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Seagate Portable Hdd


The portable Hard disk drive is a magnetic disk drive that plugs into a FireWire, USB or eSATA port on a computer.  This Seagate Portable hard disk drives support Mac and Windows both, and it is used as a substitute and backup for storing all the necessary data. Seagate Technology PLC which is commonly referred to as Seagate is an American data storage company. Seagate is the company that helps the world in storing their lives - their photos, important files, essential data and sensitive data, literally everything. All the Portable Hard disk drives of Seagate are worth your money because these are high-quality, durable and most authentic products and are just an order away, at Seagate Enterprise Hard disk drives are built with the purpose of a multitude of workloads, applications, and storage tiers to enhance your storage performance. The largest collection of HDDs means you can pick from the highest capacity possible, and from a variety that fits your overall business performance abilities. The features which tend to grab the attention of most customers are explained below.

Back Up Your Stuff—Anywhere, Anytime

The Slim Portable Drives are very manageable, one-click away to secure and share your whole digital life. If a Laptop demands to have its hard drive cleanup or reformatted, then a Seagate portable hard drive has a much higher ability for backing up files as compared to weaker capacity DVDS.  Most of the portable hard drives from Seagate come with automatic Synchronization and backup software. All your movies, photos, and videos can be backed up by using the downloadable Seagate Dashboard software, covering the ones you have shared on Flickr, Facebook, and YouTube. You totally can run a one-click backup or register an automatic backup plan to keep your files protected, and you can view all those memories anytime, anywhere, conveniently. You can also install the free Seagate Mobile Backup app on an Android or iOS mobile device, and you will be capable of backing up all of the videos and pictures from your device to your Seagate portable drive. It makes life so much easier!

Plug-and-Play High-Speed Connectivity

The portable hard disk drive from Seagate comes with a High-speed USB 3.0 and 2.0 connectivity, which allows plug-and-play to function on your PC without the necessity of an external power supply. This makes file sharing quicker and effortless. The Ultra high speed of these portable drives lets them transfer 70-90 MB per second.  

Extra Storage

The primary purpose of buying a Seagate Portable hard disk drive is additional storage that you need for your computer or laptop. The Seagate Portable Hard disk drives come with a bulk of memory. It does not run on its own; you have to connect it to the laptop or computer via a high-speed cable. These hard drives will let you store unlimited data that your computer or laptop cannot store.

Sleek Designs

The Seagate Portable hard disk drives are stylish and have a perfect metal finish to store your larger files in style. They are available in classic black, silver, red and blue color. Select your favorite color and join the millions of satisfied customers with Seagate’s portable hard disk drives. The LED indicator always lets you know when the portable device is in use.

Secure for online Use

Since the possibility of catching Internet viruses, we usually become careful of depending only on the internal hard drives of our laptops and PC. Seagate Portable hard disk drives enable users to store and protect their valuable records and data from viruses and hackers. Users can even decide to turn off the portable hard drive when they are online to keep it safe from malicious hackers and viruses. With this drive your data will remain in secure hands.

Easy to carry everywhere

One of the most purposeful benefits of having a Seagate portable hard disk drive is its PORTABILITY. You can carry it anywhere anytime with you, without having a care in this world. If in your business, you have to travel a lot, then this Seagate portable hard drive is ideal for you. It is compact and lightweight, so it’s very easy to carry it. With the help of portable hard drive, it is easy to share data from one computer to another, and it makes data sharing even more secure.

Personal Security

If in homes different members of the family use a single laptop or Desktop, or in an office, various colleagues use the same computer, then this Seagate hard drive is absolute for your safety. You can store and secure your personal pictures, bank account details, financial details and sensitive documents in this portable hard disk drive, this way you do not have to worry about your personal stuff because it is secure in your hands.


Most of the Seagate hard disk drives come with pouches so that they stay secure and damage free. On all these hard disk drives come with a cover because we respect the privacy and security of our customer's products.


Seagate portable HDD's are available in up to 10Tb which is quite a memory. You can check different portable hard drives here on and buy the one with your desired and required memory.

Price and Guarantee

The expense per gigabyte for these fast Portable hard disk drives is dropping so quick that it seems to drop with each portable drive that comes out.  Seagate upholds all of its portable hard drives with a least two-year guarantee that involves labor and pieces of the device, so long as the damage is not an outcome of an accident, mishandling, or individual emergency, or any alteration from some local shop.

The features that are mentioned above are a few of the very characters of these fantastic Seagate Portable Hard disk drives. These hard drives provide extensive storage space to their buyers. Now you can save all your data in a secure drive. And here on  all Seagate products are imported to be of high-quality because HAPPY CUSTOMERS ARE OUR SUPPORT SYSTEM!

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