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The way in which businesses manage their daily work has lots to do with the variety of office accessories they use. The importance of printer in a workplace is also tremendous and serves many objectives.Technology such as this one makes your work life comfortable and easier, enabling you to work more efficiently. Plus, the printers that are available these days are far more than just printing text on white paper. Now you can purchase printers that do multiple tasks and are proficient in scanning, printing with a copying function as a surplus.  Printers need Cartridges and toners as cars need fuel to work properly. Ink cartridges and toner, are both used to print photos and documents, but the means by which laser and inkjet printers achieve this are very different. While some people by mistake use the terms toner and ink correspondently, they are in fact two separate products that work very differently. At all genuine products from the best manufacturers are available for you to relish.


Printer Cartridges or Ink cartridges are a part of an inkjet printer that comprises the ink that is transferred onto the sheets of paper during printing. In inkjet printers, ink Cartridges are used.  The cartridge carries liquid ink, typically absorbed in a sponge. The print head only deposits ink whenever it requires going on the page when creating a document. In addition to Black, Color cartridges have three colors, each delivering a different hue, and fulfilling a different purpose.

Many inkjet cartridges include some necessary electronics, such as a chip that corresponds to the printer. The average life of an inkjet cartridge depends on how heavily the paper is printed, and it might be up to 500 pages. Ink cartridges can also stop serving early if the heads dry out or become jammed. And for that, you need to get a new Cartridge.


Contrary to ink cartridges, toners use a powder-based printing agent that carries polymers and organic compounds. Rather than applying ink that dries, the toner is blended to the paper by burning the powder onto the sheet of paper. These toners have a greater page yield which makes them last longer. The average life of a toner is more than 2000 pages. Color laser printers need all colors, cyan, magenta, yellow and black whereas monochrome printers only need a black toner. There are some combo packs available for toners such as two black toners or all three colors in a single pack.

Various types of printer cartridges and toners can be divided in some ways according to how they were made and by whom. Compatible, OEM, refilled, remanufactured – all of these titles represent different sorts of the cartridge, but it is not always obvious what items these terms describe. Here is an explanation what each of these terms means.


OEM is the cartridge that is made by the same company that built your Printer. OEM cartridges are distinguished by the high quality of print they create. OEM cartridges are considered as the best.

Compatible cartridges

A compatible cartridge is a generic non-brand cartridge built to work in a specific printer at a fraction of the expense of an OEM cartridge. Compatible cartridges are an excellent option for the money-conscious customers and suit the requirements of the most demanding users.

Remanufactured Cartridges

People usually think that compatible cartridges and remanufactured cartridges are same, but there is a significant difference; Scratch is used to build Compatible Cartridges, while remanufactured cartridges are utilized cartridges refurbished with new parts.


Remanufactured and refill cartridges are also different. Remanufacturing involves repairing used parts of a cartridge to get it back to serving order while refilling a cartridge just includes refilling consumed ink.

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