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x360 Laptops 2024 | Convertible 2 in 1 Laptop Prices in Pakistan

If you are on the lookout for a laptop that gives you more flexibility, you have come to the right place. Convertibles are all the hype these days! These are two-in-ones that offer you the functions of both, a laptop and a tablet.

These brilliant pieces of machinery are exactly what they sound like, and offer much, much more! You get two at the price of one.

More flexibility than ever

That is the main reason why customers decide to go for convertibles– because they offer more than just a typical laptop. The screen has flexible hinges and can be rotated all the way to a 360-degree, which is why they are called Convertible x360. Thanks to these hinges, you get to enjoy more flexibility than ever.

Although they are constructed to be lightweight and slim, they also keep up on the performance front by being ultra-fast and handling all kinds of programs and apps without lags and freezing.

Before you decide to buy a 2-in-1, you should probably take a look at their pros and cons. Read further to learn more about these brilliantly innovative machines!

Specs and Features of Convertible x360

Convertibles definitely bring some new features to the table. They’re extremely handy and convenient to carry. These multi-purpose devices are designed to be sleek and can fit in small spaces like backpacks and schoolbags. There are many more advantages of buying them, and if you want to know more about them, this guide would be helpful.

Multiple Modes – Multitude of Ways

Traditional laptops offer half the benefits that convertible, two-in-one ones do. These devices are quite versatile and can be used in multiple modes, in a multitude of ways. Usually, devices with a 360-degree hinge also go hand in hand with a touch screen display, which comes in handy while taking notes or making illustrations.

Before you go and spend a lot of money on buying a separate laptop and tablet, you should seriously consider going for a convertible. These two-in-ones will certainly be everything you need, and more!

Tent mode is ideal for watching movies and streaming videos online. Tablet mode allows you to chat casually with friends on social media and play some casual games. Taking notes and making illustrations is also easier with tablet mode. The traditional laptop mode will always be there to allow you to get productive at school or your job.

With the kind of versatility that a convertible brings to the user, you don’t need to buy a new tablet at all! Instead, just turn the keyboard via the 360-degree hinge at the end of the day and tap on the Netflix app to take a well-needed break with your laptop-turned-tablet. You can also read a book, make some notes, or design digital illustrations with this device.

Lightweight and easy to carry around

Buying a two-in-one also means that you won’t have to carry separate devices in your bag, thus reducing the weight you are carrying by a great deal. Make your life easy with a convertible!

Light on the pockets

Another amazing reason why you should go for a 2 in 1 instead of a traditional laptop is that they can easily compete with the traditional ones for about the same price.

They are top-notch, performance-wise, and pack a lot of exciting specs and features. They are not just incredibly flexible, but they also have high RAM and some of the best graphics cards to date. Whether you want the best technical specifications for using high-intensity apps or completing some projects, you can count on them.

Top Best Convertibles at Paklap

HP Laptops

HP greatly revamped the style of its flagship Spectre model, the Spectre x360, in recent years. If looks are as important to you as the technical specifications, then HP Spectre x360 is perfect for you!

Other than that, HP also has some other line of 2 in 1s that you might like. These include HP Chromebook, HP Elitebook Folio, HP Envy x360, HP Pavilion, and HP Elite DragonFly Notebook PCs.

Dell Laptops

Dell has brought about some two-in-ones that combine power, flexibility and provide solid performance. You have to make no compromises!

Counting amongst the best Ultrabooks in the market, the Dell XPS, Dell Inspiron and Dell Chromebooks, are some of the most coveted devices. All of them have processors that are powerful enough to let you multitask.

Lenovo Laptops

Lenovo also has some 2 in 1 lineup series that is here to impress. Lenovo Yoga, Lenovo Thinkpad Yoga, Lenovo Chromebook, and Lenovo Flex series are some of them that might be of interest.

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