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Lenovo ThinkPad in Pakistan

The world-renowned ThinkPad series is a line of business laptop computers designed and sold by Lenovo. Originally pioneered by the IBM, the “ThinkPad” was introduced "THINK" as an IBM slogan in the 1920s. Known for their minimalist, black, and boxy design, they were initially modeled in 1990 and released in 1992. ThinkPad’s have frequently given prominence to magnesium, carbon fiber reinforced plastic or titanium fusion cases. Buy Latest Lenovo Laptops from Paklap at Best Prices in Pakistan.

The ThinkPad has initiated innovations, incorporating the TrackPoint pointing device, the ThinkLight, an LED keyboard light atop the LCD screen. For the Elite administration, the Active Protection System and an accelerometer sensor have been established too that senses when a ThinkPad is tumbling and shuts down the hard disk drive to halt the damage. The stunning roll cage design cuts down motherboard flex, taintless steel hinges, an integrated fingerprint reader, Client Security Solution that improves security using a built-in Trusted Platform Module (TPM) and opens the door for categorization in a corporate environment are some other remarkable traits. The ThinkVantage Technologies suite of computer management applications and drain holes to help minimize harm to the keyboard and components from accidental spillage sets these series apart.

Lenovo's ThinkPad series are the gold standard for business productivity in any environment. Professionals can stay engaged by fully taking advantage of the tools – from high-end processing to the reliability, wherever they go. These business-oriented laptops are the only laptops certified for use on the International Space Station. They are further subdivided into A, T, X, P, L and E series currently operating on Linux, Windows XP and Windows Vista software. Buy Lenovo ThinkPad in Pakistan.

A ThinkPad laptop is a useful business-graded asset to invest, due to its sturdiness, reliability and security features. Their fresh and groundbreaking designs propose salient business solutions that accelerate businesses’ productivity narrowing the overall expenses of doing business concurrently. ThinkPad series are serious business tools for both large-scale, wide-reaching and small business enterprises.



There's a reason ThinkPad reliability is legendary and it starts with systems being subjected to stress tests to comply with meticulous reliability criteria. From the durability-spec testing against extremes to the award-winning precision keyboard with its illustrious red trackpoint®, sensory touchpad, aesthetic keys, and suited multimedia buttons, ThinkPad series got you covered with all. Paklap briefly addresses some of the key advantages of using ThinkPad laptops for your business.


• Innovative Technology

ThinkPad laptops hit the market with some of the latest and extraordinary innovative technologies. It comes with an assimilated digitizer and pen for digital media formation and convenient access. It’s CAD/CAM applications and multi-touch panel mechanization is an additional innovation. The current NVIDIA® Quadro FX®-based graphics, the true blue graphics processor and memory, X-Rite® color calibration for strict PANTONE® color matching besides a perpetually true display makes this series a powerful machine to work with.


• Data Protection and Security:

ThinkPad Series have a biometric fingerprint reader and Password Manager on some of its models which enables users to replace hundreds of passwords with a single mouse click. Furthermore, the ThinkVantage Client Security Solution makes the ThinkPad series one of the most secure laptop brands in the market. Moreover, the inbuilt ThinkVantage Technologies protects business data from loss. The Rescue and Recovery feature is one of the prime ThinkVantage technologies that help fetch lost data in the event of an OS failure.


• Reduced PC Life-Cycle Costs

Another great feature of using the ThinkPad laptop is that it authorizes the business to rejoice appreciably decreased PC life-cycle costs ultimately. The great unorthodox ThinkVantage technologies of the ThinkPad laptop, therefore, helps a business to markedly diminish their IT costs.


• Energy Efficiency

The energy efficiency of the ThinkPad series is an additional good feature that makes it advantageous to use, not just for the business aspiration but also for the home as well. This is through the involvement of standard green features which assists in the reduction of waste together with power consumption. Some of the substantial ThinkPad green features involves the switchable graphics, fans and battery stretch hallmarks.


• Portability

ThinkPad series allows consumers to carry their work with them to any destination that may be done while in transit due to their portability. They bear inbuilt durability features to protect the laptop from damage while on transit such as the shock-mounted hard drives and roll cages. Active Protection System is another protective, available on some models, feature that helps to protect your hard drive from damage when it falls.


• Great Accessories

ThinkPad Laptops have the biggest advantage as compared to others with a world of great accessories to magnify the inclusive user experience. The inclusion of the ThinkPad and IdeaPad 90W Slim AC/DC Combo Adapter empowers a notebook, cell phone or MP3 player. This Lenovo’s handy and thinnest power adapter is travel-friendly as it can be plugged into any standard AC wall sockets and DC outlets easily available in both airplanes and automobiles.



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