Streaming media is all the rage. The Google chrome cast is one of the earlier major stream devices that are capitalized. It offers a quick, cheap, and easy way to stream video and audio to your TV. The third-generation Google cast enjoys three years of building up to support for its app integration and functionality. If your TV contains an HDMI port you can turn your TV into a smart device that can be connected to all apps which are present on your TV or computer. It can provide a brand new life to an older Television. You have to pay the only installation fee of the chrome cast. Also, do you want to know the best thing? It has no installation and/or subscription fee, yes we are not lying!

How chrome cast is a blessing in a disguise?

Chrome cast is a streaming dongle, it gives an easy way of throwing contents from mobile and apps into a TV screen. It seems simple but a lot of people do not know about its hidden features. Now the performance of chrome cast has become better than its predecessors. The number of clever tweaks is fewer in it just by the way!

  •  Playing games: 

     Playing games can increase your concentration and enhance memory. Google Play has introduced a lot of games for chrome cast. You can easily download games on your mobile and you can run games on TV which is a blessing of chrome cast. You may also connect your favorite game to your computer or TV. Chrome cast is a blessing in a disguise because playing video games directly affects the region of the brain which is responsible for memory. It also improves coordination and problem-solving skill. There are almost 100 Chrome cast games that you can play with phones or tablets. Chrome cast has also announced the new batch of Chrome cast enabled games that are enabled on both android and iOS.

  •  Watch a live stream of security cameras:

Security cameras can protect against theft and, and vandalism. Through chrome cast, you can view the live feed on TV with the help of security cameras. Google home can be used in order to view the live feed. You just have to add a device after downloading the Google Home app from the play store. Security cameras can help lesser criminal activity in your home. They can also provide visual access to your business 24/7. so before deciding on installing security cameras. You have to get complete knowledge of Chrome cast gives you access to stream it on your TV using Google nest or home speaker.


  • Cast Plex screen mirror:

Through plex, you can organize and stream movies, photos, and pictures on your TV screens. You can also watch those organize data on your mobile phones. It’s basically an application you may download and can send content you wish to stream on Chrome Cast. The Plex app for Chrome cast is also refreshed a few times. Plex works brilliantly on Chrome Cast. Plex involves a web client in order to send content easily to your Television. It is the best device for Chrome cast devices. Within the plex’s web interface, the casting options combine well. You can free up your mobile device by handing over the streaming to the plex server.


  •  Connect headphones:   

You can also connect headphones. Chrome Cast allows you to view videos on your TV and keep the audio turned on on the device at the same time. You can play the screen on the TV and then plugged into headphones without disturbing others. You can easily hear sound from your Chrome cast through headphones plugged into your android phone. You can also do it by plugging a Bluetooth transmitter into it and pairing with Bluetooth headphones. This can also be done if you have a route there are several apps in play store through which you can listen to audio on your headphones. 


  • Presentations:

You can also view your presentations on Tv. You can open your presentation on TV which helps you to describe the topic easily whether you are at the office or home. The only thing you have to do is to plug the dongle within your TV. You can cast a PowerPoint presentation from your desktop in a different building to a TV in another building through Wi-Fi. For that, you have to cast a device in that Wi-Fi. Secondly, you have to upload a presentation on Google drive and play it from there after casting one content from the tab.


  •  Get free movies:

In Chrome cast free movie apps you can watch free movies anytime on a bigger screen. You do not have to watch it on android phones. You can get free movie apps on play store for Chrome cast and watch free movies on your TV. Google also rewards some good deals on the Chrome cast offers page. You will be able to see all your favorite movies on your big screen with Chrome cast movie apps. You can watch it on YouTube, daily motion, crackle, PBS videos, Crunchy roll, yup TV, snag films, and Tubi TV. This Chrome cast movie sounds perfect for watching free movies.


  •  Power ON your TV:

As long as your TV supports HDMI-CEC, you can easily turn it on your TV. You have enabled this option from a TV set. When anytime your TV is off you can turn it ON by using Chrome cast.

Power to the USB port will be cut off when your TV is off you have to power the Chrome cast for different sources, not your TV. You can control Chrome cast through which you can enable TV and speakers using Google assistant.


  •  Casting Queue:

The ease by which you can watch YouTube videos without having to pick up your phone again and again is impressive enough on its own. By Chrome Cast, you can watch any content on YouTube by casting it on your very own Television. After that, you have to simply select the videos you want to watch it on your TV screens.