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The Gigabyte Graphic Card is powered by NVIDIA GeForce GTX 960 GPU and Integrated with 2GB GDDR5 memory 128-bit memory interface and Clock speed of 1329 MHz (boost), 1266 MHz (Base) in OC Mode, clock speed of 1304 MHz (boost) and 1241 MHz (Base) in Gaming Mode. The product also features dual-link DVI-I / Dual-link DVI-D / HDMI / Display Port 3. It has the memory clock of 7010 MHZ, process technology of 28 nm and memory size of 2 GB. The memory bus used in graphic cards is 128 bit, and memory type is GDDR5.


The Graphics Cards of Gigabyte are installed with only the best of the GPU via the very own GPU Gauntlet and Ultra Durable VGA constituents to safeguard the highest performance without compromising system steadfastness. The combination of the WINDFORCE cooling system and Ultra HD support, provide the user with an immensely great gaming experience of all time.

WINDFORCE 3X Cooling System

The hi-tech, top-notch cooling system i.e. WINDFORCE 3X cooling system provides the user with high and speedy performance. It has heat pipes made of copper which directly dissipate the heat efficiently and quickly from the GPU. The heat dissipation is even increased by the blade fan which is a unique design as compared to the contemporaries. This effective and efficient system not only improves the cooling effect of the system but also decreases the noise which is produced by the system. Hence, it makes the system, one of the quietest and silent one. The WINDFORCE 3X cooling system has five 8mm and one 6mm composite copper heat-pipes, unique fan architecture and GIGABYTE “Triangle Cool” technology. Efficient heat dissipation ability with GPU Boost 2.0 technology enables higher performance due to a lower temperature.

Unique Blade Fan

The cooling system used in the gaming cards are equipped with copper heat pipes, they enhance the rate at which the temperature decreases as the heat is dissipated. It is also incorporated with Heat-pipe Direct Touch (HDT) technology which offers the game with a better heat transfer and quietness due to the Blade Fan. The Unique Blade Fan Design increases the air flow up to 23 percent.

0dB Semi-Passive Fan with LED Indicators

Another facility provided by the gaming card is that when the GPU has a temperature for lower power gaming or is under a setback, fan loading will remain off. The graphic card also has LED fan indicators on the top of it which provides instant display if the fan is on or off. The Black Metal Back plate which is engraved with G1 GAMING logo also stirs the zest for gaming.

SOC-GPU Gauntlet Sorting

The GPU Gauntlet Sorting, the Gigabyte SOC graphics card provides the higher overclocking capability which also adds to the power switching.

Flex Display Technology

The product also offers the GIGABYTE Flex display which provides the user with multi-display gaming. The technology detects if any monitor or devices are connected and instantly provides the multi-display gaming facility. It provides the user with an additional amenity, to experience gaming in Ultra HD resolution and increases the flexibility while arranging the monitor configurations, which in turn makes the up-gradation of the system easier in future. Flex Display Technology supports multiple independent display outputs simultaneously. It delivers massive desktop workspaces and ultra-immersive visual environments combined with innovative graphics display capabilities for the ultimate panoramic computing experience.


The OC GURU II is the latest intuitive user interface which helps the user to configure the necessary settings and update the driver and BIOS. The GURU II also adjusts voltage, OSD setting; fan performance and clock speeds according to the personal preference of the user and it can also turn all of them in real time to provide immense gaming experience.


The gaming card offers max digital resolution of astonishing 4096 x 2160 pixels and analog max resolution of 2048 x 1536.

Lower GPU Temperature

The product is also equipped with Ultra Durable VGA board which provides a dramatic cooling effect by lowering both GPU and memory temperature by doubling the copper inner layer of PCB.

Better Overclocking Capability

The product has an advantage of Ultra Durable VGA board which helps by reducing voltage ripples in a normal and transient state, thus effectively lowers noises and ensures higher overclocking capability.

Decrease Power Switching Loss

Ultra Durable VGA board decreases the power switching loss and also allows more bandwidth for electron passage and reduces circuit impedance. The less the circuit impedance, the more stable the flow of current, thus can effectively improve power efficiency.