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Apple HomePod

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  1. Apple HomePod MQHW2LL/A Speaker - Space Grey
    Rs. 59,999
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From iPhones to iPads and everything in between, the gamut of products in Apple`s product mix are accredited to be innovative and resourceful, even by its competitors. Indeed, Apple`s devotion to ingenuity and innovation has provided the users with some of the most breathtaking pieces of technology; however, to say that Apple`s HomePod is perhaps the most innovative product it has launched up till now, is surely not an overstatement!

Apple`s HomePod is not only a spectacular speaker and a brilliant Smart assistant, but at the same time, it is one of the most integral devices that make Apple`s HomeKit operate in the best manner possible. It is made to complement each and every surrounding and it does so whilst occupying the minimal space possible.

A delineated preview of what the Apple`s spectacular HomePod brings for you on the table is highlighted below.   

Premium Speakers

Although Apple`s HomePod serves numerous other functions, but at first, it is imputed by Apple to be a top-notch speaker. This state of the art piece of technology consists of six-microphone array, which is complemented with a bass-EQ microphone. All of this arrangement is then orchestrated by the Apple`s indigenous A8 chip that assures that HomePod stands head and shoulders above the rest of the speakers in the market.

Apart from the remarkable sound quality, what really makes HomePod special is that this intelligent piece of device fathoms the dimensions of the room using its spatial awareness feature and then disperses sounds in the entire room based on its location. As a result, the HD sound scatters at every single angle making sure that each individual in the room shares the same sublime experience.

Moreover, as the sound is crystal clear due to Apple`s groundbreaking audio technology, with the listeners can easily differentiate between each and every element of the sound track. The bass, the lyrics and the music, all can be heard separately and in fusion simultaneously.

Intuitive Design and Easy Set-up

For speakers that have a lot of power and clarity, HomePod`s weight and height literally defy logic. This state of the art device is super dense, weighing only 2.5 kilograms, whilst having only a 6.8 inches high frame. Under this super-dense setup, the users get seven tweeters, along with a woofer to amplify the sound. On the outside, the users see only a subtle device that is wrapped in a mesh fabric, while having a shiny disc on the top.

As size isn’t much of an issue, the HomePod can be placed on top of any furniture. To make it ready to jam, unlike other speakers in the market, the user doesn’t need to download any software or wait hours before the speaker finally gets ready for use. All that is required to set it up is that the iPhone is held near the device, and after a while the device to automatically picks up the user`s Apple ID, preferences, passwords and other useful data stored on the phone, that too within a few minutes. It is really that simple!  

Smart Assistant

Although HomePod at the outset is ascribed by Apple to be a speaker, it is perhaps one of the smartest smart-home controlling devices you can get your hands on. Not only HomePod gets familiar with your living and music patterns and adjusts accordingly, but this spectacular, yet subtle device, can be commanded to control all the smart accessories in your home.

Feeling cold? Tell Siri to raise the temperatures. Bored of your playlist? Tell Siri to shuffle it. Want to wake up early in the morning? Tell Siri to wake you up. By saying “Hey Siri”, you can simply command Siri to play the news, set up a meeting, check the calendar and even reply back to your contacts from your iPhone by just using your voice.

Furthermore, as voice recognition is an integral component of HomePod, the brains at Apple have made sure that every time you say “Hey Siri”, HomePod picks it up, even if you are saying it from a different room! The six microphone installed in the dense setup, although a marvel itself, prove to do their jobs in the most efficient manner possible. Moreover, whatever you say to your HomePod, it gets sent anonymously to Apple servers; thus, you are as secure as you were before setting the HomePod at your home!

The world is moving towards “Smart”, it is time that you make that move too. With the latest addition to our arsenal – HomePods, you too now can relish the immersive sound and can control your entire home with a few voice commands.