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All In One Printers in Pakistan

The world in which we live in isn’t as same as it used to be and so isn’t the technology. Everything has changed and due to the continuous change in tech world, every tech device is in a constant phase of progression.

The All in One Printers are a result of the continuous change, which has drastically reduced the cost and time, and has provided tremendous ease in performing various functions from a single device at the office.

Typically, All in One printer can perform the functions of Printing, Copying and Scanning. However, the latest All in One printer can also perform the function of faxing as well, which makes them a great asset for every office environment. Get the Latest All-in-One Printers for reasonable prices at





To get a document from one place to another in the form of a hardcopy is one of the most important aspect of the office-work today. Can there be a better way to do it by using a Printer that can not only produce brilliant result but can also fax it to another office colleague? 

From the first printer discovered, which took about an hour to get 2000 characters on a piece of paper, the printing world has moved onto the modern printers that can print up to 10-20 pages per minute at an average and this is the speed at which a typical All in One printer prints. Moreover, these printers also have an upper hand in the end result as compared to the separate variants and can produce brilliant high definition results having about 1200 dpi (dots per inch) on an average. All-in-One Printers at avaialbe for affordabel prices


When one talks about office work, a copying machine or a copier is something without which the survival of any department is at peril. It is an undoubted fact that most of the working has moved on to the digital side and less paperwork is preferred nowadays. However, undervaluing the significance of a copier at the office is pure blasphemy.

Just like the printers, the photocopiers incorporated in the All in One printers are the state-of-the-art. The All in One printers just like the standard photocopiers use the Xerographic technology which involves using electrostatic charges to form an image on the paper. Xerography delivers brilliant results and also consumes less time and electricity to copy. The copying time is also decreased using Xerography and at an average a good All in One printer can copy 20-30 pages per minute.


Indeed the world now prefers to work more on the digital side rather than doing the work on papers. An All in One Printer can make you keep up with the world by scanning a hardcopy and turning it into a digital image.

A decent All in One printer can scan about 10-20 ppm at an average, which is quite good for a machine performing several other functions as well.


Although faxing is now a trend that seems to be declining but then again it is an important device that should be present at every office. Rather than spending separately, the wise move is to have an All in One printer such as the Ricoh SP 210SF LaserJet Printer that can perform the function of faxing alongside to printing.

The limelight for any All in One printer is the ease. Rather than going to a different device for each function, the operative can access an All in One printer to get the document scanned, printed, copied and faxed within minutes. currently holds a comprehensive collection of All in One printers that are both latest and are available at the cheapest rates. So don’t wait any further and get an All in One printer for your office or your home and save precious space, time, money and electricity. Buy All-in-One Printers in Pakistan at for the best prices