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Acer Predator Laptops in Pakistan

Acer Predator is a gamer-centered brand and line of PC equipment claimed by Acer. In 2008, Acer presented itself in the gaming PC advertise with a line of work stations: the Acer Aspire Predator arrangement, later renamed as Acer Predator. The arrangement is portrayed by the cutting edge PC suspension and superior. In 2016, a total scope of Predator work areas, gaming scratch pad, tablets and frill exists.

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Earlier this year, Acer held a power-packed event in New York in which the manufacturer presented its line of outstanding gaming-focused computers. As a Gaming Series, the one feature that made it all stand out from the rest is that of the line’s proficiency in VR.

With the passage of time, Acer has truly made its mark in the industry and has come to be known for its Predator line as being the primary hardware provider for ready to go Gaming Machines. In its line of super powerful Gaming Notebooks, some of the most prominent features that the manufacturer boasts of include an exceptional display, overclocking, Intel Core i7 chips of up to 4Ghz, extensive RAM and powerful cooling. In most cases, the machines also come with full-sized keyboards that feature directional arrows, outlined WSAD and macro buttons that manage pre-programmed shortcuts.

Details about the features of the Acer Predator series

The one thing that can truly impact your gaming experience is that of sound – and this is where the Acer Predator series delivers impeccably. The Predator series by Acer comes with Predator SoundPound 4.2 that features four speakers, Dolby Audio for immense sound immersion and two subwoofers – all of which guarantees that the sound of your gaming experience is going to be nothing but perfect.

Featuring Windows 10 as its operating system, the Acer Predator line comes with Intel Core i7 Processors and a NVIDIA Ge Force GTX 980 M CPU in most cases. In terms of laptops, these mostly feature 17” screens with stunning display. However, it isn’t just laptops in which the Acer Predator Series is available. Although the manufacturer has plans of staying in the PC line in the long term, the company has also worked on gaming tablets in order to go above and beyond NVIDIA’s Shield Android gaming slate. With the passage of time, Acer’s dedication to the performance of its Predator gaming tablet has definitely shown. The series comes with a tactile feedback option that has much in common with gaming controllers of all next-gen consoles. Apart from tactile feedback functionality, the tablet also features a 3.5 mm headphone jack, micro USB charging port and even dual cameras. The tablet further comes with a Bluetooth module that is meant to help users connect their gaming controllers just in case there is an error with the tactile feedback feature.

If anything, the Acer Predator Series comes packed full of features that are bound to take your gaming experience to a whole new level. If the features mentioned above appear interesting to you and you are on the look out for a machine that can help you with intense gaming, then make sure that you choose one from the Acer Predator series right away. The series is particularly meant to entertain heavy gamers and offers every single feature that can help enhance the overall gaming experience. Buy Acer Predator Laptops in Pakistan from Paklap.pk at reasonable prices.