Warranty by Paklap

Paklap only deals with 100% original and authentic products. We value our relationship with our customers, thus offering you a separate warranty on products that you buy from us.

Claiming warranties can be a lot of hassle for customers, especially international warranties. Some of the brands and manufacturers have their service centers located in all the megacities of Pakistan.

However, some of them don’t have their official service centers located here. When there is no local service center in your country, international shipping and handling costs are also involved. Sending the product back and forth is not easy. Not to forget the hassle of contacting the manufacturer.

To make the whole process hassle-free, we will charge a surplus amount of 10 to 15% of the total product cost (this varies from product to product) and claim your manufacturer’s warranty for you. This amount includes the shipping charges and handling costs.

Warranty claims take from 10 to 90+ days

Depending upon the severity of the condition or problem that arises in the product, warranty claims take from a week to 90+ days. Please note that they can’t be claimed on hand. Once you hand over the product to us, our inspection team will check it. If the problem you have stated is legit, they will let you know how long it will take to get it fixed.

Charger and Batteries are not covered in the warranty

Voltage fluctuations can damage Laptops and other electronic device chargers, so warranties do not cover such damages. Manufacturers consider voltage fluctuations as external factors beyond their control.

Batteries are also an essential component of laptops and electronic devices, but over time, battery cells naturally degrade and lose their capacity. Due to this inherent characteristic, warranties do not cover battery degradation. Manufacturers typically consider battery deterioration as a normal wear-and-tear process that occurs with regular usage. As batteries age, their performance may decline, resulting in reduced runtime or overall battery life.

Due to these reasons, the warranty of Chargers and Batteries is not covered by Paklap.

Physical damages are not covered in the warranty

If you drop something on your laptop, say water, juice, or any other hot beverage. That is not covered in the warranty. Our team will, however, let you know if it can be fixed or not.

Other physical damages caused by dropping or physical damages caused by any uncalled-for circumstance will not be covered in the warranty.

If the warranty seal is broken, the warranty cannot be claimed

Please note that the warranty seal should be intact for it to be claimed. Warranty seals are there for a reason. They indicate that a laptop’s chassis has not been opened. A broken seal shows that the laptop has been opened beforehand and we are not responsible for it. Hence, the warranty becomes null and void.

The laptop Box, Invoice, and Warranty Card are important

It is important that you keep the laptop box, invoice, and warranty card safe with you. When and if you need to claim the warranty, please bring them along. All the above-mentioned things would be required for you to be able to claim the warranty. If you miss any of the above, the warranty becomes null and void.

Replace or Repair

Depending on the problem that arises or the fault that occurred, the manufacturing company will decide whether to replace or repair the damaged component of the laptop.

Please note that the company reserves the right to either repair the component or replace it.

A warranty can only be claimed within the given time frame

Each product comes with a limited warranty. Once the warranty time period has expired, the warranty cannot be claimed. Please keep in mind that we cannot help you with your warranty claims unless you return them to our store (at our Karachi's outlet). We are delighted to be of service and are always ready to help on call and via email but please understand that officially a warranty cannot be claimed on phone or through email.

Warranty Exclusion for Laptops

There is no warranty for touchscreens

There is no warranty for hinges

There is no warranty for speakers

There is no warranty for adaptors

The company is not responsible for any kind of data loss during the warranty process

When you claim the warranty of a laptop, our team might update and/or refresh the system to fix the problem. This rewrites all the data that was previously saved in the system. It is, therefore, always advised that you transfer the essential data elsewhere to keep it safe before handing over the machine to us.

Overheating Issues

Gaming laptops and other laptops with graphics cards tend to get hot around the power components. MacBooks also heat up upon over usage or if you use them while charging. There is nothing to worry about. It is absolutely normal and does not require a replacement or repair. However, if you need any more guidance on the subject, you can connect with us at our helpline at 0304-1113005. We would be happy to help.

Manufacturing and built-in issues will not be covered in Paklap warranty

Some manufacturing faults or built-in issues cannot be covered in the warranty. A few manufacturing issues that strictly don’t count in the warranty policy are

  1. Hinges that are looser than usual or the screen not holding its place
  2. IPS display backlight bleed
  3. Screen that is yellowish

Overclocking, Excessive Heating, Dust, and Software

Damages due to Overclocking, Excessive Heating, Dust, and Software are not covered by Paklap warranty.

Overclocking is the practice of increasing the clock rate of a computer more than what is certified by the manufacturer. Every machine has a default clock rate setting that can be increased to increase the performance of the computer. This can be done with the CPU and the GPU, both. However, not every computer can be overclocked and it causes some irreversible damage to the internals. If the computer crashes or its internal components get burnt due to overclocking, it cannot be claimed in the warranty.

Excessive heating or overheating is one of the issues associated with overclocking and over usage of the computer. Excessive usage of the computer, while it is charging or using it for longer hours, causes it to overheat. This causes the computer to crash and causes irreversible damage to the computer. At times the damage cannot be undone and the burnt component has to be changed for the computer to be operational again. Such damages are not covered by warranty and will separately be charged for (Subject to availability).

Please note that when the keyboard of a laptop is hot to the touch, it is always advised to not use the computer beyond this point. Give it some rest until it cools down before using it again.

Software issues are not covered in the warranty. Such issues include Corrupt Drivers, Malware Attacks or Hacking, Slow Uploading and Downloading, Unable to Install New Applications, and Windows Displaying Blue Screen or Error. These issues might arrive as you are setting up your new PC. Our team of experts would be of service as you do that but please understand that this is not covered in the warranty policy.

Warranty cannot be claimed upon promotional items

Promotional items such as laptop sleeve, stylus, or pen that comes with a touchscreen laptop cannot be claimed in warranty. If there is a manufacturing defect in them, Paklap is not responsible for it. Unfortunately, we cannot replace it with any other promotional item and we do not reserve the right to do so.


Please note, that if and when an issue arises with the products that you buy from Paklap. You can claim your warranty as per the warranty policy. If the fault or issue is not covered in the warranty, we cannot make amendments to the policy.