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Mini Laptops or Notebooks have always been popular among users because of their portable design and low prices. Mini Laptops usually have smaller than 12-inch screen size and also smaller Processors (like the M series by Intel) which helps them to be more energy efficient, and since users don’t expect them to be extra powerful like gaming systems - the smaller processors are able to handle most every day tasks like Web browsing, sending emails, watching movies, photos etc. There are a number of different choices when it comes to choosing a mini laptop, here is a list some famous companies so you can choose the one that best suites your needs.

- HP

- Dell

- Acer

- Sony

- Lenovo

- Apple

- Toshiba


- Microsoft

- Asus

- Haier

The best thing about mini laptops is that they can be carried anywhere, are very inexpensive, and specially beneficial for students who are on a budget and just need a system that can do their everyday tasks like web browsing, social networking, sending emails, watching some movies or listening to songs, normal things like that don’t really require a powerful and expensive processor like a Core i7 for instance.

But since the launch of the first mini laptop, in 2007, they have been undergoing a decline in their popularity, mostly because of their prices are getting higher and more full fledged laptops’ prices getting lower, people started purchasing bigger full sized laptops for obvious reasons. But recently, there has been a rise in their popularity again, many companies are making inexpensive models with decent hardware, that doesn't cost that much and have the ability to get the job done.

A little history of Mini Laptops

Although the Mini laptop’s history can be traced back to 1996 when Toshiba launched a sort of Mini computers, in recent times officially netbooks or mini laptops were launched in 2007. Brands like Dell and HP were the first ones to introduce a number of different mini laptops, the main reason for their creation was to create a form of system that has very high level of portability and compactness and is also very inexpensive.

As they were cheap, and also had small sizes, they didn’t really have powerful processors or high amounts of storage, things like CD/DVD ROM were taken out of the design because they were proving to be difficult to include in the smaller designs and caused an unnecessary increase in weight.

What you can expect in a Mini Laptop?

You might be wondering what can you get in Mini Laptops and why should you consider buying one in the first place when there are so many laptop options available. Here are some things that you can expect from a modern day net book:

Low Weight and Small Design makes them Extra Portable

Most of today’s mini laptops are coming with a weight of no more than 2 Pounds, some heavier ones go up to 2.2 and 2.3 pounds but then some models are as light as 0.9kg as well. If you want a system that you can carry around all day in your backpack and don’t really care about very powerful hardware or some advanced features; a system that just does the basic tasks, then you might find out that a mini laptop best suites your needs. With their small designs and lightweight bodies they are very easily carried, without making you exhausted. They might prove especially useful to you if you happen to travel a lot and need a system to store your important documents and send critical emails.

Energy Efficient

Since there is no expectation of a gaming system - like performance from portable laptops, they have small processors that just get the job done, basic everyday task mentioned before. This makes them very energy efficient because they’re using less power in terms of processing, also they have less memory so overall it affects the battery life in a good way.

Inexpensive Yet Feature-Filled

The best thing about mini laptops is, perhaps, that they are very cheap. Coming at low prices, they are way cheaper than even many smart phones, and of course, they carry more functionality than your average smart phone. You can get them for as low as 20,000 PKR, prices are different for different models, with systems having more power in terms of processors or storage having high prices, you can find a system that is less than 40,000PKR and does a fairly good job of handling your tasks.

These portable laptops or note books would be most beneficial to you if you’re on a tight budget and are just looking for a system that can let you browse the web and watch some movies.

With hundreds of manufacturers in the market there are a whole lot of options for you choose from, almost every famous company from ASUS to HP and DELL, have a model or two of these Portable, Lightweight Laptops.

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