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Apple HomePod in Pakistan

HomePod is a smart yet revolutionary speaker developed by Apple Inc and released on February 9, 2018, second to the iPod Hi-Fi developed and announced by Apple on June 5, 2017. The HomePod is acts as an complementary accessory to other Apple products such as the iPhone and Mac. Having a focus on music, the very dynamic speaker is designed in such a manner that it delivers high-pitched audio by adapting to its location and is also controlled by your voice. Several features have been incorporated in it relating to sound quality such as the infusion of beamforming and moulding the HomePod into a merger of eight loud speakers rather than a solo speaker. Apple modelled the speaker to work in coordination with Apple Music. The Apple Music and Siri collaboration provides a way for you to explore and connect with music at home. This breakthrough speaker has been flouting its size by creatinh rich, enhanced and intense sound. At just under seven inches tall, HomePod homogenises custom Apple-engineered audio technology and trendy software to submit precision sound that fills the room and fits anywhere in your home. Setting up HomePod is smart, quick and magical by simply plugging it in and your iOS device will detect it. Stocked with spatial awareness, HomePod spontaneously tunes itself to give you booming sound wherever it’s placed.


The HomePod may borrow half of its name from the iPod but it comes across as it is worth paying for an Apple-branded device that fits seamlessly into its ecosystem and positions itself the highest in the smart speaker game as opposed to a third party speaker.

• Deep bass

The Apple-designed speakers definitely outperforms any conventional speaker with it’s far-reaching deep bass. It is the amalgamation of six-microphone array and an internal bass-EQ microphone that provides deep-toned and a crystal-clear sound. The high-energy motor drives the diaphragm a remarkable 20 mm, that enables the bass to gleam through even at decreased volume on a top is a lovely experience.

• Voice Command

The HomePod is capable of being supervised by the voice command without the need to raise your voice. The six microphones are fitted around it that picks up sound effortlessly with “Hey Siri” command even if you are far away or if the loud music is playing. Isn’t it commendable?

• A8 Chip

The perfectly designed A8 chip has manifested to be a groundbreaking feature. It offers advanced signal processing that supports Siri to hear your voice even from the distance. Real-time studio-level processing accelerates the bass and diminishes the distortion along with the speedy buffering.

• Stunning Design

This speaker is incredibly dense, packing 2.5kg of weight into its 172mm (6.8-inch) high frame. It feels heavier than it appears, all because of the good number of speakers internally fitted that is a woofer and seven tweeters, each with its individual amplifier, and six microphones positioned around to help pick up your voice when you're hailing Siri. HomePod is wrapped in a acoustic mesh fabric designed for aesthetics and protection of the device.

• AirPlay 2

Speaking of the future, thanks to AirPlay 2, you now have a power in your hands to connect two HomePods together to get stereo sound, or pair it with speakers from different brands to expand your music to them and to create an unmatched stereo experience.


HomePod is great at the things and a helping hand that’s just a “Hey Siri” away. From receiving the up-to-date weather reports to sending texts and controlling your smart home accessories, Siri acts as an intelligent assistant that multitasks with just your voice. You can also schedule, cancel, and stay well acknowledged with your Calendar appointments. Pick up your HomePod at the Apple Store at with free delivery and free 7 days return warranty in case of any wrong or defective delivery. Paklap has been the only platform in Pakistan that keeps you up-to-date with all the latest trends and technologies available in the market. So buy your voguish Apple HomePod that’s just a finger click away.