Monthly Archives: September 2017

  1. Intel Core i9 vs AMD Ryzen Processors

    When it comes to processors there are only two names that come to mind - Intel & AMD.

    Although, there are many other companies making processors but there are not famous enough and certainly not mainstream like these two, few years back AMD was also not very well known and Intel was considered the undisputed king of Processor manufacturing Industry.

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  2. Weekly Deals at Paklap!

    Everybody loves a good deal.

    Whether it’s about buying a small gadget like smart watch or something bigger - say, a laptop or desktop, we at Paklap have always been giving you the best deals in Pakistan, with significantly cut down prices and with occasional addition of freebies like High quality bags for your laptop.

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    Last year, in 2016, Intel upgraded its previous generation of processors (dubbed “SKY-LAKE”) with the newer version, named “Kaby-Lake”, the update gained widespread popularity, and every technology giant like HP, Dell, Apple etc. started using those processors in their latest devices, some even cancelled the release of their devices after the launch of Intel’s 7th Generation Chips and latter re-released them with the new processors in place.

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