Monthly Archives: April 2022

  1. What Is an External Hard Drive and Why Do I Need One?

    An external hard drive is a device, exactly the same size as that of a book, that helps you save all of your apps and files. If you’re familiar with using the USB flash drive, external hard drives are just like them. But they are bigger in size with more storage capacity.

    The key difference between a hard drive (HD) and an external hard drive (external HD) is that the external HD is portable and easy to carry. You can disconnect it at any time and take it with you, at your ease. No need to worry because you’ll not lose data inside.

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  2. Paklap introduces 12th Generation Laptops in Pakistan

    The world is growing at a fast pace with new advancements every day. In fact, it will not be wrong if we say that there is a new technology and solution being discovered every other minute. As you are reading this, somewhere someone in the world must be on the verge of discovering something.

    12th Generation Intel Core Processor is one such innovation that has been introduced in the year 2022.

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