately the same as a business card, delivering extra fast speed, volume, stability, and connectivity in an entirely compact design. So why not get one for yourself here on

Compatible with Multiple Operating Systems

The Samsung portable hard disk drives feature a USB 3.1 Type-C connection port, with the help of which you can use your hard drive with latest devices, including Windows, MacBooks, Ultrabooks, Android tablets, and your smartphones as well. You can also use most of the Samsung portable hard drives with other older machines supporting USB 2.0 ports using the added USB Type-C.

Shock-resistance and Stability

Samsung portable HDD's are designed with no moving components. These fantastic hard drives highlight a shock-resistant metal cover and an inner frame that can resist up to 1500G of force which is equal to a 6.5-foot fall. And most of these Samsung hard disk drives come with covers or pouches so that they stay unharmed and damage free.

Worry-free data security

Samsung portable hard disk drives store all data and secure everything from business files to music confidently. Samsung portable hard drives offer password protection to restrict unauthorized access to your personal and sensitive data.


Samsung Portable hard drives have made life easier by working on a plug-and-play basis. Latest Samsung portable hard drives come with USB and FireWire both that allows extensive connectivity for both PC and MAC. Any system with this ability will allow the Samsung portable hard drive on its own. A LED light is also there on most portable hard drives to let you know when the device is being used. On different Samsung Portable, hard disk drives are available. Check them out as per your convenience.


The Samsung portable hard disk drives include Auto Backup and personal backup software which makes it one excellent product. The Samsung Portable Hard disk drives are provided with an exceptionally handy One-Touch auto-backup button for fast data backup when used with Samsung Auto-backup software. You can further schedule backups, set different levels of security, and tell the drive to contract larger data and other folders.

Charge your Mobile Phones

Some Samsung portable devices are wireless and work best with your cell phones. When you connect it via USB cable to your cell phone, it increases your media enjoyment while charging your phone’s battery. This type of Samsung portable hard disk drive is ideal for people who travel a lot, and have to use their cell phones all day long.

Cost and Warranty

With so many models of portable hard drives out there, the price per GB of these portable hard disk drives is falling so rapidly that it seems to decrease with every portable drive that comes out. Samsung hard drives come with a minimum two-three years warranty that includes labor and parts. Every Samsung portable hard drive has a different price range with different specifications.

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