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Computer UPS in Pakistan

Since Paklap pledges to protect every piece of technological equipment and provides you with the latest assortment of top-tier technology, Paklap has devoted this segment of the online store to state of the art Uninterrupted Power Supplies (UPS)

UPS are intuitive devices that work to assure a constant and perpetual power supply to the computer system (and other equipment) even when the grid has lost its current. As a result, even when there is no power, your computer (and other equipment) always keeps on working.

These state of the art devices ensure that not only you do not have to repeat your work again and again, but also make certain that the hardware components of the computer system do not fry-up because of power shortages. Buy Computer UPS in Pakistan at at reasonable prices

A list of features and what a UPS can do for you, are briefly explained below.


The star attraction of any UPS – prolong runtimes are imperative to the business-critical systems that require power when there is no power on the grid.

However, no need to worry, as the latest and the hottest UPS available at Paklap range from supporting loads from over 1 kVA to around 20 kVA to ensure that not only the businesses, or even the conventional home-based users, get enough juice to help them give the Computers their deserving shut-down, but when configured with high-end battery packs, these UPS offer enough time to the users to even finish the task at hand.

Moreover, the top-notch UPS nowadays come equipped with features such as temperature-compensated battery charging and intelligent battery management, both of which work to maximize battery performance and to make the UPS work for prolong periods.  


Easy manageability is one of the most vital features in any UPS. It is conspicuous that UPS are to work as the contingency plan; however, imagine if your contingency plan is hard to manage.

That is why, the top-notch UPS available at Paklap come equipped with cutting edge features that assure that the UPS`s manageability is as easy as it can get. Many of the UPS now feature the centralized management features, which makes them optimal for a wide-ranging operation.   

Moreover, as an add-on many modern UPS now also feature customization options and visual indicators that allow the users to optimize the UPS` performance and show the health and other statuses of the UPS, respectively. Buy Computer UPS in Pakistan from at the Best Prices


UPS's at Paklap are excessively easy to install. Following the instructions provided by every manufacturer, even a conventional home-based user can install the UPS without any difficulties at his/her home. 

Apart from the easy installation, the latest UPS are also capable of being connected with generators to provide a clean and perpetual supply of power. These devices can also be easily connected to the plug and play batteries to add on to the runtime of the UPS. Moreover, many of these top-notch devices can also be upgraded to the latest firmware remotely, making the installation and upgrade process as easy as it can get.   


A UPS is best defined by its runtime and the ease of service that it offers. As a UPS is made up of technological components, some parts of it, such as the batteries, need replacement when they have been dried completely.

However, the replacement process and service isn’t much of a concern when you purchase your UPS from Paklap. The reason being is that at Paklap features only those UPS in its arsenal whose parts replacement is as easy as it can get.

Furthermore, the Latest UPS also sport sublime features such as automatic self-test, audible alarms and notifications that provide early-warning for parts that need replacement.

Why would you need a UPS?

Power fluctuations have proven to be one of the biggest sources of computer failures. As the computer gets cut-down from the Power Supply required to operate, not only the user loses the entire unsaved data, but there is also the chance of computer hardware malfunction or getting damaged up to the degree that it is no longer usable. This in turn may prove more of an expenditure than what you have to invest on a UPS.

As load shedding and power fluctuations are a common occurrence in the country and not many computer systems, either in the office or at the home, are protected with a continuous supply of power, a large number of computer systems are at the risk of being the target of power failures.

Why buy from Paklap?

With all things considered, UPS available at ensure that your computer systems get all the power they need, that too in the most affordable prices! So make your purchase today and relish the peace that your computer system is going to get the shutdown it so truly deserves.

Happy Paklapping!