1. Worth buying ? Apple Ipad Air 3

    The Apple Ipad 3 At Paklap


    As you always get benefit from Apple’s product, the digital art was never so impressive as it is now in the shape of iPad Air 3.

    If you are an artist or graphic designer, then this fantasy is truly meant for you in this much low price.

    You enjoy the bigger screen with satisfactory drawing results from iPad Air 3 - not a burden on your budget.

    On the other hand, the iPad Pro drawing experience is not directly compatible with a Pro price tag, but vice versa.


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  2. Lenovo takes their A series Think pads and ThinkCentre Desktops up one notch

    The changing environment around us requires that we change the way we think and work. It demands us to be more productive and efficient in every possible situation. In this ever-changing environment, the tech world has not lagged behind in any way. Laptops and desktops have evolved from what they were years ago. Now being more sleek and lighter but more than anything, being more user-friendly.

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  3. Some best Desktop Motherboards

    The motherboard is the brain of a computer system. Its sagacious selection

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  4. Computers Buying Guide!

    Over the years desktop computers have become less mainstream as

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  5. AMD giving tough competition to Intel with high-end and low priced Processors

    Intel has been a long time king when it comes to high power processors for gaming systems. However, AMD has been giving it a quite heavy competition with its Ryzen series processors. AMD announced these high power processors a while back, recently they have shared with their users some more details.

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  6. Comparing PS4 Pro with Project Scorpio for a better insight

    Microsoft has teased Project Scorpio for being called as "the most powerful gaming console ever", by the Xbox’s boss Phil Spencer. However, Sony has recently pulled a 4K HDR console, PS4 Pro, and it will be available from Thursday 10 November (are we talking about today? Oh yeah! Drumrolls!).

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  7. MacBook Pro Alternatives That Can Offer Pretty Much the Same Functionality

    With the launch of the latest MacBook Pro 2016, the internet is flooded with its reviews and news. Though, what most of the people are forgetting and are not discussing is that new MacBook Pro is also facing a tough time in enduring in the industry. Do you want to know why? Well, let`s find out.

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  8. Contrasting the current PC giants - Surface Studio and iMac

    Who would have known that Microsoft would come up with something that will put it right in competition with Apple! To our surprise, Microsoft with their Surface Studio launch has given Apple iMac quite a competition. An in-depth analysis of both the PCs side by side will give a clear picture of where they both stand it terms of design, display, hardware, connections and accessories.

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  9. Surface Studio VS. MacBook Pro - A start to a Zero Sum Game between Apple and Microsoft

    It is without any doubt a fact that Apple is in time of troubles. The numbers on the smartphone market are shrinking, customers are not as satisfied as they used to be, and now Microsoft has launched its Surface Studio which is eager to get its hands on the Mac market.

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  10. Apple and Microsoft are neck-to- neck in the game

    The rivalry between Microsoft and Apple has been renewed after both the companies have unveiled their latest products. Microsoft announced an updated Surface Book i7 and Apple has tackled their competition by unveiling the redesigned and updated MacBook Pro. The laptops may look very similar but they have some major differences that set them apart. Before buying a new laptop, have a look at the differences to see which company will effectively cater to your needs.

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