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Gaming Desktop in Pakistan 

Buying a desktop regardless of age is an extremely daunting task. With countless brands to choose from, there is a lot one needs to get acquainted with before they could easily buy a Desktop Computer. Things get particularly daunting when one is shopping for a Computer For Gaming. Therefore, I have tried to cover the dos and don’ts while shopping for a Gaming PC that will help you enjoy your game to the fullest without being overly costly.

The processor is one of the most important elements of any system. The type you select can have a huge impact on its performance and obviously the budget too. The most hyped processor lately is the Intel’s 8- core processor but this can prove to be a bit out of the reach for a gamer on a budget. For a gamer with limited money to spend, but wants the best value for his money, AMD A8, or even the Intel Core i5 would do the job just fine. For a gamer, the most pertinent decision regarding a gaming desktop would be the type of 3D graphics subsystem to use. For casual gaming, the integrated graphics do manage to give you the desired satisfaction. On the contrary, if one wants to go for high-end games like Grand Theft Auto V, dual, triple and quad Graphics Cards from AMD basically rule on the desktop. AMD’s CrossFire X consists of multiple HD processors. An alternate to AMD can be Nvidia that provides GTX graphic cards. another option for someone who is willing to go an extra mile with graphics is to buy both AMD and Nvidia’s graphics card.  Though adding high-end GPUs will definitely be a bit beyond your desired budget, but multiple graphics cards can allow you to install multiple monitor setups and enhance your overall gaming experience. Speaking of which, the display is an important factor to consider while looking for gaming desktops. 17 to 18inch displays are perfect for the job. Though if you are up for it you can go for bigger screens for a better experience; larger displays also provide you resolutions that are higher than the 1080 HD, but then again it is not a must to buy such a big display. Buy Gaming Desktop in Pakistan at reasonable price from

Then comes the video cards. A robust 1GB to 2GB video card can give you a great experience, and you do not have to buy multiple video cards for this purpose either. AMD Radeon and Nvidia GeForce GT Series are some of the best ones out there.

Over the years Solid State Drivers (SSDs) have become amazingly cheap but immensely important because of their multiple uses. They speed up many processes in the computer such as the boot time and even the time to load a game is sped up because of these bad boys. At the same time one should not get carried away with the SSDs; opt for smaller SSD if you are willing to rebuild your operating system from scratch after every game but if you want to keep the game around for a rainy day, go with a bigger SSD (512 GB plus). Buy Gaming PC's for the Best Prices at

Now here is a succinct list of the things you need to avoid whilst shopping for a Gaming PC:

Do not go for looks. Yes, a sexy exterior would make you look like a stud. On the contrary, a PC with a cool looking exterior might be empty on the interior. In other words, such a PC might be an eye candy, but it may lack the basic most important necessities for a good gaming experience.

Always remember the type of Games you are going to play and how much space you need. Often times, gamers forget the size of the games they would play while buying a PC which leads to an extremely tedious and disappointing gaming experience. Do not buy a computer with extra features. Yes, it might seem bizarre at first, but consider the fact, that if you want to buy a system solely for gaming purposes then features such as DVD/Blu ray are of no use.


The monitor is the most important element of the whole gaming experience. Just buying a CPU does not guarantee an ultimate experience. Therefore, this key component needs to be addressed with care and sagacity. For an amazing gaming experience, go for a monitor that has a low input lag but a fast response time.


Ignoring the type of Operating System you are going to use on the system can lead to some serious plights in the future. Obviously, Windows does not come with the gaming PCs. One has to purchase the license for Windows for their computer, which for some can go beyond their budget. Therefore, many a time, gamers go for the cheap, or rather free OS for their gaming PCs: Linux. Though Linux can provide a pocket-friendly alternate, and you can run multiple games on it, but there are number of games that Linux does not support. It means, there might be a few games you can easily play on a system with Linux installed, but there is still a greater number of games that you would be missing out on only because of your operating system.


Last but not least. Games require a good amount of RAM. But that does not mean that you need a large RAM. While making the purchase, keep in mind the game you would play and the RAM required to run it. Do not go for as much RAM as your computer can take because it would not make much of a difference, except for on your budget. Instead, experts say that you should invest in higher VRAMs for higher resolution and amazing visuals for games. Buy Latest Computers at