Epson Printers in Pakistan

Seiko Epson Corporation, simply known as Epson, is a Japanese electronics company. It stands amongst one of the world's biggest and famous corporations of Computer Printers, imaging and information associated equipment. Epson Printers are created for simplicity. Epson printers and all in ones are convenient to use. These printers produce incredible results and are absolute to use for your daily tasks. You can do quality printing, scanning and copy everything from homework assignments to photos. Epson gives an extensive variety of printers for any use, whether you are at home or work. delivers you the most long-lasting printers with versatile printing capabilities.

Epson classifies its printers in terms of quality and Price, and it has several models. Some can color print while some are Monochromatic. Some have a WIFI technology while some have no WIFI. These printers have gone down in price and improved in terms of their performance and functionality over the years. There are various types of printers that Epson manufactures. Buy Epson Printers in Pakistan at affordable prices at

Epson Dot-Matrix Printers

Dot-Matrix Printer is an Impact Printer, and it utilizes a pattern of metal pins known as printhead to shoot an inked printer ribbon and make hundreds and thousands of dots on the paper to form the expected prints. These Epson printers produce precision graphics and texts, plus strong security and performance in demanding print settings. These are the successful computer printers by Epson. Epson Dot-matrix printers differ in two essential characteristics:


The speed is estimated in character per second (cps). The speed of these printers can vary from 50 to 500 Cps.

Print Quality

Print condition depends on the number of pins which range from nine to Twenty-four.

Different Impact printers of Epson have different speeds and specifications and are available on

Epson Inkjet Printers

Epson Inkjet Printers are the most popular printers for small offices and home as they have an economical cost and a smooth, high-quality printing as well. Epson manufactures several Inkjet printers. Many Epson Inkjet's consists of other things as well such as a fax machine, scanner, and photocopier together with the printer in one box which is a complete package. Another benefit of these Epson Inkjet printers is that they are compact and take less space and fit directly into your house and lifestyle. These printers are Non-Impact printers. The WIFI equipped Epson Inkjet printers provide even wireless printing from smartphones, Tablets, Windows, and Mac. Epson printers are quick and provide you as many prints as you want. The Epson Inkjet printers are of two types.

Epson Monochrome Inkjet Printers

Epson Monochrome Inkjet Printers do the black and white printing. There are different models of these printers. Some are wireless, and some are not. But all of these printers support USB port and are perfect to use as a personal printer.

Epson Color Inkjet Printers

These printers do color printing and often come equipped with a Wi-Fi as well which makes printing more convenient. Some Epson Color InkJet Printers are multifunctional and have Scanner and Copier as well. These work with Windows, Mac, tablets and mobile phones. Some Epson printers have four individual ink cartridges so you can replace colors separately whichever you need.

Epson Label Printers

A label printer is a computer printer which prints on card stock or self-adhesive label material. Epson manufactures these handy printers. No longer limited to simple options, you can pick from an enormous range of symbols, fonts, and frames. With handfuls of tapes in a diversity of styles, sizes, borders, and colors, your creativity can be endless. These Epson Label printers are excellent for creating professional-looking designs in the home or at the office. The Epson label printers can print up to two lines of text, but if you want more than one two lines, then you can attach specialty symbols or frames to intensify your design.


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