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Color LaserJet Printers in Pakistan

Color LaserJet Printers are also known as laser printers in simple words. IBM launched the first laser printer in 1975 to use with its mainframe computers. HP remodeled laser-printing technology in 1984 with its first LaserJet Printer. This LaserJet was a compact, high-speed, and durable printer that personal computer users could manage to buy. Since then, laser printers prices decreased, and quality increased. Hewlett-Packard is one of the leading manufacturers of Color Jet Printers with competitors including Xerox, Canon, Dell, etc. and offers all these color LaserJet printer brands at the lowest prices online in Pakistan.

The Laser Printer works differently from an inkjet printer in various ways. The toner or ink that a laserprinter uses is dry. LaserJet Color Printer is also less expensive to use because one does not. Buy Color LaserJet Printers in Pakistan at the best prices at

have to replace its ink frequently. Ink on the Papers printed from a LaserJet printer will not

spread if wet. Another advantage of this type of printer is that it works quietly and allows

different fonts to be added by the installation soft fonts. These are the best printers to use if

the printing load is high. Color LaserJet printers are fast, and some of the most intriguing

features of Color LaserJet printers are as mentioned below:


Most laser printers have a resolution of 600 dots per minute. High-end production LaserJet

printer can have a resolution more than 600, up to 2400 dots per minute. The prints from laser

printers are very clear and neat.

Printing Capacity

There are different printers available on our website,, and they are different

from each other by their printing speed. The color LaserJet printers can print up to 100 pages

per minute, and these are ideal to use in the offices.

Fast Speed

This LaserJet printer prints papers from sleep mode in as fast as nine seconds. They can provide

you two-sided prints as fast as one. Because of their fast speed, these printers can print up to

hundred pages per minute which make it super easy to use them in office settings and

Universities. This printer utilizes unusually small amounts of energy thus proving to be highly


Secure Data

You can secure your valuable data in these Color LaserJet printers by using their advanced

security options, which does not let any virus harm your data and breach your privacy. Their

strong security makes them perfect to use anywhere.

Wireless Technology

The latest Color LaserJet printers come with wireless Technology which enables wireless

printing from mobile phones and Tablets as well, and there is no app or set up required. You can

effortlessly print where you want and how you want. On the go or at the office, when you print

something from this printer, you find it the easiest.

Everything in One

The modern and Latest Color LaserJet Printers come with multiple functions installed like

printing, copying, scanning, fax and email. Isn't it awesome? These printers are very easy to

manage and are just one click away from your homes because delivers it right

to your doorsteps.

USB ports

These amazing printers let you easily print Microsoft Word and PowerPoint documents directly

from your USB Drive. These printers support USB ports which are a great thing for most

students and office people.

Web Support

Most of the latest Color LaserJet printers come with 24-hour web support for customers, seven

days a week.

Space Efficient

These latest printers are space efficient and do not take a lot of space like the previous models.

You can put them anywhere in your home or office because it is so small that it can fit


Cost per page

The toner cartridges for a color laser printer does cost a little extra than the ink cartridges used

in a color inkjet printer, but the cost per page for a laser printer is much less because the

cartridge will create many more sheets than an inkjet cartridge. Plus, it is a one-time

investment that will prove fruitful for a very long time.

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