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Desk Jet Printers in Pakistan

A Printer is a device which provides data from a specific system mostly computers in printed form. The most commonly used printers today are DeskJet, Inkjet, and Laser Printers. DeskJet Printers is just a brand name for inkjet printers which are manufactured by Hewlett-Packard.HP introduced the first DeskJet printer in 1984. These printers vary in sizes, from large industrial models to small domestic ones for regular and frequent usage, although the biggest models in the range have been named DesignJet. These printers are a reasonable alternative to the company’s Officejet printers. DeskJet is created to use at homes which mean they are smaller and are cheaper than other printers. In short, DeskJet and Inkjet are primarily the same types of printers, having another name. The company has distributed printers in two categories: DeskJet and Officejet. The aim of Officejet is to achieve office purposes and includes other specialties, while DeskJet is a basic printer that is economical, affordable and is very easy to use and work with. HP categorizes DeskJet printers by quality and Price, and it has different models. The current HP DeskJet’s contain various printers and all-in-one models that color print as well as black print. It will be safe to say that over the years, the printers have gone down in price and up in its working and functionality. These amazing highly functional printers are available on

Some of the main and intriguing features of DeskJet printers are as follows:

Initial Cost

DeskJet Printers are one of the cheapest and economical products on the market. DeskJet technology has evolved and progressed so notably that the most affordable DeskJet printers today can create high-quality images.

Printing Capacity

DeskJet printers printing capacity is almost three pages per minute but the Highest DeskJet printer prints approximately 28 pages in one minute which mean you get 1680 pages in an hour, which sure is great pace. DeskJet’s can print onto many kinds of paper, comprising textured stationery, glossy photo paper, and even some fabrics.

Quality of Ink

The quality of ink used in DeskJet printers is good.  The fonts printed through a DeskJet printer will have smoother and softer edges visible on paper. The Ink cartridges in DeskJet can be utilized for a long time.Ink cartridges that are used in DeskJet’s can be reutilized again and refilled, cutting down on waste and saving your money. Thermal Cartridges are used in DeskJet Printers, but most DeskJet uses Piezoelectric Cartridges which emit electric signals instead of warming up the ink. Because of this, Jets release right amount of ink on the paper delivering higher print quality.

Printing Quality

The primary role of these DeskJet Compact Printers is that it provides excellent color printing. Today you can create high-quality pictures and reports with the help of a DeskJet printer. The picture quality used to be blurry before, but with the developed powerful technology to date, it preserves the quality and effects so that your images are more striking and are of the best value.


You can save your space because it is designed to fit on your table or shelf or wherever you need it. The DeskJet printers have a proper size and are easy to place on the desk at your office, or in a small room at your house and serve its purpose properly. DeskJet printers because of their size are easier and lighter to maintain than laser printers.


Almost NO warm-up time is required before printing. The DeskJet printer does not require a lot of time to heat the machine system before printing like most of the Laser printers. They also have a shorter delay between the paper being sent to print and the beginning of printing process. Get the Latest Deskjet Printers in Pakistan at for the best prices

All in one

Mostly new DeskJet printers come with a Scanner and Copier which makes it a more amazing machine for you. These DeskJet’s support both Mac and Windows. Multiple functions in one machine are all you need for your office or home tasks.


The resolution of DeskJet is ranging from 600 X 600 DPI to 2400 X 2400 DPI.


All the DeskJet printers come with minimum one year warranty. When you buy something from, you will get the most authentic products in town.  


These are some of the features of HP DeskJet Printers. There are many different types of Printers available on our website. Check them out.

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